Conscience trading

It’s hard to find a job these days. Zhang Reasonable didn’t study any more after graduating from high school. He found a very special job-releasing chickens.

People nowadays pay special attention to the quality of food. They are also eggs. Some of them are placed on the stalls to talk about the quality of food. Others are labeled and sold in large supermarkets in inside. The price difference between the two can be several times higher. Eggs from chickens that have been properly stocked are the latter. The place where he works is called Jiwei Mountain. This is an undeveloped mountain area. green hills and clear waters has a pleasant scenery. It covers hundreds of inside and dozens of villages, large and small. Every family depends on raising chickens for a living. All of them are the old hen. Hens are foraging on the mountain, eating wild insects and grasshoppers, and laying authentic mountain eggs. They are purely natural and pollution-free, and can earn a lot of money when sold in the city. It can be said that without industrious hens, there would be no chickens surrounding the mountain.

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Exchange housing

When the long November holiday arrived, Zhong Xingcheng and his wife Hu Ping were going to travel. They are going to take part in the “room-changing tour” which is very popular these two years. The so-called change-of-house tour means that friends living in both places go to each other’s homes to enjoy holiday life. However, this exchange of rooms tour is information that Hu Ping found through the exchange of rooms website. They are completely unfamiliar with the exchange of rooms netizens.

Before departure, Hu Ping packed the two men’s luggage and stacked them neatly in the suitcase inside. Zhong Xingcheng watched his wife pack her things coldly, and a slight disdain flitted through her heart: it was too late for this woman to want to save her feelings through this trip.

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Ping An Road

At noon on this day, Wang, director of the town police station, received a call to report the case. A woman named Caiyun in Hedong village said that she had just finished her work in the field and returned home when she found that a thief had come to her home and stolen a jade bracelet. Wang Suochang knew that it was not easy for these cultivators to live. How could he not feel distressed if he lost something? So he rode to Hedong village.

Wang Suochang thought as he walked along, how could thieves have broken out for no reason since the security in this area has always been very good? Moreover, the thief was too bold to steal in broad daylight. Just then, Hedong village arrived. Wang Suochang went into the village and looked at Caiyun’s home. He could not help secretly wondering: Caiyun’s family is really ordinary. A red brick house has been built for many years and its doors and windows look old. There are also many rich families in inside. Why is it that her family was targeted by thieves alone? Then, Wang Suochang surveyed the scene and saw signs of broken doors, a mess in the house and debris thrown all over the floor.

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Change name

The name has to be chosen carefully, and it needs to be changed carefully. However, there are so many people that time after time changed the child’s name …

Mr. Lin studied languages and characters in a university in inside. Once, he was invited to visit a relative in the countryside for a few days. The local The director of the village’s name is Lee Mao-shan. I heard that Mr. Lin was a university professor and had to invite him to dinner. So Mr. Lin went with his relatives.

In when the wine has been round three times, Miss Lin suddenly heard voices shouting out of the window. The voices were high and low, long and short, as if deliberately trying to attract the attention of others. Mr. Lin did not hear what the man was shouting at the moment. Just as he was about to ask, he saw The director of the village and Lee Mao-shan face embarrassment and the look of relatives was a bit unnatural. Mr. Lin listened carefully again. The man shouted, “Lee Mao-shan, my son, go home for dinner!”

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Blow up a bridge

When Zhou Weimin received the assignment, he took the workers to the old bridge. It was a steel frame bridge built in an unknown era. The steel beams on the bridge were already rusty. The bridge deck is very narrow and can only accommodate one truck. Compared with the two-way six-lane new bridge they just built, it looks very shabby.

Is it not a piece of cake to dismantle such a Broken Bridge? Zhou Weimin spat into his hand and took the man to the bridge. An old man was fishing at the bridge head when he saw Zhou Weimin and them. The old man couldn’t help asking, “What do you do?”

“why? We built the bridge. ” Zhou Weimin pointed to the nearby Xinqiao and said proudly. The old man snorted, “who built the bridge? Then why are you here? “

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