Two blanket

  In the exaggerated end of the wild city, I am like a sad eagle, resting on a dead wood in the dark night, looking into the distance, combing memories, searching for stories that make my eyes slightly wet during the flight. Always find one or two things, one or two people, with them across the century threshold, with the lights, in order to settle in the new century.

  He is a community guard who was as thin as a snowy old trunk five years ago. He used to be silent, not because he was old or tempered, but a kind of silent silence; as if he saw more people, tasted things, and knew what happened to the world, there is no need to say anything.

  ”See you? You have to study hard in the future, you will not be a co-worker like him, do you know?” “Know.” In the small park, a mother watched him push a single-wheeled cart to tidy up the waste garden, take the opportunity to the child. Conduct an opportunity education.

  He didn’t hear it, but I think he knew. The dust can’t hide the richness of the rose garden, and the reflection of the dark clouds will not change the clarity of the river! He did not separate his heart and volunteered to help the community to organize the gardens, especially those who did not live in the desert. He saved the flowers and plants, silently arranged the flower beds at the entrance to the community, and the extra bonsai was transported to the door of the horticultural households without leaving a message. He wants someone who knows how to keep another person in the air!

  You can’t repay him. When you find that the mailbox at the door is too small, you can’t get into the magazine, and suddenly it is converted into a big mailbox by his skillful hand; when you find that the swaying yard lights are also tightened; when you I found out that I don’t know where the flowers and trees are dressed up in your flower station; you know that you can’t repay the care of the giant rock if you go out and go through the calculations every day.

  However, the words that are not conducive to him began to overflow. Some people accused him of only helping a certain number of households and not helping him clean the door; some people said that he was old and the community needed a powerful person to maintain safety… The real reason is that he knows too many things, including the competition committee. The two groups of directors of the Director-General are fighting against each other, including how the money originally used for bribery falls into someone’s pocket, and a little strange monthly project accounts. Therefore, sacrificing an old guard is the only consensus of the monks. Anyway, he is just a guard.

  Just left, I don’t know where to go. Until one day, the company’s guard downstairs said that someone was looking for me, in the dark corner of the guardhouse, I saw him again. He said: “From the newspaper, you know that you are working here. You have something to do today. You come from Taipei in Taoyuan. You will bring things by the way. You went back to the mainland to visit relatives, bought two blankets through Hong Kong, and you can’t use them. Keep warm in winter.”

  ”Your sisters are all people who have contributed to society!” he said sincerely.

  I am happy to accept. It is not just a blanket, it is a blessing and expectation of an elder to the junior. Through this expectation, I know that no matter whether in the end of the world, or in sinister travel, the precious treasure I have been looking for in my life, one of them is called “the dignity and weight of man.”