The front and back of life

  When the fellow villagers came, my company was in a state of survival. One of my former good friends bought my finance director and was maliciously acquiring my company through some unethical means. I was overwhelmed by them, exhausted like a wall that was impenetrable, and squeezed a little bit suffocating.

  I went out to work two years ago and worked hard on the construction site. Every meal was a bowl of soup with two steamed buns. After a few months, the whole person lost a circle. When I was about to finish, I accidentally fell off the springboard of more than 20 meters high. Fortunately, I was blocked by the springboard below, or I would definitely break the bones.

  His leg was broken, lying in the hospital, the worker called his wife, but he could not see his wife. A month later, he came to the construction site with a cane and asked the foreman for salary. The foreman bullied him honestly, saying that he spent a month in hospital, spent a lot of money, deducted from his salary, and finally he only got a small amount of money.

  When I got home, I realized that his wife ran with a rich man.

  This is a person who is teased by destiny, a person who walks on the back of life, a person who constantly experiences snow in his life. He has nothing left, only a broken leg and a cane. At that moment, he fell to the ground, and life seemed to come to an end. But soon he was awake, he thought of his children and elderly parents, they still need him. And more importantly, he feels that a man, if he falls down, has no dignity.

  Everyone thought that he would find his wife and the man to settle accounts, but he did not, not that he was weak, but that he felt that some things could not be recovered if they lost, like feelings. And some things, if you lose, you can still find them back, like dignity, like the money that was stolen by robbers.

  He picked up his five-year-old child from his frail parents. He began to pack his own broken house with a cane, made some money from relatives, built a pig pen, bought a few piglets, and hatched a large group. Chicken, duck and goose. It is his only hope to raise them greedy every morning.

  But he seems destined to run on the back of his life, first his pig, I don’t know what the reason is, how long it will feed, and then his chickens, ducks and geese are catching up with the popular “bird flu”, whether it is avian Meat or eggs can’t be sold. His hair was a lot white at that night, but that was all his hope!

  ”But I can’t just fall down. I don’t want to live in the sympathy and compassion of others for the rest of my life.” The fellow told me. He once again stood up with a crutches of dignity! He struggled in the doom, in order to seek the dignity of standing on equal footing with others. He started his ambitious plan again. He wanted to build a vegetable greenhouse with his spacious garden, but he really had no place to borrow money. The neighbors advised him to come to the city to find me to try his luck and see if I could get my help.

  For the request of the fellow, it is natural to answer. After all, the “big money” he wants to borrow is only a slap in the face for my company. The fellows were grateful to me, I didn’t know what to say, and I gave me a bow. I also took out some change for him, let him take a car back, but the fellow did not want it anyway. “I have a cane, this thing is good! You can borrow by walking. How far is the road is not afraid.” When he came, he came with a cane and went back. day! I can’t imagine that there are more than 50 miles from the countryside to the city, and his legs are still disabled…

  I was shocked by the experience of my fellow villagers. He supported a crutches for my tired heart. The dilemma faced by my company is so similar to the experience of my fellow villagers. My finance director has been dug up. It’s like I broke a leg, but I used my crutches that my fellowship gave me this thought. Regrouping, the company has embarked on the normal track. When the fellow came to pay back the money, he said that the vegetables there were very popular and in short supply. He is also preparing to expand his business.

  I think God was finally touched by him. He finally opened a window for him, let him see the hope, saw the front of life, and saw the golden sunshine. I don’t know if the snow in his life has stopped, but I can be sure that if there is another snow attack and another storm attack, he will still clench his teeth and struggle to prevent himself from falling. Go on! Because he has a dignified crutches, it can support a person through all the ditch gullies in destiny.

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