A word makes people feel cold

  Having obtained a prestigious university, everyone congratulated you on saying, “What a unsightly.”

” Send his brother to school, the teacher smiled and said to his brother: “Your mother is so young ah!”

The boss asked you to go to the office and said, “You have a very strong business ability, but we can’t accommodate the great bodhisattva in this little temple …” Waiting with great interest to watch the World Cup, your wife picked up the remote control and said, “Great, the Korean drama is the end of the day.”

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A P writes a web text

  These two days ah P very depressed, why? Originally this time, ah P family behind the construction of a new property, dark after the site is still very lively, cement truck, excavator, mixer, a louder than a voice.

Ah P put the doors and windows shut down, and found two groups of cotton stuffed in the ears, the results are still useless, every day to insomnia big in the middle of the night. This day, Ah P can no longer bear, he specially asked for leave, go to the Construction and construction panel to say. Just to the construction panel downstairs, ah P at a glance saw the neighbor Zhao Big, is about to say hello, Zhao first opened: “Ah P, you are for the night work noise thing to come, right?” Don’t go, I’ve just been there. It’s not going to be.

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Best taste

When Lao Lin didn’t find a job after he was laid off, he took out the wife who planted the land in the countryside. The two together opened a street food stall. The wife was responsible for buying food and collecting goods. Lao Lin was responsible for cooking. In the past, Lao Lin had never been a fire leader. When he was at home, his wife was waiting for him. When he was in the factory, he was eating a canteen. To be honest, when the gear was opened, Lao Lin couldn’t even cut a potato, but the couple’s shop on the street had an unwritten rule: the man took the spoon and the woman collected it. Why? Because the spoon is a bitter and energetic, the food stalls are open from 5 or 6 in the evening, and at 3 or 4 in the morning, it is only ten hours. The average woman can’t hold back. Lao Lin had to catch the ducks on the shelves and opened his head with a hard scalp. Fortunately, Lao Lin usually likes to ponder things. After several years of cooking, he summed up the experience of making a big food stall. Gradually, his “Lao Lin Jia” stall business is booming, and every night is full of guests.

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Call magpie bridge

Zhang Sheng’s family is poor and relies on collecting medicine for a living. On this day, he went to Liujiao pharmacy to sell herbs. He looked up and saw a notice in front of the door. He said that the owner of the drug shop, Liu Chengqing, had a serious illness. He needed the root of the iron tree to make medicine. Who can find the iron skin? The root of the tree, the woman’s silver medal is two thousand, and the man will give Liu Yan Xu his wife. When Zhang Sheng saw it, he did not sell the medicine. He unveiled the notice and said, “I know how there is a root of iron.”

When Liu Chengqing saw it, he took Zhang Sheng to the house behind the pharmacy. I saw that Miss Liu Yan was dying and could not speak. Zhang Shengdeng felt like a knife, in fact, he and Miss Liu Yan are not the first time to meet. Last month, Zhang Sheng came to the pharmacy to sell medicines, and Liu Yan went to the pharmacy to deliver the rice. This has something to do with the young men and women. Later, I saw a few faces by the past, and the two have long been deeply rooted.

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Revenge of the big tree

Lu Dingshan is a businessman. On this day, he finished a single business in the field. When he was late, he was ready to find a place to stay. Walking to a secluded alley, a woman wearing a cheongsam stopped him. The woman is about twenty years old and looks very handsome. She said to Lu Dingshan: “I know that you are from Dingyuan County. I am a fellow countryman. I want you to give me a man to pick up something to go home.”

Lu Dingshan strangely asked: “How do you know me?”

The woman said: “I heard an acquaintance say. My family lives in the south slope of the mountain village. My man is Wang Xingyin. It is a disabled person with a broken left arm. I am working in the city. I want to go back to my home during this time, but the boss does not. I have to ask you for leave.”

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