Stupid thief

  They have good limbs, but they are lazy to do; they think they can escape after stealing chickens and dogs, but they are “please” into the police station. Who are they? They are the top ten thieves in history! Let’s take a look at their ridiculously arrested moments…

  To the karate of the karate black belt masters

  Colombia’s Manizales doesn’t sound like a karate capital, but Pan American Karate champion Christian Garciss happens to live there, with his many coaches and fellows living with him. Karate player. In 2008, a thief decided to steal from the champion’s home. At that time, most of Manizales’s brave masters were present. They immediately entered the battle. They did not wait for the thief to call for “help” and killed him half-heartedly.

  Trying to rob a bank that has closed

  A bank robber was arrested in Liberty, Pennsylvania, and the police said the man tried to rob a bank that was closed that afternoon. The 28-year-old Christopher Allen Cork drove to the parking lot of the National Northern Bank at around 11:40 am and sat in the car for 20 minutes. But Cork didn’t see the opening hours posted on the bank door. The bank stopped operating at noon. He tried to enter the bank at 12:01 pm – one minute late, he couldn’t get in. He was wearing a ski mask and gloves and had a gun on his body. The staff in the bank discovered Cork and wrote down his license plate number. The police arrested him. Cork was charged with the crime of attempted robbery and possession of criminal tools.

  Trying to kill the police in the funeral parlour

  A thief broke into a funeral home in Briasot, a small town near Valencia, trying to pretend to deceive the police, but there were two flaws that made him visible. First, he is still breathing. Second, he wears dirty clothes instead of wearing the best clothes as people who are ready to rest forever.

  The neighbors who lived nearby heard the police in the middle of the night when they heard that the front door of the funeral parlour was forcibly opened. The owners of the police and the funeral parlour came and finally found the suspect lying in a glass box on a table, which was used by the deceased when watching the spirit.

  Call to confirm if there is money in the cash register

  The police accused 40-year-old Daniel S. Glen of robbing a convenience store in Windsor, Ontario. He called the clerk before the crime scene to ask how much money was in the cash register. The clerk informed the police that Glen was arrested nearby. According to the Canadian News Agency, Glenn is also suspected of two similar crimes. In both cases, the thieves called in advance to confirm that the clerk had put the money in his bag and waited for him to pick it up.

  Write your name at the crime scene

  An 18-year-old thief who destroyed the children’s campsite was arrested because he wrote his name on the wall there. Peter Addison was from Heaton Mersey in Stockport, and his friend Mark Ritchie was from Burton, Cheshire. The two broke the pottery in the camp and opened the fire extinguishers. There are always some criminals who are very stupid, but it’s stupid to leave a big name on the spot.
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  Beaten by a 95-year-old woman

  A 95-year-old woman in a wheelchair refused to take a robber off with a screwdriver in her hand. She continued to use a screwdriver to tie the criminal’s hand.

  The 95-year-old woman lives in Bartlesville, at 3 am, and she hears someone break the glass at the front door and wants to push the door open. When one hand reached in and tried to open the door lock, she used a screwdriver to tie the hand. Repeatedly and again. This woman did not dare to leave the door for help, for fear of robbery. When the police arrived, they found that the bloody Lin suspects fainted at the entrance to the front door, and there were dozens of wounds on the arm and hands.

  a knife that fell and was stolen

  A man stole a few hunting knives from a store in West Michigan and hid it in his trousers. He fell down while running and was stabbed by a hunting knife. The man smashed a few hunting knives worth about $300 in his belt and tried to leave the store, but the employees of the Meyer store stopped him. Then the two sides started to work, the robbers fell and the knives hidden in the clothes were tied. hurt.

  Driving a stolen car to the court

  A 37-year-old man was charged with stealing a Lexus SUV after he drove the car to a court, and the jury was about to decide whether to convict him of a car theft charge unrelated.

  The San Francisco hair stylist took the key in his hand and walked to the car parked in front of the court. The police saw this and became suspicious. The attraction of this car is also that there are several Yorkshire dogs in the car. The person was accused of receiving stolen cars, stealing property and cruelty to animals because he left the dog in the car and was not taken care of. At the same time, the jury also convicted him of the original allegations of car theft.

  Theft, drunk, then arrested

  After a thief stole the money and jewellery, he “caught” a bottle of expensive champagne to celebrate, and he stopped when he stopped to sleep and was arrested. In the incident in Düsseldorf, Germany, anxious pedestrians called the police because they saw the 37-year-old man sitting behind the wheel of a car on the side of the road.

  The police woke him up and checked his identity card and found that he was wanted by a series of robberies. A police spokesperson said: “Police officers can’t believe their luck when they discover his identity. This person even has the stolen stolen goods in the car. We can also accuse him of drunk driving.”

  Entering the fencing player’s home for theft

  A thief in Hungary climbed a row of fences and tried to rob a family. He did not expect to encounter an ace of Olympic fencing players who were practicing swords. The 23-year-old Virgini Uyloki’s home is located in the beautiful suburb of Budapest. She is practicing swords and suddenly sees the 43-year-old Pal Najib crawling in through the window of her house.

  She swiftly waved a few swords and forced the bad guy to the wall after a few seconds. She used a sword against the thief’s throat and reached out and took the call to report the police. The police arrested the gangster 20 minutes later. The person was frightened and had to be treated by medical staff. Uyloki said: “I was not afraid when I saw him. I have a game this week, this is a good practice.”

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