Stop the boat for a temporary loan, or fear that it is a fellow

  He found that selling the squid head in the biggest supermarket in the city was a strange thing. No matter how the fish eat, the Americans will not see the fish head, like a cleansing. Perhaps this is a special sale to celebrate the Chinese year. There are more and more Chinese people in the city, and the induction of the business is the most accurate.

  The fresh fish head that has just been cut from the squid is wrapped in plastic wrap. A few black and white children, pointing at the fish hair, made a horrible expression while making a horrible expression. He stooped into the freezer and turned the head of the carp. He had already seen one, but he was unwilling to visit other heads. The level of fine professionalism was comparable to that of the surgeon. Suddenly, a slender hand took the head he had wanted. He looked up and saw only the slender back of the woman, pushing the shopping cart and walking away without any problems. He was frustrated by the neatly arranged fish heads in the cupboard.

  Now, he has put a fish head in his shopping cart, and puts cabbage, tofu, mushrooms and the like. He thinks that there are wide noodles and bacon from his mother. His saliva will almost flow down. . At the time of checkout, I saw the woman who had plundered the fish head, the oriental of the black hair, and he seemed to compensate for what was squeezed into the back of the woman. After the talks, they all came from Taiwan and were all international students. He asked the woman how to cook the fish head, as if to make sure the fish head was better treated. The woman said that she would have a little bit of bean paste. “It’s a pity. Such a fresh fish head shouldn’t be eaten like this. It’s good to preserve the umami taste. It should be…” They all finished the account and they haven’t finished it yet. Finally, they decided to cook a pot of fish and judge who’s good. eat. The woman ate his fish head, and he ate the woman’s watercress and couldn’t stop crying.

  They later became the most enviable fish head lover of the classmates. He always said that he had only talked with her for the fish head. She insisted that if she was not tempted by her, she would not stop her. How can this public case be unclear? The fish head does not know how much it has eaten, and it plans to continue to compete.

  In the Lijiang River, it is inevitable that there is a sense of loneliness. Sometimes you can’t help but stop the boat. Just ask and ask, will the same boater who is parked down, will it be a fellow countryman? If it is really a fellow countryman, if you talk a few words, you should be able to comfort the floating heart. Just like on the way of life, seeing people who are as similar to their own, it is inevitable to stop and try, maybe exchange some love.