Shame, we have no enemies

  I once talked about the experience of taxi drivers in essays. Compared with other cities, this experience has been most interesting in New York for three reasons.

  First, the drivers in New York come from all over the world. The language color is different. Everyone has a small brand with their own names on it. So every time they get on the bus, they identify them as Turks, Malaysians, Greece. People, Jews, and Russians have become very interesting things. Many of them always contact each other through their own radio stations. They speak their language on the radio and play their songs, so sometimes they play Going to Central Park is like playing in Kathmandu.
  Second, no one in New York has a taxi driver as a lifelong career, just as a temporary job. Therefore, sitting in front of the taxi steering wheel may be a student, an unemployed bank employee, or a newcomer. Immigration soon.

  Third, New York taxi drivers always appear in droves. During a certain period, most of the drivers were Greeks, and later became Pakistanis, and then Puerto Ricans, and so on. Through this we can observe the wave of immigrants and the victory of various races. When a group of taxi drivers disappear from this industry, it means that they have encountered good luck and the momentum has grown, indicating that they can get rid of the tobacco shop, Working in a vegetable shop, moving to another area of ​​the city, and boarding a new social step.

  Therefore, in addition to being able to observe the differences in the individual drivers of taxi drivers, taxis are an excellent place to observe social phenomena, such as patients with different places, enthusiasts of enthusiasm, politicians, and opposition to certain people.

  Last week I met such a driver. He was a colored person. His name was hard to hear. Later he told me that he was a Pakistani. When he talked about it, he asked me which country I was. I said that I am Italian. So he started my problem, it seems that he seems to be very interested in Italy, then I realized that he has so many problems, because he knows nothing about Italy, neither knows where Italy is, nor where it is. What language to speak. Usually when you tell a taxi driver that people in Italy speak Italian, they are shocked because they have habitually thought that the world is speaking English.

  I quickly described it to him. Italy is a peninsula, the middle is a mountain range, surrounded by a circle of coastline, there are many beautiful cities. When he talked about the Italian population, he was surprised that the population of Italy was so small. Then he asked me if the Italians were all white or mixed. I explained to him that at first all the Italians It is white, but there are some black people now, but the number is always less than the United States. Of course he wants to know how many Pakistanis there are in Italy. I replied that there may be some, but less than Filipinos and Africans. Listening to me and my answer, he is not very happy, maybe wondering why his people are willing to go to the Italian country. I stupidly told him that there are also some Indians in Italy. He immediately glared at me, meaning that I should not compare two such different peoples. I should not mention such a nation that is so inferior in his mind.

  Finally, he asked who is our enemy. What am I asking? So he patiently explained to me that he wanted to know which ethnic group the Italians were currently fighting, whether it was for territorial disputes, racial hatred, or border Qin law. I said that we have not fought with any people. He continued to patiently ask me who is the enemy of our history, that is, those who killed each other with the Italians. I reiterate once again that we do not have such an enemy. The most recent war occurred more than 50 years ago. Even in that war, we did not know exactly who is our enemy and who is our ally. He was very dissatisfied with my answer and told me frankly that he thought I was lying. How could a nation have no enemies?

  That is the end of the matter. I gave him a tip of two dollars for this numb pacifism. But when I got out of the car, I suddenly remembered the correct answer that I should have told him but I didn’t think of it for a while. This phenomenon was called “the aftermath” by the French.

  I should tell the driver that the Italians have enemies, but the enemies are not foreign enemies, and they are not sure who is their enemy. Because they always struggle internally, Italians are always fighting, cities fight with cities, cults and politics, class and class struggles, political parties and political parties, members of the same party fight, regional and Large-scale disputes, government and judicial departments, the judicial department competes with the economic sector, national television and private television stations, members of the coalition government compete with each other, departments and departments compete, newspapers and newspapers.

  I don’t know if the driver can understand my answer like this, but if I answer him like this, as a citizen of a country without an enemy, can at least save some face?