Don’t let me hear the gunshots again.

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  Upper Nikoz Village is located in the north-central part of Georgia, just over 800 meters from the Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, where the Georgian military conflict occurred. After South Ossetia declared its independence, the Tskhinvali area was stationed by the Russian border guards. Although there are only 340 households in the village of Upper Nikoz, it is already a medium-sized village in Georgia. Since the conflict between Georgia and Russia, the only source of school in the village has been significantly reduced.

  Principal Tamas said that this is because after the conflict, some people in the village moved their families to live elsewhere, and on the other hand, the birth rate in the village was reduced.

  Late autumn, the classroom was very cold. The government allocates funds to the school according to the number of students. Each student has only a few dozens of Larry. The monthly income of teachers is 120-350 lari (1 lari is about 4 yuan). The school is very tight, so there is no money to use natural gas. Heating, only firewood, there is no electric light in the classroom.

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Sow company and canned sardines

  It’s boring to hear too many jokes, and it’s great wisdom to be able to understand the truth from a small story.

  A sow is currently priced at 100 yuan, and it is sold as 100 shares. The price per share should be 1 yuan. The problem that this elementary school student will not be wrong will be different in the stock market. Suppose you register this sow into the Phoenix Group and issue 100 shares of Phoenix Group. How much do you think the value of Phoenix Group’s stock is per share? If these stocks are listed, what price do you think the shares of Phoenix Group will trade?

  The answer is that it can trade at a price of 1 cent per share, because investors will think that sows will be old and die, or they may trade at a price of one hundred yuan per share, because they will think that sows can produce 10 small per half a year. Pig, and when the pig grows up, it will have a piglet. It’s really a source of money, never ending!

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Lucky and unlucky

In the workplace

  Why are some people lucky, and some people are hapless?

  10 years ago, I began to study luck. I want to find out why some people can always do the right thing at the right time and in the right place. I posted an advertisement in the mainstream media in my country, asking people who think they are lucky or unlucky to contact me. Hundreds of men and women are willing to join my research. In the next few days, I will monitor their lives and ask them to participate in some experiments. The results of the study show that although these people do not know what luck comes from, their ideas and behaviors determine everything. Lucky people are very good at grasping opportunities, and unfortunate people always ignore opportunities.

  I did a small test. I gave these people a newspaper and asked them to look through it carefully and then tell me how many pictures were there. I secretly added a piece of paper to the inner page, which read: “If you tell me that you see this picture, I will reward you for $50.”

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Mind dam against the storm

  On April 19, 1906, physicist Pierre Curie was killed by a wagon. The 39-year-old Marie Curie began to live alone, and three years ago, they just won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

  She is sentimental to work and transfers her work to hurt. Also at work, she and Professor Curie’s student Paul Lang Zhiwan – another outstanding scientist has developed feelings. Paul Lang is five years younger than Mary, has military temperament, and is called “cavalry captain”. He is a partner who can stand shoulder to shoulder with Mary. “This will be the second chance for Mary to re-experience her best time in her life.”

  But Lang Zhiwan was married, gave birth to four children, and his wife, Jenny, was the daughter of a ceramic worker, violent and rude, and extremely despised her husband’s work. She told him to quit his post at the university and accept the high-paying work of the company. In the quarrel, she even broke his head with a vase. But the woman was keenly aware of Lang Yiwan’s derailment. She hired a private detective and stole Mary Curie’s love letter from Lang’s office and sent the letters to the newspaper.

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Silent Nobel Prize

  Every morning, you will see a sly old man appearing on time at the European Brain Institute on the outskirts of Rome. In the afternoon, her figure will appear in the center of the African Women’s Education Foundation.

  You can’t think of it. This old man is an American Italian female cytologist and Rita Levi Montalcini, a 1986 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Today, she is 101 years old, and despite her age, Levi Montalcini still insists on working hard every day.

  Let’s take a look at the life of another old man. One day in October 2009, the weather was as good as usual. The 76-year-old Indiana University professor Eleanor Ostrom came to his office calmly, at 9 am, and did not work yesterday. difference. Next, she began to work on her own job today – teaching the students for two hours, but she couldn’t find time to pay attention to the media reporters who were holding the “long guns and short guns” against her. The reason why journalists are coming is because Elinor Ostrom has just been awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Economics. She is also the only woman to win this award in decades. .

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