Who to share with, who is sharing

 In a lecture on the theme of “business intimacy”, I designed several topics to give self-tests to those present. “If you have a billion yuan, will you tell a few people about this news?” I often hear people say, “If I have a billion yuan, I will disappear.” Where did it disappear? Does disappearing mean going to another place to start a new life and severing all old relationships? Does that mean that there is no one in the old life, there is no one who can be loved? If this is the case, is life not too sad?

  In the test, one or two people said they would not tell anyone about the winnings. This reminds me of the first time the lottery was awarded by the lottery. The winner is a man. It is said that he also intends to keep a secret and not let his wife and family know the news. No one can share joy, is it too lonely? Fortunately, most people will tell three to ten people about their huge bonuses. These people are mainly family members. It is obvious that we feel that the most reliable is their own family.

  ”If you have a terminal illness, who will take care of you?” I threw out such a problem. Most people can find more than three people, the kind that will never leave until the last moment. I also noticed that some people did not even find a person. When the end of life, there is no one around, what kind of loneliness is more terrible than the terminally ill. Of course, there are still some topics, such as: “In the middle of the night when you are insomnia and feel very lonely, how many people can call without any scruples?” “When you fall out of love or lose your job, there are several things you can share.” Sad man?”

  In fact, asking these questions is just for everyone to think about: In this world, how many people can share the wealth with you, and how many people can share the pain for you.

  When I was in elementary school, I read an ancient song: “Jun rides, I wear a donkey, and he meets off the bus every day. Jun Duan, I am across the horse, and he meets for the day.” When I was a child, I was very familiar with poetry. But it is a half-baked solution. In the process of growing up, all kinds of encounters and experiences have made me more deeply understand the meaning of the song.

  There are both triumphant and frustrated encounters in life, and when there is weakness and strength, when we are in good fortune, we may be able to treat the distressed friends kindly; however, when we are in a low position, we often cannot face the friends of the fortune, because Self-defeating.

  We only want people to see their perfect image, or the strongest side, but they are not willing to reveal weakness and suffering, and worry that others will dislike or look down on themselves. However, the truly valuable friendship will not change because of poverty or wealth, loneliness or smugness. In any case, you can trust yourself and accept each other with peace of mind.

  After the lecture, a man of similar age to me was waiting to talk to me. He said that this test made him scared himself: “I found that if I won the award, I would like to tell a few people and would like to share with them. However, when the things mentioned in the next test happened, I could not find one. People share… What happened to me?”

  This actually means that he does not trust the people around him. He thought that these people could only accept his giving, but he was not willing to pay for him. I told him that I still have time to hand over myself, hand over my weakness and confusion to others, learn to let others share, and let others take care of them. “You are a good person, but don’t be a lonely good person.” I told him.

  Life is actually a disease field, and no one is willing to be alone in it. Don’t let yourself live alone in a terminally ill. If you can fully entrust yourself, you will have no fear; you can safely surrender yourself with weakness and suffering.