The key to love

  In the minds of people, there is a secret burying a word, you must not forget, let alone tell others. Even if there is no major meaning, it is very important.

  That sentence is the key, a new type of key. On the purse, in the car, on the door behind it, there is no keyhole like before. Some are things like small ear shapes. As long as you put your mouth there, whisper, the lock will open. For example, someone said: “Tulips are blooming.” The lock is open.

  Now, the noisy things that have been lost due to the keys are no longer there. It is the veteran of the door lock, and there is nothing to do. If someone wants to talk endlessly and unfortunately open the door lock, it is even more troublesome. This kind of lock is much safer than before, unless you tell someone this sentence.

  Sometimes I suddenly get amnesia and can’t open it. I had to break into the door under the supervision of the police officer. But this is rarely happening. If you are drunk and say this, you don’t have to regret or panic. Go back home, change the word from the inside, and change it to something else. Don’t be afraid to remember and nervous. In fact, this sentence is not difficult to remember, as long as you do it a few times, blindfolded eyes will appear in front of you. Really afraid of forgetting, you can also write in the button.

  Therefore, people who want to open the door of someone else’s house will not be there.

  There is a young and beautiful girl who lives in a house with such a lock. If she is beautiful, it is also after she started to fall in love, it is love that makes her more beautiful. Her love life is very sweet, there are two or three times a week, and her boyfriend who is older than her age goes to the restaurant to eat and dance to the ballroom. On that beautiful summer night, two people often take a boat to go to the heart of the river. Enjoy the joy of youth together.

  However, her mood was very dull tonight, because they were not worth the little things, they were quarreling. The reason is that she is waiting too long for a date at a tea shop. ?

  ”Let me wait for such a long time, don’t you think?”

  ”Don’t be so angry, okay!”

  ”I just put the work down.”

  ”I dressed up before I came to the appointment.”

  ”Don’t you know about dating?”

  In the past, whoever’s heart is not good, and the other person’s words of comfort will be fine. This time, why is it so arguing?

  ”I want to go back,” she said as she stood up and went. In order to ease the atmosphere, he wanted to pull her by hand, but failed to put it on her shoulder but knocked the earrings away.

  ”Let’s go back!”

  Everything started like this.

  She felt a little regret on her way home and thought she could never meet again. She thought: If I recognize the mistake earlier, it will not be like this. But why can’t you? In fact, Ming knows that it is too late to admit mistakes, but it can’t be done. This may be a bit of a wayward! From tomorrow on, I have to live a life that has lost my fun. But young people, who are willing to admit mistakes first!

  She took a heavy step to come to her door. If you don’t lean your mouth on the ear, say: “Today is a happy life!” The door will not open. However, this sentence is difficult for her to export at the time. Not to mention, but can not enter the house, but had to stand there for a while, and finally helplessly said that the article was like a low-pitched voice. The door slowly opened. She closed the door from the inside and wanted to change this sentence. But in any case, I can’t think of the right sentence, but I can’t change it. When she figured it out, the word arrangement was, “I am wrong, please forgive me.”

  I have to say this now, I am too confused, I can only use this sentence to get used to it from tomorrow.

  The next morning, the boy stood in front of her door and refused to admit her face. She was troubled at home and wanted to see her. She had to borrow the earrings to visit in order to obtain her understanding. He wants to ring the doorbell, but his hand can’t lift it. In any case, I still refused to admit the mistakes first. I finally decided to hang the earrings on the door ear and went back. I took it out of my pocket and pressed it on the door.

  He couldn’t help but think of those happy days in the past, remembering the two people sitting side by side on the bench in the park.

  He could not help but feel sorry for his own waywardness yesterday. So why not say it now? So after hanging the earrings, he subconsciously leaned his mouth against the ear.

  The door slowly opened, and she was so stunned in the room that she saw him crying like a spring bounce. Although she did not say anything, she said in her heart the words of unlocking.

  After the door is opened, the earrings that are hung on the ear-shaped keyhole are still shaking gently.