The new version of “Bethune”

  A group of foreigners from different countries are active in various places in China for public welfare undertakings. They have no religious missions and are not dispatched by organizations. They only hold some kind of idealism and humanitarian sentiments and volunteer to serve those poor groups in China. . Their choice of life, their interpretation of the value of life, or can provide a reference for the younger generation in China.

  There are “flowers” coming from the UK

  Five years ago, Yunnan girl Dong Fen and Caroline Watson, who worked in Beijing, met with each other. Since then, the 26-year-old British girl with maroon hair has completely changed her life.

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Those who disappeared into the darkness


  In the morning, he got up, took a cold water and drank it. Then, took two wolf heads and ate a plate of cold sauerkraut.

  The wife is asleep in bed, and her son is making a small squeak, everything is quiet. The son was born only a few months, loves to quarrel, crying at night, crying that he and his wife can not sleep. The wife is distressed by him. He is afraid that he will go down to the mine during the day and not enough to sleep at night. He will hold the child alone and go to the outer house separated by a curtain. Until the son did not quarrel, the wife quietly went to bed, this time the chicken has been called again.

  With a sly, every morning, he will be light-handed, try not to quarrel with his wife – he has nothing else to give to his wife, the only thing that can be given is only one heart. After breakfast, he gently lifted the curtain and listened to the sound of his son’s milky breath. A sense of happiness spread throughout his body. He quietly opened his quilt and kissed his son’s petal lips. The wife opened her eyes and stared at him and said, “Go and buy a bowl of soy milk, don’t save money.” He nodded. After the wife came to the mine with him, once he bought a few fritters and a bag of soy milk, he took it back and let his wife taste it. From then on, the wife remembered that soy milk is the best drink. Every time, when he goes to work, she always swears like this. However, he has always been reluctant to buy a bowl of soy milk, 5 cents a bowl of soy milk, not as good as a few mouthfuls of water to quench their thirst.

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The world’s seven major rescue miracles

  What is a miracle? The miracle is “extremely difficult to do, but it has been done.” The miracle is “not likely to happen, but it has happened.” The miracle is a sequel, and the miracle is “returning to life.” What creates a miracle is the perseverance of humanity, the unyielding vitality, the calm and decisive determination, and the courage to explore hard. Let’s take a look at the following rescue miracles, and experience the miracle of life brought about by the rescue.

  The miracle in the history of China’s mine disaster

  On the eighth day, they were finally saved. On March 28, 2010, when the miners were excavating a new mine road, they accidentally smashed an old mine filled with water, and the spouting water was immediately trapped underground by 153 miners. Rescue workers started the rescue day after day, but hopes soon became rampant. On April 2, a knocking sound came from the depths of the mine, and the rescuers shook their spirits. They immediately sent milk and glucose to the mine and kept yelling to encourage people in distress. Three days later, rescuers rescued 115 survivors from the life raft, and most of the survivors were in stable condition. China is up and down for this.

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