Who is the Samsung CEO for two hours?

  In July 2001, Li Jianxi, the president of Samsung, who had just taken office, decided to take six vice presidents to New York, USA to inspect Samsung’s sales in the local market. However, after running for several days, Li Jianxi saw that all the large and small appliances placed in the electrical counters of the shopping malls were almost all Sony and Panasonic in Japan.

   At noon on the last day of New York, after returning to the hotel, Li Jianxi kept himself in the room, no one allowed to enter, and did not eat or drink, which made the six vice presidents waiting at the door of the room both worried and afraid.

   At 6 o’clock in the evening, Li Jianxi finally opened the door and let the vice presidents go in. As soon as the deputy generals entered the room, Li Jianxi gave each of them a red envelope. Upon seeing this situation, the six deputy generals were scared to meet in front of Li Jianxi. In Korean companies, there is such a well-known rule that in the non-year-end days, when the company boss plans to stop using someone, he will give the other party a red envelope before the dismissal.

   Seeing this scene, Li Jianxi first glimpsed and turned to laugh. He quickly picked up the six vice presidents and said, “You made a mistake. I sent you a red envelope, not to expel you.” I want you to use the money in the red envelope to get the Sony and Panasonic’s large and small appliances to buy me back. I want to see where their products are!”

   Next, Samsung began to spin off these appliances one by one. If you don’t know it, you will be shocked. Sony and Panasonic’s appliances are much more advanced than Samsung.

   From this moment on, Li Jianxi shouted a slogan like this: “In addition to his wife and children, everything must change.”

   Since then, Samsung has started a difficult self-flagping and forging ahead. The first move to change is to change the daily working hours. Before Samsung went to work at 9:00 am every day, Li Jianxi decided to shift the time to work two hours earlier to morning. At 7 o’clock, I want to win the time to catch up with the opponent through every second.

   However, this reform was quickly opposed by all employees of the company, who claimed that 7 o’clock was too far off the mark.

   In the face of a voice of opposition from the whole company, Li Jianxi did not say anything. On the first day of the implementation of the new system, at 7 o’clock in the morning, Li Jianxi came to the company on time, and accompanied by the secretary, he stood at the door of the company with a 30-degree bend and greeted every one who came to work. Staff.

   For Li Jianxi, a 59-year-old who is close to the elderly, this kind of squatting style makes him difficult to eat. After 20 minutes, Li Jianxi’s legs began to tremble. At this time, the first employee who came to see the situation came. After seeing this employee, Li Jianxi gave him a deep sigh, thanking him for his support. .

   Until 8:20, some employees began to come in, and Li Jianxi kept talking to everyone who came in. At this time, in the summer, the sun began to spread, and shot on Li Jianxi without any cover, so that he was sweating, no matter how the secretary and vice president advised, Li Jianxi did not move.

   From 7 o’clock to 7 o’clock, after welcoming the last Samsung employee, Li Jianxi finally could not support it. He fell to the ground and fainted, and then quickly sent to a nearby hospital. . After waking up, he said that he would do the next day.

   Li Jianxi’s persistence ignited the fighting spirit of all the Samsung people. From the second day onwards, all the employees arrived at the company at 7:00 on time and started a busy day. They did not want to see the president being affected by their lateness and disapproval. hurt.

   In June 2003, a news that shocked the world appeared. South Korea’s Samsung Electronics surpassed Japanese electronics and became the largest brand in the global electrical appliance market. It rewrote the global electrical market that has been dominated by Sony and Matsushita for nearly 30 years. . Today, the status of the South Korean Samsung King is still strong.