Seventh wife

Ebby is a little man dressed neatly. On this day, he found a book on forensic medicine in a second-hand bookstore. There was a case in the book that was very much to his liking. This case is about Mrs x who fell and died on her rug. It looked like an accident, but some people accused the deceased’s husband of premeditated murder. However, the accusation was finally terminated due to sudden cardiac death of the defendant.

According to Mr. X, Mrs. X was about to give him a glass of water when suddenly the rug slipped under her feet. The prosecution lawyer presented a forensic authorization, which clearly proved that as long as the husband played a trick when he reached for the cup-placing one hand under his wife’s shoulder and the other hand around her neck and pushing it suddenly-he could create the same horror as tripping over the carpet without leaving any traces of the crime.

Mr. Ebby saw the case and his heart moved. He was eager to take possession of his wife’s property. Mr. Ebby opened a curio shop, which is the sun in his life. However, the business of the shop is very poor. He wants to use his wife’s property to maintain the operation of the shop. However, his wife said coldly, ” When I die, you can hit me with the idea of some money.”

This sentence of his wife inadvertently sentenced him to death. Finally, one day, Mr. Ebby practiced the method introduced in that book. Things happened very fast, except for a few drops of water splashed on my pants, everything was done cleanly.

Mr. Ebby inherited his wife’s legacy as he wished. He was a cautious man. After everything was calm, he moved the antique shop to another place. However, Ebby soon found out that the operation of the antique shop did not require a small sum of money, and soon the second wife Ebby died suddenly. Habit is a natural thing. In a few years, Mr. Ebby has buried six wives, but the antique shop has once again fallen into a deep economic crisis. Just at this time, Martha broke into his life.

Martha is a strong woman with no body to speak of. She walked into Ebby’s antique shop and critically commented on his carefully collected treasures. Mr. Ebby hated this customer until she said, ” I have 500 million yuan in the bank, but I will never spend half a dime on your rubbish.”

Ebby froze. He was attracted by that amazing number. Almost in an instant, he decided that he must try to make this woman the seventh wife of Ebby.

At this time, Martha said, ” I came to your store not because of your merchandise, but because I found that you and my dead father are strikingly similar. He even dresses like you and is very neat. ”

Mr. Ebby was secretly pleased. He chatted politely with Martha. Through chatting, Ebby knew that Martha was still single. After a period of time, Martha often came to Ebby’s shop and the two got to know each other very well. On one occasion, Martha sighed and said, ” at my age, it is unlikely to meet the man of dreams again-he must be a respectable gentleman, willing to accompany me, care for me and love me every minute and second. He must also be able to awaken my memory of my late father. ”

Mr. Ebby seized the opportunity at once. He laid a hand gently on her shoulder and said solemnly, ” Miss Martha, you may have met this man.” Then, while the iron was hot, he proposed to her.

Martha blushed and agreed. After the wedding, Massa’s lawyer, Gainsboro, visited them. The couple exchanged wills in front of the lawyer and agreed that after their death, the other party would inherit all their property. Mr. Ebby occasionally appeared absent-minded during the ceremony, because his mind was thinking about how to proceed with the next plan-the carpet that had made six previous achievements must be in place first, and then he waited for the right time to ask for a glass of water. Of course, this matter is not urgent, it doesn’t matter to wait for a few weeks.

However, before the end of a few weeks, Mr. Ebby realized that his plan had to be greatly advanced. Even in a few weeks, he could not wait. This marriage was a nightmare for him.

To say the least, Martha’s house is a villa inherited from her mother. It is a mess of caves. Each room is piled with an astonishing amount of garbage and a layer of ash on the surface. To Mr. Abbott, who loves tidiness, it is like someone has been scratching the blackboard with his fingernails in his ear. In addition, the new Mrs. Ebby is also keen on cooking. When it is time to eat, she will serve one greasy dish after another and force her husband to eat it all. This has led to Ebby’s dyspepsia, which has always been a light diet, adding to the hardship.

So Mr Ebby decided that it was time to implement the ultimate plan. This evening, he took the carpet home and carefully spread it on the corridor between the living room and the kitchen.

After dinner, Mr. Ebby watched his wife slowly get up from her chair, cross the corridor and enter the kitchen. He cleared his throat loudly and said, ” Honey, I am thirsty. Can you help me get a glass of water from the kitchen?”

Soon, Martha came out with a glass of water. Ebby carefully placed one hand on her thick shoulder and raised the other hand as if to brush a wisp of hair scattered on her face. Suddenly, Martha asked calmly, ” Is this what happened to others?”

Mr. Ebby’s hand froze in mid-air, and a chill crept into his bone marrow. ” Others?” He managed to squeeze out a sentence, ” Who else?”

Martha opened her mouth and smiled at him. The cup in her hand was steady and the water inside shook. ” The other six. As far as I know, there are six. Why, there are more? ”

Ebby tried to control himself and said, ” No, I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Martha smiled faintly: ” dear, you can’t just forget the six previous wives. in fact, it is easy to find out. my lawyer, Mr. geinsboro, is a very smart person.”

” This is all made up by Gainsborough!”

Martha smiled, ” You little fool, in fact, from the moment I saw you, I knew what kind of person you were.”

Mr. Ebby tried to calm himself down. He gasped, ” How do you know?”

Martha said coldly, ” because you and my father are exactly the same, in every way-your clothes, your neat and disgusting appearance, and your serious appearance. You are a man like him, and he is the most hated person in my life. He married my mother for money and finally killed her for her inheritance. ”

” Kill her?” Mr. Ebby was stupefied.

Martha said grimly, ” Yes, he killed her-first asked her for a glass of water and broke her neck when she brought it.”

What suddenly occurred to Mr. Ebby? He asked, ” What happened to your father? Have you been caught? ”

Martha replied, ” No, he was not caught. There were no witnesses at the time of the crime. However, Mr. Geinsboro was my mother’s lawyer. He found a doctor who proved how my father killed her. However, my father died of a heart attack before the judgment came down. ”

Ebby was shocked: ” That’s the case-the one I read about! God, in this case, why do you want to marry me? ”

Martha said in a cold tone: ” I swore that I would find a man exactly like my father in the future and let him suffer. I will know all his living habits like the palm of my hand, but I won’t let him get any satisfaction. I know he married me for money, but he won’t get half a point before I die. I will live a long, long time, and he must take care of me carefully and let me live as much as possible. ”

By this time, Mr. Ebby had regained his sanity. He found that although Martha was very excited, her feet did not move and she was still in the position she had just taken. So he asked softly, ” How can you make him do this willingly?” At the same time quietly toward her a little closer.

Martha saw through his intentions, but did not care. she said, ” Mr. geinsboro has all the documents about your previous marriages in his hand. in addition, he also has a personal letter from me, which indicates that if I die, an investigation must be carried out immediately. Let’s get straight to the point. I hope you will never forget your useless antique shop and stay at home with me to make me happy as much as possible. After a few decades like this, maybe one day when I feel good, I will tear up the letter. ”

Mr Ebby was livid: ” Do you want me to give up that shop?”

Martha nodded easily. At this moment, the telephone suddenly rang. Martha smiled, ” it’s Mr. geinsboro. he’s always been so careful. If one night at 9 o’clock, I didn’t call him to tell him I was fine and happy, he might jump up and think the worst had happened. ”

Mr. Ebby wanted to verify, so he picked up the receiver first and heard the voice of Gainsborough from the inside: ” Hello, is that Mrs. Ebby?”

Mr. Ebby wanted to play a trick and said, ” No, I’m afraid she can’t come to answer the phone right now. Who are you? ”

The voice that came into his ears was unmistakably threatening: ” I’m Gainsboro, Mr. Ebby, and I hope to speak to your wife right away. I’ll give you ten seconds to let her answer the phone, do you understand? ”

Mr. Ebby turned to his wife disheartened and handed out the receiver. Then, he was surprised to see that the carpet at his wife’s feet slipped slightly when she was ready to put down the cup. She waved her arms to keep her balance. The cup fell to his feet and wet his neat pants. The wife’s face twisted and her body fell heavily to the ground. Her lifeless body lay in the place he knew best. He looked at her and almost ignored the voice that reached him from the receiver to his head-” ten seconds are over, Mr eberby.” The voice inside almost screamed, ” Do you understand? Your time has come! “