The meaning of travel

At the end of July 2009, I left Xi ‘an for Ningxia alone, then Gansu and Qinghai provinces, then Tibet by Qinghai – Tibet railway, and finally left by plane for Sichuan. It took almost a month. Except for the last stop, the means of transportation used are basically trains, buses, China – Pakistan buses, tractors and even donkeys. Add up the total travel expenses, and a first-class air ticket from Lhasa to Chengdu and then from Chengdu to Guangzhou is almost equal to the transportation, accommodation, food and other expenses of dozens of cities in all provinces listed by me earlier. Of course, my greatest hobby for many years is to travel alone on the road. In order to travel conveniently, a few years ago I gritted my teeth and gnawed down several textbooks as thick as bricks. I also attended more than one interview and finally proudly got the ” national tour guide qualification certificate” with only 2% passing rate every year. In other words, as long as I have this small sign on my chest, every tourist attraction I pass can hold its head high like a penguin without looking at the ticket inspector, and walk with crabs straight to my destination – every scenery I want to see. Of course, I want to make a special statement, saying that this tour guide certificate is not for showing off, but to invite people who have similar interests with me to think clearly whether it is necessary to take one too. Although it is really difficult, it is really good.

During the nearly one-month trip, the total amount of tickets I spent did not exceed that of 200 yuan. They were 100 yuan of the Potala Palace in Lhasa and 85 yuan of drepung monastery. The former was early in the morning when taking the tour guide certificate, and the teacher told us that those who planned to take this small notebook to travel around the mountains and waters, the Potala Palace must have a book sent by the local travel agency to enter. Besides, I knew early in the morning that I needed to get up one day in advance with my ID card and line up in the cold wind. It would be nice to be able to get in, but also a tour guide card? Why don’t you put it away? ? As for drepung monastery, I tried my best to deceive him with sweet words. The uncle who checked the ticket still pointed to me at the ticket window – I recognized what a vivid and vivid example the so-called ” famous” is in this matter.

I have been traveling in Tibetan areas for several times or several days. I have never had any so-called altitude sickness, nor have I made any preparation, such as eating ” rhodiola rosea”, for example, not taking a bath and lying in bed that night, etc. instead, I have continued to look everywhere for strange small bars, looking for good records, smoking and drinking until late into the night. the next day, it was only slightly brighter, and I began to plan a whole day’s trip with high spirits. Am I young? No, it’s almost 30 years old, but in a 6 – person youth hotel, I successfully and simply treated a 17 – year – old Malaysian female student who could not even get up because of altitude sickness when she was about to get on the train, using the regular medicine I carried with me and the knowledge I read in the book. Am I old? In non-tibetan areas, I had never met a middle-aged woman who had just chartered a bus to Qinghai Lake without enough clothes. I wrapped my thick blanket around her. Although at the end of the day my heart was really a little grouchy: everyone came from Guangzhou and it seemed natural that I took care of them all the way. can you write the word ” thank you” elder sister?

Almost everywhere you go, you will meet new friends, and then some of you will go on a journey together. They will take photos, joke, tell stories and eat together. Of course, because I used my tour guide certificate to ” rightfully” pretend to be a ” real” tour guide in every tourist attraction to bargain with the vendors selling souvenirs, and then gave me the ” rebates” of the ” tour guide” back to the new friends of the same trade one by one, every new friend often happily asked me to have dinner. Ha, this is really a great achievement for me.

In the process of traveling, because it was just in time for the peak season and I was going to a hot tourist spot, the biggest problem I encountered was the train ticket. The minimum requirement was that I could at least lie flat while sleeping. On the more famous train from Beijing to Lhasa, I wanted to change a berth ticket. Even in the middle of the night, the train conductor and the ticket – filling attendant kept looking for the tickets one by one with flashlights – because under the cover of an old man, a scientist, and my years of traveling experience and knowledge, I simply ignored their lie that ” no tickets are full at all” and climbed up an upper berth that no one slept in early and had a good dream. Of course, I was finally found by them after midnight, and they insisted that I bribed the conductor of this carriage, so he turned a blind eye to let me sleep there, and asked me to sit in the dining car and write down the whole incident. I laughed in my heart: ” write it down, do you really think I’m just a tour guide pretending to be suffering from altitude sickness? I’m making up my ticket, not not not giving me no money. Since you promised me to write it, then write it. ” So, for the first time, I inexplicably used a ” repentance book” that said, ” I’m too tired to find a bunk without anyone and go to bed next time. I dare not.” I changed it into a safe sleeper and went all the way to Lhasa, although the old man, a scientist, told me that they were actually bullying my ” little girl”: you are not a policeman. why do you ask people to write any written materials? I smiled and did not reply. For me, the result of getting a sleeper and my own experience are the most interesting.

There is a very famous song ” The Meaning of Travel” in Chen Qizhen. When all people don’t understand why I always like to travel alone and always choose the backpacker’s way of travel, I really think seriously: what is the so-called ” the meaning of travel”? Can people who meet by chance be helped by even very small things to obtain satisfaction that cannot be obtained by other things? Can you make many like-minded friends and even keep in touch for many years during the journey? Or will you never know what will happen in the next minute at the next stop? Or all of these, but definitely not any of them can be completely defined as ” meaning”.

When I saw on the wall of a shabby youth hotel in China’s highest city, I didn’t know who was writing a love poem by Cangyang jiacuo with a red fountain pen crooked: ” that life, turn mountains and water into stupas, not for the afterlife, but for meeting you in this life”. I stood with nearly 60 liters of backpack and tears streaming down my face. suddenly, I felt that the meaning of travel could not be explained in any language or words.