Sofa travel around the world

  Many people have a dream of traveling around the world, only because of the shyness of the bag, the dream is difficult. Nowadays, “Multinational Sofas” has come up with a coup in the world: you can sleep in his home free of charge when you travel to a foreign country, and enjoy the local food and beauty under the guidance of this “live map”; he goes to China to play When you sleep in your home’s free sofa… Both sides save a lot of money for meals and can easily integrate into a foreign family and experience a wonderful “deep tour”! As a member of this fashion family, the girls still traveled to the 26 countries with the least amount of Money, and they have all the surprises and touches, friendships and love…

   Learn to be a couch

   Shang Yi is a girl from Hefei, and her family moved to Beijing to settle down. Her dream is to be a brave girl who has traveled all over the world in 224 countries, making people rich and colorful.

   In August 2006, Shang Hao went to Italy, which has long been longing for. Because of advocating freedom and hating the fixed-day tour of the tour group, she appeared on the streets of Rome as a backpacker. However, due to poor English and lack of understanding of local customs and attractions, her first trip to the exotic world was not smooth: the line arrangement was unreasonable, and a lot of time and money was wasted; English pronunciation was not standard, and foreigners It is a little difficult to communicate. What made her most distressed was that she spent hundreds of euros a night in a European hotel, which is about 1,000 yuan. Coupled with round-trip airfare and dining, play expenses, Italy’s trip, spent more than half a year’s savings, leaving a memory is a mess.

   At the beginning of 2007, a girlfriend said happily to Shang Hao that she had recently joined the “Multinational Sofa Guest” club and had a perfect experience of going abroad to experience it. The girlfriend explained that “multinational sofa passengers” are people from two different countries, who know each other through the “Soap Club Club” network platform, and then sleep in the sofa of his home when traveling to the country or city where the other party is located.

Enjoy the most intimate guide service for free, eat the most authentic local food, and even use his car and TV like an old friend; when you travel to China, sleep on your sofa, and you will also enjoy the friendship of the landlord. “Of course, the ‘sofa’ is just a symbol here. Maybe the ocean is waiting for you is a warm big bed! The best part is that the other party is not only a tourist map and a leader of local culture, but more likely a A friend who knows you very much.”

   “When the door is open to meet a stranger from a foreign country, will it be dangerous?” Shang Yi asked without confidence. The girlfriend smiled and said that the sofa guest website has a reputation evaluation method for each member. Once you have a lot of negative comments or a bad score, you will be “expelled” by the manager and blacklisted. “There are as many as 620,000 members in the club. Everyone comes from more than 36,000 cities all over the world. Who wants to destroy their reputation here?”

  After listening to her girlfriend’s introduction, she couldn’t hold back an excited heart, and immediately registered as a real-name member on the “Sofa Club” website created by several American travellers. In her personal file, she is so eloquently describing her 25-year-old Beijing girl who loves to travel and music. She is a good-natured, honest, and funny language. The place she wants to go to is currently in Vietnam, hoping to be a “sofa” in the country. Reception.

  To the surprise of Shang Yi, she received five invitations from Vietnamese sofa guests in less than a month. One of the emails from the Saigon girl attracted her: “I have similar ages and hobbies with you, and traveled to China. I really like everything there. I am a window designer and I am currently at home. Time is as generous as housing. Come on, my friend, I am waiting for you on the most beautiful Mekong River in Duras. After a few chats with the two people, Shang Yi will hand over the store to the cousin, with excitement and excitement. To Saigon.
  Influx of people first experience
  On the day of the arrival in Vietnam, Li Liqing, who came to pick up the plane, wore the national costume called “Aoya” – a snowy tight gown with lake blue long silk pants. When she smiled and walked toward Shangshang, it was like A water lotus flower that flutters in the tropical jungle. When Shang Hao gave her a shawl as a face-to-face gift, the girl was very happy.

  When she came to the home of Yan Liqing in the southern suburbs of Saigon, she found that this is a delicate two-story building. One of the bedrooms has been cleaned up by the owner. When I learned that this room was prepared for myself, Shang Wei I was surprised and happy. Fortunately, for the first time I experienced the “sofa tour”, I fell asleep on the comfortable bed. What made her flattered was that the owner also went to the cupboard in the evening, using beef noodles, spring rolls, shrimp cakes, grilled squid, etc. Vietnamese delicious entertains her. Tasting the sumptuous dishes, listening to the sound of the turbulent water in the small river downstairs, Shang Yi and her “landlord sister” frequently toasted … At that moment, in her heart, she was warmly moved.

  After being very satisfied with the hospitality of the “landlord sister”, after returning from Vietnam, the first thing that Shang Hao did was to give praise to the Lie Qing on the sofa guest website, so that she had a credit star. Since then, the two have become good sisters, often sharing travel experiences online.

  In December 2007, Shang Yi wanted to spend Christmas with a Western family and experience the original atmosphere and local customs. Unexpectedly, she just posted her ideas on the sofa guest website, and soon received dozens of invitations. The hospitable hosts include British teachers, German workers, Swiss bosses and Norwegian white-collar workers… After some screening Shang Yi decided to spend the holidays with the Norwegian family of the same family.

  On the 23rd of the month, Shang Hao met the 35-year-old sofa guest Tonio and his family in Norway. Due to the curiosity of the locals on China, on the evening of the 25th, Tonyo deliberately found many relatives and friends to accompany Shang Yi to spend Christmas Eve.

  The Christmas party, attended by more than 20 people, was very lively, and Shang Hao deliberately cooked the Chinese food for everyone. After Christmas, Shang Yi began to travel to Norway. A week later, Shang Yi moved to neighboring Sweden. In Gothenburg, there is already a “transnational sofa guest” named Shana waiting for her. The interaction between Shang Yi and Shana is very good. Although she really slept on the sofa in the living room of the host family because of the small number of people, she exchanged recipes with Shana, talked about feelings and traveled, and met each other late.
  Take turns to be the “landlord”
  This is a stranger on the other side of the earth, but like a relative and friend, warmly welcome you from afar. How can this not be touched? Shang said that the only way to return is to receive more international roamers in China. ‘

  In August 2008, it was finally the turn of Shang Hao to be a “landlord” in Beijing. She was very excited to receive others at home for the first time. This is a London girl named Cathy. She originally traveled in Thailand. She decided to start from Bangkok, ride a bicycle through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and go to Beijing to see the Olympics. While still on the road, she couldn’t wait to send an email to Shang Yi to talk about her wonderful journey.

  Shang Hao had cleaned up her own study room early, and inserted a few fragrant lilies in the vase on the bedside table. This is Cathy’s boudoir in Beijing! A few days later, Cathy arrived in Beijing. A special gift from Thailand brought her a small gift. While accompanying Kay to watch the Olympic Games, Shang Hao led her to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Xiangshan Mountain, the boating and the garden, the Quanjude Roast Duck, the old Tan family kitchen… all of which made the British girls’ eyes wide open.

  At the beginning of 2009, Shang Hao received a sofa call from France, Jon. At the age of 27, he is tall and handsome, and the blue eyes of the lake are very charming. After graduating from college, he traveled around the world while writing, traveled through many countries, and made five travel notes, which is quite famous in his hometown. While playing in the capital, Jon and Shang Yi like to stay at home to talk about literature, music, travel, and their respective life experiences. It seems that there are always words to talk about. He also patiently taught girls to grind coffee, dance Latin dances, play the piano, and vividly imitate Chaplin, to make fun of it! The versatile Jon brought unprecedented happiness to girls.

  Perhaps because of this, they are attracted to each other and admire each other. In addition, both of them have the ideal of traveling around the world. The relationship between Shang Yi and Jon has gradually developed from a friend to a couple. They often hold hands and appear in some old hutongs in Beijing. , or the beautiful scenery of Shichahai…

  For more than two years, Shang Yi has traveled to 26 countries and regions. His resume is full of exotic scenery and unique insights, and he has met many foreign friends. Compared with the traditional self-help tour, her multinational sofa passenger saved more than 100,000 yuan in travel expenses!

  ”This invention is so great that it allows people from different countries to live under one roof, feel the warmth of the global village, and the joy of deep communication, rich and full of humanity!” Shang Hao said happily, she and her boyfriend I am going to travel again soon. This time I went to the mysterious Nepal. The “landlord” who received them was also a couple. What kind of surprises and happiness will the girl harvest in that beautiful Buddha country? Shang Yan said with deep feeling: “Every journey is actually a surprise in life.”