Flow sinking era

At the end of last year, Zhang Hongtao went to Hanzhong, Shaanxi. On the shelves of the shopping malls, inferior clothes and 25 yuan pairs of shoes were everywhere. What I thought was a lot of things, which is common here.

Zhang Hongtao has lived in Beijing for many years. In 2017, his identity was also the vice president of Youku, responsible for the live broadcast. After coming out of business, the biggest problem he considered was that the traffic dividend disappeared and the speed of Internet radiation showed an edge effect. He must look for people who have been neglected in the past, small cities and even villages outside the first and second tier cities.

In the venture capital circle, these places have a more popular name – sinking the market. The success of the fight and the fun headlines have caused the market to suddenly increase its gold content.

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Sinking the ice and fire in the market

The emergence of a lot of fun and interesting headlines in these two years has made people full of imagination for third- and fourth-tier cities, including more remote markets. For the Internet practitioners, whether it is milk or honey or a sneak peek is also causing our curiosity.

The background of this matter is obvious: online traffic is exhausted and more expensive, and the vast rural market, although Taobao and Jingdong have been in the countryside for many years, there is no application based on such groups. The success of a lot of fun and interesting headlines provides a new reference.

We went to Henan specifically. This is a typical province with a sinking market. It has a large population and a clear urban stratification. User portraits have several characteristics: time is abundant, acquaintance society and relatively white. Obviously, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G and other partial technologies are not suitable for growth in these places, but the partial operation is a rather large existence.

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Hello actor, star goodbye

It is not an exaggeration to describe the industry with “twisting.” It is extremely rich here. Under the spotlight, some people enjoy the monetary reward of tens of thousands of yuan per minute. In some cases, the payer is paying for a full suitcase of cash. Money is more like a virtual chip in the game world.

It is indeed extremely poor, and the biggest cost is life. “A fool of thoughts, a thousand miles of sorrow.” Hu Bo, a 29-year-old young director, ended his embarrassed life with a rope in the stairwell of a rental house outside the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing. The sigh was left. More practitioners are still alive, but youth is awkward, and life is caught in a struggle without a spotlight.

After a long time, the balance of fate swayed. The superstar is falling from the clouds. The horn has just blown.

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New Zealand central bank president said that due to economic risk policy will temporarily maintain a loose tendency

Wellington, Reuters, April 16 – New Zealand’s central bank chief Adrian Orr said on Tuesday that interest rates will remain accommodative for the time being, and the weak global economic situation is the reason for the recent shift of the central bank’s policy stance to doves.

The Bank of New Zealand kept interest rates unchanged at the March policy meeting, but made it clear that the next interest rate adjustment may be a rate cut, which surprised the market.

“(Policy) will maintain the current situation, but will still be adjusted according to published economic data,” Orr said in an interview with Reuters whether the central bank will maintain a loose tendency.

When Orr became the president of the Bank of New Zealand 12 months ago, the median point of interest rate was 1.75%, but the overall risk of the next move was on the upside.

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Be alert to the economic risks of the “three wide” environment

In recent years, the central bank has been painstakingly creating liquidity. Various kinds of money-consuming tools, “powder” ink, are on the scene, what are hot and sour powder (SLF), spicy powder (MLF), and special grade spicy powder (TMLF), etc. China has already formed a “wide currency” environment.

In January of this year, both the scale of bank credit and the total amount of social financing have set a new amount in recent years. According to the January financial data released by the central bank, M2 increased by 8.4% year-on-year, with an expected 8.2% and a previous value of 8.1%. In January, the scale of social financing increased by 4.6 trillion yuan, a record high, expected to be 330.7 billion yuan, the former value of 159.8 billion yuan; January loans increased by 3.23 trillion yuan, an increase of 328.4 billion yuan, new yuan loans Create a new monthly high. These data may include a good start, but it can be seen that the pattern of wide credit is forming. However, the growth rate of M1 was unsatisfactory, with a year-on-year increase of 0.4%. It is estimated that the newly added social financing will basically be used to pay and repay the loan. According to this, it can be said that the situation of “wide credit” has been formed.

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