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During a visit to Brazil’s Viper Institute, the host took out a colorful serpent that was constantly moving, declared that the poison gland had gone, and generously let visitors play with it. Everyone screamed loudly and withdrew. But I’m not afraid, let the big flower snake sit on the top of the head, wrapped around the waist, climbed in his arms, any play. That kind of feeling, cool and slippery, like wearing a scarf made of water.

All the other visitors showed admiration and said that I was courageous.

However, I am full of courage in the eyes of all people. When I meet cockroaches, I feel ashamed for anyone who looks at me. Climbing on the ground, I’m afraid; Those who fly in the air are even more afraid. No matter how big or small, black, brown, fat, thin, male or female, young or old, cockroaches can easily swallow my whole gallbladder.

One of the most embarrassing and frightening experiences in my impression was that when I was driving out, a fat cockroach suddenly flew out of the halfway carriage. My face was green and my lips were white. I immediately applied an emergency brake and ran out of the car in a panic. I only missed shouting ” help”.

One of the ” unforgettable” memories in my childhood was that a primary school classmate who knew I had ” cockroach phobia” brought a living cockroach to school. While I was not paying attention, I mischievously put cockroaches in my collar behind my neck. When cockroaches were scurrying about in my clothes, I was terrified and burst into tears in front of everyone. The feeling of chills, limp feet, burning forehead and pounding heart is like ghosts during the day. I still have a lingering fear in retrospect.

I have not been able to forgive her since this happened. She never spoke a word or two to her until she graduated from primary school.

Everyone has a very weak place in his heart. This place may be hiding some kind of fear, some kind of shadow, some kind of scar, some kind of sorrow, some kind of pain. Respect it and let it exist quietly. Don’t make it expose and pick it. In this way, you not only keep the friendship between the two sides, keep each other’s dignity, but also keep your own personality.

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