The joy of being out of nothing can’t stop

  A civil servant came across from the opposite side. You suddenly rushed forward and jumped up to give him a slap in the face. What reaction did he see? Suddenly stunned, or mad like a fight back?
  This scene is really exciting. Have you ever imagined it? Zhu Deyong thought about it. Of course, he didn’t really do this.
  The idea is bizarre and full of humor. Zhu Deyong is like a fish that goes against the current, and like a clock in the opposite direction, always hits an unexpected place. For example, he painted “Double Cannon” when he was single, painted “涩 》” when he was married, and painted “The Story of Going to Work” after he resigned. When he was in seclusion, he painted “What is happening”, after his father painted Absolutely Child.
  What’s more interesting is that after the success of the fame, one day he suddenly and solemnly said to his wife, Feng Manlun, that I don’t draw any more comics anymore. I want to be a pilot and go flying!

  The reason is simple: painting is too busy, driving on the plane, it is interesting to think about it.
  Mrs. Zhu panicked, and the children like the same kind of comfort: there are many people who can fly the plane. If someone in Taiwan can be a professional cartoonist, it is you, more glory!
  This made Zhu Deyong very useful, so he drew it again with “vanity and satisfaction.”
  Even without the temptation of “vanity and satisfaction,” he has to paint, because he always listens to his wife and calls himself “a good man.” In life, my wife said that you are going to wash clothes. He said yes, well, I went to wash clothes. Besides the clothes, is there anything else to wash?
  No wonder Mrs. Feng Manlun is famous for her husband Zhu Deyong: another washing machine.
  The lucky one in the marriage crash
  seriously said that when he was young, Feng Manlun almost missed “another washing machine.”
  At that time, Feng Manlun was the editor-in-chief of the supplement of the “United Daily News”. Zhu Deyong was famous in the comics industry. He called him to eat, and he intended to make a draft. Zhu Deyong, who doesn’t like to be slightly autistic, doesn’t want to go because the voice of Feng Manlun on the phone is so good. He always thinks that the more people who listen to the sound, the more ugly they are, the more they want to have lunch with the ugly people. The next morning, he went to sleep, woke up and didn’t get up.
  Zhu Dad is angry: If you promised someone, you have to go to the appointment. If you don’t go, you have no food at home.
  Helpless, Zhu Deyong slowly got up and washed, and slowly walked to the date of the appointment. This is an hour, he thought, waiting for me to come, people should also finish eating, and go, then I will be fine. Unexpectedly, Feng Manlun was very patient and has been waiting.
  Unexpectedly, he just saw Feng Manlun’s side face, and a voice rang in his heart: it was her.
  He wants to marry her. Before he met, he thought that he had never needed someone else in his life. After he met, in a flash, he finally felt that he was actually a half man and needed another half.
  Who said that there is no love at first sight in this world? You think it is a legend, but it is unusual in others. Everything is so natural, love is coming, there are no extra branches and vines, and both are happy and married, and they are all happy.
  Everyone said that this cartoonist with long hair is a freak that subverts love and criticizes marriage. He should suspect that love does not enter the marriage siege, but now everyone knows that his marriage is perfect, and his family has a good wife. Have a child.
  He took her to various occasions, cooked for her, and joyfully made her another washing machine. She took her hand when she went out – a man holding his wife’s hand, which is normal; if it is decades Every day, every trip is a hand-holding, and love is like a young love, it is expensive.
  Zhu Deyong is inseparable from Feng Manlun. Perhaps it can be said that there are places where Zhu Deyong appears, such as a new bookmark sale or an interview with reporters. If you are willing to pay attention, you will definitely see Feng Manlun. She is hidden in the crowd and looking at him. If she is not there, Zhu Deyong will retreat to a person’s autistic state and not speak much. In this
  regard , he explained this: “Because it is half lost .” And Feng Manlun is also willing to give up for Zhu Deyong, he resigned that year, and soon she also resigned as the editor-in-chief of the “United Daily News”, taking care of him at home. Food and clothing, even at the expense of writing. She is his wife, the mother of his children, a nanny, his first reader, taking care of brokerage and marketing. All this, she said she was willing.
  Of course, Feng Manlun is very clear that she wants Zhu Deyong’s “lover” and “mother” instead of “work partners”, so once Zhu Deyong is sacrificed to work and drain all the happiness in life, she will not hesitate to do it. “Give your wife.”
  During the two or three years from 1996 to 1999, Zhu Deyong had lost his life after a busy period. The manuscript was constantly on the phone, and the money came in constantly. He felt like a printing machine. He painted madly in the studio every day. When he got home, he lay on the sofa and his eyes straightened. He felt that he was ill. Feng Manlun also felt that this was very abnormal. She asked him to slow down the pace. Zhu Deyong said, I can’t stop.
  Feng Manlun finally got angry: If I go on like this, I will divorce you!
  I couldn’t help but say that he bought a ticket to Europe for travel, pulled him out of the studio, and stopped all work.
  It was also that trip, and Zhu Deyong re-examined himself and used a different perspective than before. The perspective is very important. What kind of perspective do you use to see what kind of world you will see. He found that his family, the joy of life, and everything he had, were distorted little by little after the so-called “success.” He said that life will one day turn back and ask yourself, what do you want?
  The best life should be fun, the fireworks of the rice and oil and the fun of work, a long and wonderful time. Instead of the smell of rice and oil, it fills the work, or the work invades life.
  He decided to live in seclusion. The computer still needs to be used, but the Internet only sends and receives emails or queries for information. When everything is finished, it is turned off; the mobile phone is also used, but most of the time it is turned off, it needs to be turned on or answered when the phone is turned on; selective invitation to attend.
  It was also after that that he painted “What is happening”, which is one of his personal favorite works. The stories in this book are all about life dilemmas, love, marriage, ideals, communication… His usual pungent strokes evolved into sorrow and desolateness, drawing the pale and absurdity of the busy modern people’s life. He hopes to remind modern people who have rushed to the road all the time, “to resist the distortion of success.” After all, not everyone is a CEO. Just like all animals don’t all be lions. In fact, only lions will become lions. Then cows or rabbits will play their roles well. It is most important to find happiness in life.
  And Feng Manlun hand in hand on the streets of Taipei without a purpose of leisure, go home and quietly draw, or go to the kitchen to cook for his wife, or to read the books that the wife chose for him.
  Feng Manlun is a book consultant for Zhu Deyong. She often goes to the bookstore, buys many books back, and then finishes reading at a magical speed, telling her husband that this book is right for you, you will like it; you don’t want to read this book, you can’t stand it. Zhu Deyong therefore saved a lot of selection process, the book he read was his favorite, and he was very helpful. If you have a wife, what can you ask for?
  This is Zhu Deyong’s life fun, but also his source of happiness. Happiness is the simplest thing.
  He said that about 90% of love is disappointing. Fortunately, his love is within another 10%. As he said: All marriages are an air disaster, most people are killed, some people can survive, and I am part of the survival.
  I am your brother, not your father
  . Zhu Deyong before painting “Absolute Kids”, there are two kinds of subjects never touched: one is an animal, the other is a child. I don’t paint animals because I love animals so much that I can’t make any jokes on them. I don’t draw children because I hate children too much, and I reject painting children.
  It is not unreasonable to hate children. In childhood, Zhu Deyong is a child who is not liked. He doesn’t like to learn. The strokes of the words are always wrong. The mathematics always tests a dozen points. This makes him a poor student that the teacher doesn’t like, so that no school will accept him. He is kicked and kicked like a ball. .
  At that time, Zhu Deyong’s favorite thing to do was to draw comics and vent his anger at the school. In the paintings, he not only smeared the teacher, but also made him die hard to see. In this way, the next day I saw the teacher at the school. When he smiled and said “teacher is good,” he secretly snickered: You don’t know how many times you died.
  He didn’t have a happy childhood, and he was very unhappy and even hated children.
  There is always a huge force in life that makes you fall in love with what you hate. Because of this power, Zhu Deyong has seven children: Zhu Zhongwei, Beatles, Wu Mao, hate, Boa, game boy and noble girl.
  Among them, Zhu Zhongwei is the birth of Zhu Deyong and his wife Feng Manlun. The remaining six are the protagonists in Absolute Kids.
  Zhu Deyong did not like Zhu Zhongwei at first. After the child was born, he hid for three days and did not care. The wife was helpless, and sighed and said, I will come to raise this child.
  When the child was eight months old, Zhu Deyong gave him the raisins. He sent a sound similar to “Dad”. Zhu Deyong realized that this is a person, not an animal. Since then he has taken the initiative to hold children. Love has also begun, like traces of toxins that accumulate over time. When the child was three or four years old, Zhu Deyong confirmed that he fell in love with him, and when he fell in love, he was out of control.
  The father and the son are smashed all day long, the father is not the father, the son is not the child. He grabbed the child’s toy, broke things, and the child cried to find his mother. This made Feng Manlun laugh and cry, and friends are very sympathetic to her. And Feng Manlun did not want the child to have too deep frustration, and said to the child, Dad looks big, in fact, lived a child smaller than you, you let him. Zhu Deyong also said to his son, you pay attention, I am your brother, not your father.
  When accompanied by a small child to have a childhood, Zhu Deyong, the big child, also passed his childhood. His fear from childhood was treated a little bit with the growth of a small child. He painted “Absolute Kids”, where he hides the shadow of his childhood and the story of his son.
  The original “absolute child” was called “very child”, but the nine-year-old son said that “absolute child” is better. Zhu Deyong and his wife have become more and more aware of this book name because they are very simple. They are only good or bad in their world, and there are many ambiguous areas in the minds of adults.
  It was the son who brought Zhu Deyong back to the world of children and walked out of the predicament that he had brought to him in his childhood. It was also after that, Zhu Deyong saw the world and changed his perspective. In fact, everyone lives in a heart, that is the most real self, everyone should adapt to their own nature, do not have to suppress camouflage, choose what they think is right, simple, and simple – this should also It is the true meaning of growth.
  Difficulties, who has no dilemma? Life is full of all kinds of difficulties and will trap everyone. Laughing also wants to live, crying is also to live, it is better to change the perspective, humorous face. Humor is like a door that can take you to another place.

  On one occasion, Zhu Deyong was on the plane. In the first class, when the flight was used to deliver food, a loaf of bread accidentally rolled to the ground. She thought that no one saw it, and quickly picked it up and put it back. Zhu Deyong saw that it was very funny. The first class is still the same. What about economy class? Do you have to take it back and put it back? It turns out that the difference between First Class and Economy Class is only money, and everything else is similar. If you are angry and entangled in the rotten bread, it makes no sense.
  Another time, Zhu Deyong found a drowned flying insect in the cup while drinking orange juice. What if you were, what would you do? The whole cup is dumped? Zhu Deyong does not, this little flying insect makes him very excited: “Someone fell into a difficult situation and relied on eating insects. When he was rescued, he gained five pounds!” He also wants to taste the flying insects. The whole glass of orange juice was drunk.
  The world is different from different perspectives.
  For example, success. What is success? Is it money and social status? Zhu Deyong believes that the real success is to see if you have played your special ability and do what you want to do. “If you are not satisfied in your career, you can’t make a lot of money by natural, you can transfer your success to your life.”
  Zhu Deyong, the man who loves to paint, he said that he can’t draw or paint himself. Unhappy, that is when he stops writing. Painting is a “free life”, it should be natural, so it may not be responsible for the reader, but it is good to be responsible for your own heart.
  Responsible for your own heart, it will succeed.
  Therefore, Zhu Deyong grabbed his son’s toy, and his son slapped him and he slaps and cries. He also angered: “What are you crying, I am not your father, I am your brother.”