Who makes her beautiful

A few years ago, a girl named Emily lived in the north of new york. She felt sorry for herself and decided that her ideal would never come true. What is her ideal?

Her ideal is the ideal of every young girl: to marry a beautiful prince and grow old together. Emily thinks others will have this kind of happiness, but she will never be able to.

On a rainy afternoon, unfortunate Emily went to a famous psychologist because it was said that he could relieve people’s pain. She was admitted to the psychologist’s office. When shaking hands, her cold hands shook the psychologist’s heart. He looked at her, her eyes glazed and desperate, and her voice seemed to float from the grave. Everything she said seemed to say to the psychologist: ” I am hopeless, you can’t help it.”

Psychologists asked her to sit down and talk to her, and her heart gradually got the bottom.

At last he said to her, ” Emily, I will find a way. But you have to do as I say: you will buy a new dress early tomorrow morning, but you don’t have to choose for yourself. you only ask the clerk and buy it according to her idea, because you need to listen to other people’s opinions very much. Then you get a haircut, and you don’t have to choose your own hairstyle, just ask the barber and follow his advice, because it is always helpful to listen to others’ kind advice. Then, on Tuesday night, my family has a party, please come to … ”

Emily shook her head. The psychologist nodded understandably and asked, ” Do you mean it will not be pleasant to attend the party?”

” I’m sure it won’t be pleasant.”

” But I am asking you to help. Many people attended the party, but not many knew each other. When you come, don’t sit still like a candle, waiting for someone to come forward and say hello to you. On the contrary, you must pay attention to helping people everywhere. If you want to see any young man who is lonely, you come forward to say hello … ”

” Young man? Say hello? ”

” Yes, come forward to say hello to him and say you welcome him on my behalf. See one, welcome one. Your task is to help me take care of my guests – understand? ”

Emily looked uneasy, and the psychologist continued, ” When everyone is here, see for yourself what else you can do for the guests. For example, if it is too hot, open the window. Anyone who hasn’t coffee will have a cup. Emily, look, you have to help me a lot! ”

On Tuesday, Emily came to the party with a proper hairstyle and well-fitting clothes. She did her duty according to the instructions of psychologists, forgetting herself and thinking only of helping others. She was lively and generous, smiling and became everyone’s favorite at the party. When the meeting broke up, three youths said they would take her home.

Week after week, month after month, the three young men enthusiastically pursued Emily. Emily chose one of them and asked him to wear an engagement ring.

Soon, at the wedding, someone said to the psychologist, ” You have created a miracle.”

” Not a miracle.” Psychologists said, ” This is very simple: one should not always think about oneself and pity oneself, but also think about others and sympathize with others. Emily understood this, so she changed. Who made her beautiful? It was herself. The reason is very simple, everyone should understand. “