Give it another five minutes

  One day, in the park, a lady sat on a bench in the playground, and a man sat on the other side of the bench.

  ”That’s my son,” she said, pointing to a boy in a red sweater not far away, who was slipping on the slide.

  “The more lovable children!” he said. “It’s my daughter who wears a white dress and learns to ride a bicycle.”

  After the speech, he looked at his watch and called his daughter. “You said yes, let’s go, Melissa?”

  The little girl begged: “Play for another five minutes.”

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Professor swinging in the classroom

  If you have the opportunity to listen to the physics lecture of Professor Walter HG Luin of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you will be surprised to find that this famous professor is not sitting high above the stage, you can’t see him facing the notebook or The projection screen is an inexhaustible explanation to the audience. In fact, you are more likely to find that he is swinging on the ceiling to demonstrate how the pendulum moves; or to slam a student with a cat’s curl to create a charge. “Students may not remember a complicated equation,” he said. “But they can definitely remember a professor who is flying in the air.”

  Walter’s students are not just those who have taken the MIT’s intellectual intelligence. Thanks to global video sharing sites such as YouTube, Walter’s lectures have arrived all over the world, and his students have exceeded the maximum number he can imagine. “I am so passionate about physics,” he said. “I not only want to share it with my students, but I also want to share it with others, whether he is only seven years old or already 90 years old.”

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Asymptotic iceberg

  There is a German professor who is invited to China every year to study groundwater problems everywhere. Last month, before he went to China again, he told me that he would not want to go again next year. I asked him why, he said, China’s water table has been very low and low, and in many years there are no groundwater in many areas. And every time I go to study and study, I have to spend a lot of money in China, and the proposed plan is not adopted, and it can’t solve the problem. It is too embarrassing.

  The professor gave me a bunch of numbers: If the resources that nature can provide to humans every year, such as energy, wood, drinking water, food, and naturally digestible garbage, set a fixed number, on December 19, 1987, humans The resources that are naturally provided to humans for one year are consumed in advance. For the remaining 12 days, human beings are overdrafting natural resources. By 1995, this day was advanced to November 21. In 2009, this day was advanced to September 24.

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Why did France not learn Dudley’s Last Lesson?

  The Chinese are all familiar with the “last lesson” of the French writer Du De, but what is unexpected is that today’s France does not study this text like China and other countries, and the French territory that was described by the German invasion originally belonged to Germany. Rather than France, local residents have spoken German rather than French, and even the protagonist Little Frances may be like this.

  Recently, Beijing hosted the International Apparel Expo and had the opportunity to contact French fashion designer Wang Yanlin and other French designers. Wang Yanlin is the only Chinese designer of the two French fashion brands Dior and Jean Paul Gautier. The clothing brand AVENUE 2907 she created has attracted wide attention. Wang Yanlin believes that her Chinese heart is related to the influence of the final lesson in the junior high school, and she has a good impression on France. Talking about the exchanges between China and France, Wang Yanlin was surprised that today’s French middle school did not set up Dud’s “Last Lesson”, and even many French people do not know who Dude is.

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Lao Zi’s Wisdom

Mentality and emotion determine how far you go.

Three treasures

Lao Tzu said, I have three treasures. I hold them and treasure them. The first is kindness, the second is frugality, and the third is not daring to be in front of everyone.

Lao Zi thinks that it is kindness that makes one brave and fearless. It is precisely because of thrift that the ruler’s ruling position can last for a long time. It is because of humility and concession that one can become the elder of all things.

The three treasures of ” kindness”, ” frugality” and ” not daring to be the first in the world” have incalculable strength and value. ” Kindness” includes softness and love, that is, love plus compassion. ” Kindness” is not only to be kind to others, but also not to do harm to others, not to say harm to others. ” Kindness” is the first principle of the Three Treasures.

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