The whip is beyond the reach

  At the end of last year, I received a phone call from a friend. Unlike the usual calm chat, the phone was in a hurry.

  She said that you have worked in the media for many years. Does Xinhua News have a relationship? I said that the branch has a little bit.

  What about the head office? No. Does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have a relationship? No.

  Oops, you are dead. It is a good thing to ask the original committee. Her child graduated from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and received an interview notice. After applying for the Xinhua News Agency, she also received an interview notice. I said congratulations, my daughter is so good, and my parents are too late to envy.

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” laissez-faire” mistake

London is the most crowded city in the world, and cars can only move forward in line at rush hour. In the most congested streets, the speed is even below 12 mph. In 2003, London’s driving speed continued to decline to 8.69 mph, with an average of 2.3 minutes to wait for every kilometer traveled. Faced with this situation, the government issued a call to people to reduce private car travel and take buses. Although the situation has improved, it is still crowded.

In 2003, the London government adopted a proposal to charge congestion fees for motor vehicles. On or before that day, each car will cost 8 pounds, and on the following day, each car will cost 10 pounds. Owners who do not pay congestion charges within two days will receive a fine of 100 pounds. At first, the congestion in London streets improved, but with the passage of time, the congestion rebounded. Soon congestion was maximized. London can only travel at speeds below 8 miles per hour, with an average waiting time of 2.7 minutes per kilometer.

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I just like you

  The note is the most popular language of the season, silently coming silently. The boy is also the brightest scenery of the season, the warm smile of the sun, the white teeth of the embarrassed, always fascinating, Mo Ming’s obsession, occasional gaze will touch, panic, and moments Pass the gentle broken hair and look at the lawn behind it. The blush slowly dyed on the cheeks, and bloomed beautifully, gently lowering his head, accompanied by a sigh of heart, gently rubbing his long hair with his fingers, long eyelashes hanging down, thinking Use it to cover the shy scorpion and the love that comes out of the scorpion.

  That spring afternoon, time was quietly flowing around. The note has been pinched on the palm of his hand and never opened. I close my eyes and feel the heartbeat, the plop, the powerful rhythm, and the clear and dynamic. The distance closest to me is the distance of the heart, and how long this distance is for me.

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How to consume can feel happiness

  How to consume is happy? For this question, everyone must have their own answer.

  Money does speak, because the way we spend money tells the blueprint of happiness in our hearts—how can we use money for the greatest happiness for ourselves.

  To understand your “money happiness story”, please first analyze your two characteristics: the concept of money consumption and the attitude of material needs.

  The “money consumption concept” is your attitude towards consumption. People with a high money consumption view think that if they make money, they should spend it. They are usually generous, willing to spend money and enjoy consumption; those who have low money consumption views spend money carefully and carefully. “Material needs attitude” refers to our attitude towards possessing material. People with high material needs are keen to buy goods and think that the items they own are a symbol of identity and taste; those with low material needs are less tempted by material and believe that even if they have money, they do not need to pursue material enjoyment.

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Who sold your privacy?

  Just over a quarter of 2010, the protagonist on the Internet seems to have changed a lot. The indecent video of a model called “beast” just subsided, and the attention of netizens was taken away by the director of the Guangxi Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. In addition, Luo Jinfeng, who believes in “Xinfeng sister, has confidence,” and “sharp brother” on the street, have all rushed in this late spring.

  Recall that more than a decade ago, people who were in BBS and chat rooms often said: On the Internet, no one knows that you are a dog.

  ”Today, not only do you know whether you are a male dog or a bitch, but you also know what dog food you like to eat.” Internet marketing person Liu Qingsheng commented, “You think, there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no human flesh search ten years ago, you I want to make a point of personal privacy, a little name, but unfortunately no place!”

  Privacy, in the age of the Internet, changed from a black box to a glass jar. Everyone has the potential to be the goldfish inside.

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