What is wrong with the Olympiad?

  Yesterday, I read a report in the “News Morning News”, which reminded me of the fierce controversy caused by my previous “Throwing the Evil Olympiad”: Among them are anti-Olympic, quite Austrian, and there are teachings from the phenomenon of worshipping Olympiad. The essence is wrong, but it is also judged by the narrow view of nationalism. Today, let’s take a look at the real story of how an Austrian master is lost by the world’s top universities.

  The University of Pennsylvania, one of the Ivy League universities, is recruiting students for international training courses in China. Among them, there is an Olympic leader. However, because of a normal conversation, Penn simply rejected the top student. (A: Professor Penn, B: Master of Austrian)

  A: “What are you reading so well for?”

  B: “To make money.”

  A: “What is it for earning money?”

  B: “To travel around the world.”

  A: “What do you want to do besides traveling around the world?”

  B: “You can also buy a house.”

  A: “What do you want to buy a house?”

  B: “Let your parents live together…”

  After reading this conversation repeatedly, I want to discuss with you the last blog post. “Where is the wrong Olympia?”

  Why did the Austrian number lose?

  A child who can enter the Ivy League school in the United States can enjoy many excellent social resources: including excellent teachers from around the world, a high-quality cooperation platform between academia and business, a first-class human environment, priority practice and job opportunities. But who should this opportunity be given to? Ivy League has long had a very reasonable “regulations”: 40% of academic performance, 40% of overall quality, and 20% of values. Non-“score” assessments accounted for 60%. The Olympiad’s top value (20 points) was clearly scored zero, and Penn decided to give up a learning leader based on the 20-point blank area, because they understand that the opportunity given by the society must not be given to one eye. There is only a small self in my heart, I want to read the book, “I can make big money”, “I can travel around the world”, “My parents can comfortably and comfortably” selfish ghosts.

  Therefore, children who have no sense of social responsibility, do not know how to return others, and lack self-independence are definitely not the “quality people” that Western famous schools want!

  What is the standard for “quality people”?

  However, another girl who was interviewed with the Austrian masters and scored no in the college entrance examination received the olive branch of Penn because of 40% of the overall quality and 20% of the values. Professor Binda summed up her shortlisted reasons mainly because she has several “forces” and “knows to give others”:

  1. Action. She began to like the violin and systematically study in high school. She took six grades in two years, indicating that she is very active and does her best to do what she wants.

  2. Leadership and creativity. With a group of college students older than her, she is engaged in violin creation. She often launches small concerts through the Internet to promote their own music. The young age is quite a leader.

  3. Communication. When talking about the ideal of music with the interviewing professor, she talked eloquently and devoted herself to the live concert.

  4. Know how to give others, not selfish. When the interview was over and everyone left the reception area, the child walked to the end. She noticed that the chair was horizontal and vertical, and the person silently arranged the chairs.

  In the same way, Harvard University and Princeton University, both of which are Ivy League schools, must have the qualities to judge “Quality People”:

  Have clear thinking, expression, and writing skills

  Ability to form concepts and solve problems

  Ability to think independently

  Ability to innovate and work independently

  Ability to work with others

  Familiar with different ways of thinking

  Therefore, from the Ivy League school’s selection of “rules” can be seen, the entire Western criteria for judging “quality people”: in addition to high scores, should also have mobility, leadership, creativity, communication, collaboration, understanding Force, with a selfless spirit of selflessness and fraternity, knowing how to give and know the comprehensive qualities of returning to society.

  The education system determines “values”

  Contrary to Ivy League’s “best choice” standard, the domestic famous schools snapped up the Austrian masters, and picked up one of them, and held them in the palm of their hands. The result of this contrast is ultimately the result of different educational values ​​that promote different social values.

  China’s education system not only abandons the early cultivation of children’s “values”, but also forcibly distorts the “positioning” of education. The test-oriented education system subtly allows parents and children to recognize that the reason for reading is the college entrance examination; the purpose of the college entrance examination is to work; the result of work is to create identity and status; with the former (money) way, it will be respected. To a large extent, such an education system has been unable to serve the object of education: the society in which each of us is a member. If our education is biased towards creating more of these “Austria” and let them become role models for students, then our society will be more and more “in order to make money” and “for travel” The young generation of “in order to buy a house” paid a heavy price. China will be bigger and will be swallowed by a group of “small me” people.

  Olympiad is not wrong, but it is not a measure of education and talent, and should not be a stepping stone to becoming a “quality person.”