Trust is the most important and scarce social resource.

  Even Lehman Brothers, such a huge and long-term investment bank, can rush to declare bankruptcy within a week. Even Sanlu Dairy, which is known as the “Chinese mother”, can tell babies to eat kidney stones. Who can we trust? ? Many of my friends are customers of American International Group (AIG). After hearing that the insurance industry’s aircraft carriers that have reached $1 trillion in the insurance industry may have to sink, they all panicked and feared that they had accumulated for half a lifetime. Hard-earned money has to be turned into nothing. No matter how others analyze it, how can they ensure that their assets are safe and secure, they still have a hard time getting it.

  Trust is originally one of the most important social resources. We turn on the faucet and believe that the water flowing out is not poisonous. We crossed the road and believed that all cars would stop at the red light. We sleep, we must believe that the roof will not collapse for no reason. We have an alarm, we must believe that the police are not accomplices. Without trust, society cannot exist. The late German sociology master Niklas Luhmann said it well: “When a person completely loses confidence in the world, he will not be able to get out of bed in the morning.”

  The trust of condolences is so rare. We don’t have any reasonable basis. We believe that every drop of tap water is safe. Every driver is awake. Every builder is responsible. Even every police officer is responsible. Integrity and integrity. However, we continue to pay our trust in others. That’s because we don’t think that no one in this world is credible. This society is so complicated. Anything that happens around us, anything that is in front of it, has a lot of mechanisms and layers of people behind it. In this long process, there are always people who will be able to win us. Trust, will you be responsible for what you should do?

  For example, food, I can’t personally detect anything that is sent to my mouth; but I will believe that producers love goodwill. A boss can’t grasp the correctness of every aspect of the production process, but he will trust the managers he hires. If there is a problem with the worker or raw materials, the product inspection department will check it out. If the factory products are really faulty, the relevant government agencies will find out in time. If those institutions close their eyes with one eye, the media with conscience will reveal the truth. In the end, we still have to rely on the government to be able to identify the problem, and the judicial system can indeed handle the perpetrators in accordance with the law.

  This is a matter of how many people involved in the program, how can each person make a mistake every step? In order to ensure that such ridiculous situations do not occur, in order for the society to function properly, human beings have designed various systems to guarantee the trust of such extremely necessary but vulnerable resources, such as the differentiation of power and interests. To put it bluntly, the interests of the merchants and the official are not exactly the same, so the official will not cover up the mistakes of the merchants; the media is different from the interests of the merchants and the official, so the media will not be decorated for the merchants and the government.

  In the unlikely event that the interests of the three are highly coincident, what can we do? Then I have to believe in the power of the outside world and the structure of the higher level. In the Sanlu milk powder incident, the extraterrestrial power was the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and the higher structure was the central government that received the notice. Of course, we can still believe in ourselves; but can a society that everyone trusts only be called a society?

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