If the grass can talk

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Once, people used bicycles to register, wear red flowers to go home, and then it was a storm. But now, do you want to love someone or a house? With a grass ring, you can try out the gold content of your love!

The difference between a lie and an oath is that one is the person who listens to be true, and the other is the person who said it is true. Between men and women, what is a lie, what is an oath, jumping after experiencing such a thing, can really understand.

The jumping husband called Binzi, jumping for a birthday, Bin said, to send her a gift that saves money and romance. Jumping and thinking: Bin is a stingy, what gift will he give?

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Selling fruit

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Liu Xia is the owner of a bookstore. She lives in a hutong in the northwest of the county. There are hundreds of families living in this long, large alley. There are always some countrymen selling some fruits and vegetables on weekdays.

This afternoon, after a thunderstorm, the rain stopped and Liu Xia quickly went out to work nearby. Going to the alley, Liu Xia met a boy of ten years old, wet, and carrying a big bamboo basket that was not commensurate with his head.

Seeing Liu Xia watching him, the boy asked: “Auntie, do you buy Yamanashi? Just picked it, it is delicious.”

Liu Xia didn’t really like the sour taste of Yamanashi. She just wanted to say no to buy. She could see the boy’s eyes full of expectations, as well as the wet hair and soaked clothes. When the heart was soft, I asked a question. : “This basket of pears is your own back?”

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Say your identity

Mentality and emotion determine how far you go.

Xiangyang County is a famous revolutionary old district. In order to let future generations remember the deeds of the martyrs, the local government specially built a memorial hall behind the martyrs cemetery, which is free to visitors.

At two o’clock this afternoon, a 60-year-old man from the memorial hall was asked to visit. Several people in the guard room were chatting and laughing. When they saw a visitor, they had to stop playing. One of the men in their forties who had a black hair on their face frowned and asked, “Is there an ID card?” The old man said “with”, and even after groping for a while in his pocket, he finally pulled out his ID card and two train tickets. He handed the ID card into the window of the guard room with a little prudence and asked: “Comrade, now I am Can you go in?”

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Second-hand era is crazy

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This is an era of crazy information exchange, second-hand transactions are booming, second-hand housing, used cars, second-hand computers, second-hand books, and even second-hand pets, second-hand licenses, second-hand gaming accounts, second-hand booking seats, anyway, second-hand trading market Only you can’t think of it, there is nothing you can’t see.

Zhang Shuanggong is doing second-hand business to get rich. He has been very “two” for so many years: he is the second child at home, and the prize is always the second. When he is riding a two-wheeler in the second grade, he is also blown by the second kick. He was a second landlord, sang two people, made a second-rate, and even went to the palace. Later, Zhang Shuangbiao’s prodigal son turned back and began to use second-hand household appliances. From flashlights and water heaters to air conditioners and washing machines, his business was all-encompassing. As the saying goes, no business is not traitor, second-hand home appliances are refurbished, no one can see good or bad. In this way, Zhang Shuangzhu’s purse and belly bulged like a breath.

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Have something to say.

Ding Keyian just bought a digital camera and is fresh. At three o’clock in the afternoon, he was idle, standing on the balcony of his third floor, holding a camera and taking photos. After far enough, he leaned out and shot down. At this time, there was a man and a woman in the viewfinder. They were on the first floor opposite and were heading towards the courtyard. The woman is very fat, wearing a pair of colorful pants and a white hurdle vest. She twisted her big butt, walked in front and helped the man open the door; the man was burly, strong and weak, and especially horrible, his right eyelid, along with the entire right temple, had a large black birthmark, which was daunting. It is a typical “black face”.

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