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What the customer wants to buy is not a commodity

  There is a shop in Brooklyn West Street in New York. The boss is an honest middle-aged person. None of the people who know him said that he is not good, but it is very strange that the sales situation of his store is not good. After the monthly turnover is removed from the store rent and the cost of the goods, there is little left.

  One day, a Chinese student who was working and dropping out of school came to his store and asked him if he would hire a temporary worker to help him. The boss smiled and shrugged and said: “You look at me, business is not good, there is no need to recruit a helper!”
  ”So have you ever thought about changing the status quo?” said the Chinese student.

  ”Of course I thought about it! And I have been working on it all the time, but everything is useless!” The boss said helplessly, a customer walked into the store and the man looked at the goods on the container and said: “Give me a bottle of Headshoulder shampoo!”
  ”It’s a shame, sir!” said the boss. “I don’t have Headshoulder shampoo here!”
  ”No?” The customer hesitated and left the store.

  The boss spread his hands to the Chinese student and said, “Look, this kind of business, I don’t need a helper at all!” The
  boss’s sentence actually made a euphemistic order for the Chinese student, but this It seems that the international students did not understand at all. Not only did they not leave, but they looked at the various commodities in the store.
  Not long after, a middle-aged man came to the store and said to the boss: “Give me a bottle of Sydney brandy!”

  The boss listened again to the previous expression of helplessness and embarrassment: “I am really sorry, the supply of Sydney brandy is very tight during this time, I am not ready yet!”
  The customer listened and disappointed.

  At this time, the Chinese student came over and talked to the boss about the day: “Boss, what do you think customers want to buy in the store?”
  ”Do you still ask? Of course, come to buy goods!” The boss thinks this It’s too ignorant for Chinese students. I will ask such a simple question. “Have you seen it? Because my stocks are not complete, many businesses can’t do it, so I will stock more brands. And the variety of goods!” “The right amount of goods to increase the brand and variety is necessary, but not necessary! You think, can you accommodate all the brands and varieties of goods around the world? What’s more, your cost can allow you Do you do that?” Chinese students then said in a half-joking tone. “For example, I want to buy a pair of Chinese round-shoes. Do you want to go to China to wholesale some round-mouth shoes because of me?
  ” this …… “the boss can not help but loss for words,” I can only say sorry to you, I do not have you here, Chinese people love to wear round mouth shoes! ” ”

  you can not provide for my China Cloth shoes, but in fact my feet can’t wear shoes! The reason why I want to buy cloth shoes is that I feel comfortable and comfortable wearing them. Although you don’t have shoes, you can introduce other shoes that can make people feel comfortable and comfortable. Because what I want to buy is not the shoes themselves, but the feeling of making the feet feel comfortable!” Chinese students stopped and said, “So, the customer is not buying the goods themselves, but buying one is Feeling the demand!”
  ”The customer wants to buy is not the product itself, but to buy a feeling of demand?” The boss seems to understand.

  ”Yes! Any customer wants to buy is a kind of feeling needs. Customers who come into the shoe store, what he wants to buy is not a pair of leather shoes, but to buy a kind of calm and honor; one goes into the cosmetics store. Ms., what she wants to buy is not a certain kind of cosmetics, but to buy a kind of beauty! For the two customers you just mentioned, the first one is actually buying a feeling of making the hair clean, the second one is actually You have to buy a wine tasting. Although you don’t have Headshoulder shampoo, there are many other brands of shampoo. Although there is no Sydney brandy, you have other fruit brandy. After you say sorry, you can recommend them. Buy other brands of shampoo and fruit brandy, and do everything in their power to let them know that the products you recommend are better and more suitable for them than they originally wanted!” said the Chinese student.

  This remark finally made the boss thoroughly understand why the sales situation of his store is not very good. The original problem lies with himself. He always thought that the customer wanted to buy only one kind of goods. I didn’t expect that what they really wanted to buy was this sense!
  Since then, when a customer came to the door, he thought about what the “feeling feeling” is hidden in the customer’s heart. If there is no product in the store, he will not only say sorry, he will be based on the customer’s heart. The kind of “wantful feeling” to recommend other products, so that not only will customers not come out empty-handed, but also make customers feel that his service is warm and thoughtful, old customers are more and more, and business is getting better and better. Red fire.

  More than 20 years later, the boss became the owner of a large supermarket chain in the United States.
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