You are a dragonfly that touched the center of my lake.

You are a dragonfly, and you lit my lake.

Then, my memory made a skirt with ripples, and even loneliness was embroidered with brocade. At this point, my youth is beautiful.

The autumn wind poured cold silence on the earth, and there were whispers in the sun. I listened attentively, but all the news about you in the wind was called silence, and every miss was called forgetting.

I shouldn’t blame you for not reading Ye Zhi’s affectionate poems to me, because we haven’t met head-on, but you happened to pass by my lake center when you were too tired. I shouldn’t blame you for holding my breath with a sycamore leaf, because your inner anchor is too heavy and you don’t expect another adventurous voyage. I shouldn’t blame you. I have exchanged a moment’s yearning for my eternal memory, because you have a pair of flying wings and are destined to leave me for a long journey.

You are a dragonfly, and you lit my lake.

Then, the quivering sound of wings gradually moved away from my panic mood. However, your departure did not restore my calm. As a result, I fell into a vortex of sadness. The resistance formed by the beautiful wavy lines besieged my heart.

You woke me up from the depths of my dream, only to tell me that you need a kite to stay away from the June rain. But I can only stay where I am. I sealed all our secrets in the woods and sent them to autumn. I hid in the skirt of autumn and remembered the mood at that time-it was a dragonfly dream forever, and I seemed to have been awake before the beginning.

You are a dragonfly, and you lit my lake.

I mistook the ending for the beginning, but I still can’t believe that the fate with you has just been gradually dissipated along with the ripples. You broke through my sight and disappeared into the blue sky …

So I know that you are no longer a dragonfly, and I no longer have a lake.

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