Why did the American textbooks select these three Chinese?

  Sinology is popular, and the United States is no exception. There are many Chinese-related textbooks in the United States, and Chinese historical figures will naturally reflect them. Let’s make a hypothesis and let the Chinese recommend which three people should be elected. Conclusion Although there may be a variety of things, but generally can not jump out of the following circles: emperors will be like Qinhuang Hanwu Genghis Khan; cultural celebrities such as Confucius or Qu Yuan; national heroes such as Yue Feiwen Tianxiang, respectively, show that China’s politics is strong, culture has a long history, external Indomitable and so on. But Americans don’t see it this way, and their choices are a bit unexpected.

  The first selected character was Tao Yuanming, the reason for the list: over the upper life, the sludge is not dyed.

  The explanation in McGee’s “History of the World Society” is quite representative: “He is not an ordinary Chinese peasant. He maintains close ties with the people of the literati class and often drinks poetry together. His work reflects his like this. The simple pastoral life is very satisfying, and even the life is beautified into a paradise.” The author hopes that students will appreciate the era of the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, that is, not focusing on knowledge, but on the birth of the door. Never marry a person who is not the right door or the wrong person. They profess to be social elites, gathering, drinking, playing, and poetry in their own huge manor… “Tao Yuanming is seeking detachment and nature in this smoky environment.”

  The second person they selected was Yang Yuhuan. Reason for listing: romance.

  In his “World Civilization,” Stearns mentioned the Yang Xuanhuan of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty. This textbook used a full two pages to tell the story of Yang Yuhuan, and also accompanied a “Calcian Legend” to render her. The palatial and graceful. After telling the “romantic history” of Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan, this textbook pointed out that their feelings belong to “the most famous and the most unfortunate.” The choice of this character is purely considering the taste of young students. The author’s rendering of Yang Yuhuan’s love story, in addition to Americans’ emphasis on love, there are many considerations of catering and kitsch. However, the strong life atmosphere is quite touching, showing the warmth and human touch of textbooks.

  The third person selected was Li Zicheng. Reason for listing: The change of violence and power can not change the old way of politics, and should be taken as a warning.

  According to Brigitte’s “The Earth and the People Living in It”, Li Zicheng wrote: “Li Zicheng’s peasant uprising army is only a short-lived success. The Ming Dynasty general Wu Sangui believes that there is no culture and strong violent tendencies with Li Zicheng. When people are together, it is difficult to work together. He has formed an alliance with the Manchus. Wu may also be angry because Li has taken away his love.” “A year later, Li died. The cause of death is either suicide or Because he stole the food of the peasants and was killed alive. It can be seen that the concern of the Americans is not the question of who is the emperor. The key lies in whether a certain social form has undergone a fundamental change. They believe that if Li Zicheng wins, but there is a dealer at the table, there is no change in the gameplay.

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