Zach is on the move

  On January 12, 2010, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake occurred in Haiti, and hundreds of thousands of people were buried in ruins. The news came and the countries rushed. An 11-year-old boy in Los Angeles, USA, began walking on foot. He was a little stunned and followed an 18-wheeler red trailer team. He is the most famous child philanthropist in the United States, Zach Banna, who is going to raise money for homeless children in Haiti. In the past 4 years, he has helped 1.2 million street children.

  Filled with loving red trailer

  In August 2004, a hurricane hit Florida, killing dozens and leaving thousands homeless. In the evening, Zach, a 6-year-old boy who lives in the Encino community in Los Angeles, learned about the disaster in Florida through television. Seeing a picture of a child crying with an empty plastic bottle, he turned to his mother and said, “I want to donate my kettle to him so he can find clean water.” Mom Brittany said: “Okay, I will help you send the kettle to the Red Cross tomorrow.”

  After a while, Zach added: “Can you donate my blankets and sportswear? You know that they don’t have anything to cover or change clothes.” Brittany came over and hugged his son and said, “They met. There are a lot of difficulties, you are too small, you can’t do many things, let the government and capable adults help them.” Zach asked his mother: “Help, isn’t it as good as possible?” Tani blushed and faced her son’s questioning. She felt both ashamed and proud of her son.

  The next day, the single mother gave Zach’s beloved blankets, clothes and kettles to the Red Cross, indicating that she would donate to the poor boy reported on television. When she was happy to go home, she saw a red-haired little man in the sunset, dragging a red toy trailer, walking along the road and knocking on the door of the neighbor’s house. That is not the son Zach!

  She ran over and saw his plastic wheel trailer with stationery, blankets, soap and more. He was already sweating and looked back at his mother, but he smiled and said: “Since our family can evenly distribute some useful things, others can do it. Hey, I only visited 5 households and received so much. ”

  Brittany saw a brand new mobile phone on the trailer, and couldn’t believe it was donated by someone else, so he asked. Zach grievously took her to find Mr. Burquist’s old cow. The old man said to Brittany: “Who can refuse a 6-year-old child? He told me that someone now needs this phone more than I do.” Rita Tan was moved, and I realized that my child’s charity appeal is greater than that of adults.

  Zach is born with mild rickets, his left foot is not strong, and he needs to walk outdoors.

  The next day, she assured Zach dragging the door with a small toy car. In the afternoon, at the supermarket, a woman stared curiously at her vegetable basket and said, “Britani, I donated a sweater to your son, knowing that you can still eat the steak, I will not donate.” Ritani stunned, how could she think her son was begging!

  The woman said disdainfully: “Other people come to the door to raise money as long as they are money, and what is like Zach, everything. Think about bread, flowers or something, how can you get to the disaster area?” How could this kid be so confused, this should cause How many misunderstandings! Brittany shuddered home, saw Zach, immediately yelled at him to send things back one by one.

  Zach did not understand the dramatic changes in his mother’s attitude before and after, and his enthusiasm was frozen, and his eyes were full of tears. Brittany was distressed to see that his skin was reddened because he walked under the scorching sun for two days. She never had the courage to explain what misunderstanding she had suffered. She felt that she could not bear much less than her son.

  Brittany resisted tears and bent down to kiss his son’s forehead: “I’m sorry, my heart suddenly burst into a hurricane. Now it’s gone, I take back the words. But you have to promise me no longer accept bread and flowers.” Zach is even more strange: “Why not? Grandma I. Lisa said that she can pay for these things so that she doesn’t have to go to the supermarket. Isn’t money needed by the victims?”

  Brittany is speechless. From that day on, she really accepted Zach’s way of collecting money in kind. In the meantime, she was even investigated by the police once, until the Red Cross came out to testify, and then got rid of the suspicion of instructing adults to raise funds.

  As a result, in 30 days, Razak raised a total of 27 “trailers” of items and $500. Knowing that these things were all collected by a 6-year-old child, the head of the Red Cross decided to bring Zach’s worn-out sneakers and the red-tired tires with tires. He said: “These things are not donated to the victims, but they are encouraged. There is a 6-year-old boy with a leg.”

  In September of that year, Florida TV station specifically mentioned Zach’s worn sneakers and red trailers in a documentary that reflected disaster relief. The Verma company, which produces toy trailers, was shocked by Zach’s extraordinary role in making a toy car. He also saw a huge advertising effect from this incident, so he allocated $50,000 to set up a small red car fund. The owner is Zach, which means he can organize his own charity team.

  Zach’s success has made the California Red Cross aware that children’s faces can be used not only to make posters for fundraising, but also for charity, because people often trust them more in the face of children. And Zach’s way of collecting real objects is the best way to gather love.

  So they promoted the small red car action in the whole state, and some children joined the Little Red Car Foundation.

  By 2009, Zach had invested a total of 2,000 hours in fundraising, raising funds and items to benefit 1.2 million poor children in the United States and Africa. This is equivalent to the result of a professional charity worker working 10 hours a day and working 200 days in a row.

  To reward Zach’s spirit, in 2008, the University of California, Los Angeles gave the Foundation four 18-wheel red trailers to help them deliver supplies. In the past five years, Zach has become a foundation CEO who knows the complicated fund and material management and has contact with many rescue organizations from a small child who knows only to knock on the door. It has become the pride of Californians.

  Expedition 1000 miles to raise funds for Haiti

  On January 12, 2010, Zach learned from television that a 7.3-magnitude earthquake turned the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince and its surrounding areas into ruins. Hundreds of thousands of people were buried and countless people were left homeless. The most miserable is the orphan who lost his parents.

  Zach called on the volunteers of the red car to take urgent action, but he was frustrated to find that the things donated were not able to reach Haiti. Because the country has only one airport near Port-au-Prince, and the airport has very limited throughput, the shortage of supplies from rescue soldiers, doctors and excavators, large medical machinery, and compressed foods from all over the world can only be queued. Zach’s small red car volunteer team raised funds, mostly food and clothing, because the volume is too large, not at all.

  The head of the Red Cross reluctantly told Zach that what is urgently needed is the US dollar, which is transferred to local charities for procurement in neighboring countries.

  Zach is in a dilemma: the reason why the red car has been trusted for many years is because it is a simple way that most people can accept it, and in the United States where the economic crisis has not subsided, it is difficult for the people to donate only cash. Adding difficulty.

  He remembered that a pastor of the church had said to him meaningfully: “Great love is to be achieved with great efforts.” In order to attract public attention, Zach decided to walk 1,000 miles (about 1609 kilometers) for maximum sympathy. Heart, and thus call for people to help.

  Brittany, who has been silently supporting his son for five years, is firmly opposed this time. Because Zach, who has leg problems, has to walk 1,000 miles, it will take several months. Moreover, he determined that the route is from Los Angeles to Denver, Colorado. Most of this is a mountain road. She is afraid that his leg will be aggravated, and he is even more afraid of his car accident or being ransacked. “Let volunteers continue to accept in-kind donations. When the situation is moderated, it can naturally be transported in. Why should we subvert the five-year purpose? This will make the red car lose its character.”

  Zach shook his head and said: “You have encouraged me to walk since I was a child. This is a great opportunity to challenge the body. This is not only a physical need, but also a need for the foundation to survive and develop. If it can not afford more functions, After encountering similar incidents in the future, it will still be powerless.” Brittany was speechless, and after repeated thoughts, she decided to accompany her son to go to sleep.

  On January 14th, Zach set off without hesitation. The starting point was Los Angeles and Hollywood Hills. Here, his four 18-wheeled red trailers are swayed in front of the front of the car with a big banner: “Hailand kids need you!”

  In order to raise the most cash in the shortest possible time, Zach thought of many new moves. Zach announced that the Foundation has issued a call to all the small red car volunteers to allow the older children who have the ability to conduct family counseling to help the primary school students. He promised parents that their tutoring price is much lower than the market price, and the earned money will be donated to Haitian children. He asked everyone to give these children trust, and also gave them a chance to express their love.

  Zach’s voice fell, an old woman said: “I have a $50 phone card, can I donate it as a cash?” Zach replied: “Of course, a $50 phone card may help a mother find her lost. The child can also use it to call for more help for the children.” There are more voices around, a man with sunglasses, and walked over and gave Zach a 10,000-dollar cash check. Zach looked at him and felt that his back was familiar. Suddenly someone shouted: “Look, it’s Johnny Depp (a famous Hollywood movie star)!”

  The effect of the star is even greater. Zach raised $25,000 in money and supplies at the first stop. It coincides with California TV’s want to make a documentary about charity fundraising. They think that Zach can dig out the kindness of the seals in the shortest time. It is the best candidate, so he sent a photographer to accompany him. The famous American director Michael Gillen, who had won the Emmy Award, had long thought of putting the story of the little red car on the screen. He also joined the team and personally recorded Zach’s charity journey.

  Children’s fundraising team on country roads

  On the afternoon of January 14, Zach and his party officially left Los Angeles and set off for the Midwest. Because; to choose a lot of town propaganda and fundraising, so they can only choose the country road.

  After 10 hours of continuous walking, the team stopped. Zach is reluctant to spend money on the hotel and asks the players to spend the night on the trailer. The accompanying Los Angeles Times reporter drove 2 miles alone to find a motel. He tentatively explained things to the boss, and the boss was greatly moved: “I

  Don’t give up much money, but you can provide the team with free overnight accommodation. In this way, Zach and his teammates enjoyed the care of the first stranger since their departure.

  Just as Zach was on the road, the major media in the United States also took turns to report on the disaster in Haiti. The rising numbers of deaths, the increasingly chaotic security situation caused by famine and water shortages, and the tenacious life under the ruins that are constantly being excavated… all of this affects people’s hearts. So when Zach and his entourage came to the town of La Bicche on January 15th, the scene that appeared in front of them was extremely shocking.

  This is a town with a carnation as the mainstay of the economy. Local residents learned from the news that the small red car fundraising team had to go through the local area and stood on the street early. They knew very early that the red car did not reject any form of love, so many flower farmers were holding cash, and more people were carrying food, clothing and flowers. In the face of people’s enthusiasm, Zach could not say that as long as cash, as a result, in the town of La Bicchi, four large trailers were filled.

  How do you turn these things into cash before you reach the next town? Zach is having a hard time. Just then, a girl who was almost as big as him, Rachel, dragged a small red trailer and rushed up: “I want to imitate the joy of a fundraising experience. I can help you drag those flowers that are not resistant.” I will accompany you to the town of Victor to sell them, and the people there will like it.” “What do the Victors need from Rabchet?” Zach asked. Panqiu replied: “There is close to the mountains, and we need oats and beef on our side.”

  Zach looked at Rachel’s red trailer and asked for a move. “Can you help me organize more small trailers and let their owners accompany us to Victor?” When Rachel understands that Zach wants to take advantage of it. When the little red car moved to impress the residents of Victor town, she readily agreed to sell the donations.

  Not long after, more than 20 children of different ages came with all kinds of trailers, and everyone dispersed the items from the big red trailer to form a mighty team to go to Victortown, 8 miles away. Rachel told Zach that she had informed her cousin who was living in the town and asked her to organize a trailer team. As soon as they arrive, these materials can be transported by the children to each household for sale.

  At dusk, Zach and his party arrived in Victor. There were many parents and children waiting in the sunset. However, the children do not have to sell at all, and the parents let them drag the items directly back to their homes and then hand over the cash to Zach regardless of value.

  As of January 17, Zach raised $3 million in donations, which is the most efficient in the history of hiking fundraising. California TV reported in the report: “Zach, the 11-year-old boy, let us understand the weight and meaning of commitment and responsibility as never before.”

  On January 18, a week after the earthquake in Haiti, Zach walked 78 miles, smashed a pair of shoes, had 18 blisters on his feet, his cheeks were frozen, and his eyebrows were golden. The $3 million they raised was remitted to Haiti and used for the supply of orphanages. As a charitable force, Xiaohong has become the charity with the fastest response, the most fundraising, and the youngest members of the disaster.

  The news said: “Zach is still walking forward. His goal is 10 million US dollars. One deep and one shallow two small footprints, to measure 1000 miles. He travels not only the land, but also our soul. He sent not only money, but also the courage and spirit that never give up. It is important to know that the outside rescue is important, but the place of great sorrow should have greater self-confidence and strength. This is the victory for us to get out of this disaster. magic weapon.”