Samaranch, Spanish temperament, Picasso

  ”Humans have five common languages, money, war, art, sex, and sports.” Samaranch said this before his death. Under the face of art, passion, and jealousy, this old man has the distinctive features of the Spaniards, maybe In heaven, he can talk to his fellow Picasso.

  After Samaranch’s death on April 21, the local media claimed that he was the most internationally influential person in Spain in the past 50 years. When it comes to the influential Spaniards, Picasso’s name is probably unknown. One of the most influential artists in the West in the 20th century has a common memory with Samaranch – Barcelona.

  Rebellious art youth

  Barcelona, ​​Spain is a world-famous art capital. The city advocates freedom and creativity, nourishes genius and inspiration, and has nurtured modern art leaders such as Picasso, Miro and Dali, and became a world-famous art acropolis of realism. Picasso also spent the most important life in this place. year. In such a city, Samaranch, an elegant and artistic temperament, has also been cultivated.

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Disappeared on the way to school

“Little baby lang, carrying a bag to school. Not afraid of the sun, not afraid of the wind and rain crazy; I’m afraid my husband said that I am lazy. I have no face to meet my parents without knowledge. ”

The children’s song of 30 years ago suddenly woke up when I passed a primary school.

At 4: 30 p.m., the small street that was empty just now, like a life buoy inflated rapidly, was filled with all kinds of private cars and eager parents.

When the gate was opened, the little people filed out and the adults rushed in. In an instant, countless nicknames blossomed like cicadas singing, forming a hot cloud in the air. This exciting scene can only be described as “lost and found”.

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A cup of cold coffee

  Gulangyu is a cinnabar in the heart of Xiamen people. The bright moonlight in front of the window is the old one that they will never finish.

  Gulangyu Island is known as the “Island of Music”. On the one hand, there are countless masters of music on the island, and on the other hand, because of the profound soil of genius music: the area of ​​less than 1.87 square kilometers has gathered more than 500 Piano and piano have the highest density in the country.

  What does the 500 pianos mentioned repeatedly refer to? 500 pianos, not 500 gods. I remember that in the early 1980s, the Gulangyu people’s home began to buy Toshiba color TV. The 18-inch stupid body, the family must be custom-made for her velvet jacket, the weather is too hot to open, thunderstorm days to be closed, lest excessive use. Later, the dial-up phone appeared, and it was still served by a hood. Compared with the Gulangyu people’s treatment of electrical appliances, “the time is diligent, do not make dust,” the musical instruments are like the poor friends who visit from time to time, knowing each other, the number of rituals is so sloppy. This music is so everyday. It has become too formal and solemn to be routinely “everyday.” It is a vine that climbs up and down against life. It is a rare porridge salted duck egg that is used by people in southern Fujian.

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