Sell a pair of old shoes for a sky-high price.

In 1952, the Los Angeles Times, one of the three major US newspapers, ran a sensational advertisement on its front page: ” Buy at a high price another Adidas running shoe that Eddie Toland threw into the stands at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.” The price quoted by the buyer is 5000 us dollars.

As one of the most outstanding athletes in the history of the United States, Eddie Toland won the title of 100m in 1932 Los Angeles Olympics and broke the world record of 100m in 10.3 seconds. The shoes he wore when he won the championship naturally have a certain collection value.

In the six months after the advertisement was published, more than 100 running shoes claimed to be worn by Eddie Toland when he won the championship were continuously sent to Gary, the advertiser, but they were all rejected one by one. The shoes they sent were not a pair at all with the one Gary collected. Gary once again put out an advertisement in the newspaper, raising the price to 8,000 US dollars. The other shoe still did not reappear.

When asked about the authenticity of the advertisement, some people doubted that Eddie Toland did not throw his shoes into the stands after winning the championship. However, since there was no live TV broadcast at that time, it was another 20 years ago, and there was no direct evidence to support this skeptical voice, this objection was finally hidden in the voices of people looking for Eddie Toland’s shoes.

In 1953, Eddie Toland’s other running shoe still didn’t show up. Disappointed, Gary gave up his dream of putting Eddie Toland’s running shoes together into a pair, and finally sold the shoe in his hand for 4,000 US dollars. But what makes people lament for him is that shortly after he sold his shoes, another shoe finally appeared. A mysterious seller who never showed up provided a running shoe, which was made in heaven with the shoe that had just changed hands, and finally sold it for only 6,000 US dollars. This sensational acquisition has finally come to an end.

The owner of running shoes, Mr Edward, displayed his crystal collection in the local sports museum to show visitors the glory of Eddie Toland. But when Eddie Toland, who has moved to Europe, was invited to visit the museum two years later, he gave a humorous shrug to his running shoes: ” It doesn’t smell like my feet.” Surprised-Edward took out his shoes from the glass display cabinet and let Eddie Toland wear them-they were at least two yards smaller than his feet.

News, public opinion-uproar, originally Gary set up a real scam. Eddie Toland also confirmed that when he won the championship, he didn’t throw his shoes into the stands at all, and he never even realized their high value. The shoes may have been thrown into the dustbin and have long ceased to exist in the world. At this point, Gary had to come forward and admit that the first shoe he sold was only the old one he had worn. Naturally, he was also the person behind the second shoe sold by Mumu’s BLOG-only he had another shoe in his hand that matched the first shoe sold.

He first made up a story based on celebrities, then indirectly proved that his shoes were genuine with the advertisement of buying shoes at a high price, and at the same time set a relatively high market price for it. After successfully building momentum, he sold the first shoe at a slightly lower price. He immediately succeeded in selling the second one at a high price. In the course of the acquisition, which people all felt sorry for him, he actually made a profit of 10,000 US dollars.

Edward, who knew he had been taken seriously, said he intended to file a lawsuit. But Gary told him through his lawyer that he was willing to buy back the pair of shoes for double the price and make a net profit of 10,000 US dollars. This is a condition that one cannot refuse. Edward finally accepted his suggestion, withdrew the complaint and settled the matter. It looks like Gary paid $ 10,000 for the scam he set up. But what no one expected was that he immediately sent the redeemed adidas running shoes to adidas company’s showroom for 30,000 us dollars. The head of the company explained why they were willing to buy the shoes: ” Olympic 100m champions appear every four years, but such a wonderful plan is rare in a hundred years. ” Such a pair of shoes with extraordinary experience has actually created advertising benefits of no less than US $ 300,000 for Adidas and created a craze in society to attach importance to collection. The marketing and planning wisdom contained in these shoes even goes far beyond this value.

Gary admitted that the whole process was in his expectation and planning from beginning to end. He just wanted to prove the value of wisdom to people: wisdom of flowing can also produce first-class value attached to an old shoe.