Learn the “three noes” of Shanxi merchants

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  Jin Merchants is an old business gang. It pays attention to integrity and management innovation. Even today, there are still many places to learn. In the movie “Silver Empire”, the characteristics of the Shanxi merchants are very full.

  Lens Playback 1: In the movie, Master Kang always looks at finding the right successor from his son, but in terms of using the “clewer”, he is definitely looking out from the outside and looking for it from outsiders. This well-defined concept of the personnel system is still in use today.

  Interpretation: The first priority of the Jinshang management ticket number is “one is not used”, that is, non-Shanxi people do not need to use “Sanye (Young Master, Grandfather, Grandpa)”. This is the original model of the modern enterprise system in which ownership and management rights are separated. Many of the current family businesses do not have the old method of Shanxi merchants. If the family business does not separate the management rights and ownership, it is easy to form a chaotic situation of multi-head management, and the way to circumvent this management is that only the “three masters (young master, grandfather, grandfather)” are not needed.

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A jar of jam

How to make decisions at critical moments in life?

  A person is rich as long as he has the power to help others.

  I remember that one year, I lost my job. Before that, the factory where his father was located closed down. Our family lives on the income of their mothers who make clothes for others.

  One day, my sister came home from school and said with enthusiasm: “We will bring something to the school tomorrow, donate it to the poor, and help them through the storm.” Mom is about to rush out: “I don’t know there is more than us.” Poor people!” At that time, the grandmother was living with us. She quickly pulled her mother’s arm and frowned, indicating that she should not say so.

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Red light and target dependence

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  Chinese people like to run red lights, and this behavior seems to have nothing to do with the level of education. Regardless of whether they have received education or regardless of the level of education, most people always show the same temptation in front of the red light. Why is a person who wanders on the side of the road like a busy office worker with a red light? Why do those who know the destruction rules bring about efficiency losses often red light? What’s even more strange is that they can waste a lot of time on meaningless things, even if they can’t do anything on the road, but they are so impatient in the short few tens of seconds in front of the red light. Many people will interpret the red light behavior as “low quality” or treat it as a “quick success”. In fact, behind the red light may be more of a target dependence induced by thinking habits.

  The target dependence in the red light should be explained as follows: because people’s pursuit of a given goal often has strong motivation and desire, then the tangible goal of the traffic light rule is a strong desire to conquer. its. If people always like to involuntarily red light, then at least one problem can be explained, that is, quite a lot of people in society like to rely on an established goal and are willing to work hard to achieve or surpass it. If this process becomes a general psychology of society, it is inevitable that people fall into dependence on established goals. For example, the performance of our students in the face of education is a very typical target dependence.

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