Secrets that Supermarkets Can’t Tell

Nowadays, supermarkets have become an indispensable part of our life. However, have you ever noticed that in the vast array of commodities in supermarkets, there are many hidden secrets in the placement of food.

Secret 1: Fresh milk is usually placed inside. In every supermarket’s milk, yogurt, bagged cooked meat and other food shelves, the human eye looks straight at the past, and the first thing to see is that the products placed on the outside are almost not up – to – date. On the contrary, the closer the production date is placed inside, that is to say, ” the fresher.”

Experts declassified: Han Liang, a food marketing expert from the China market society, told reporters, ” how to place commodities is a marketing strategy of supermarkets. placing commodities in different positions can greatly promote sales.” Usually, the items with larger profits are placed on the right, because most people are used to using their right hand, so they always like to take the items on the right. Some foods that are not very fresh are usually placed in this position.

Milk, beverages and other foods with earlier production dates are placed in a position parallel to the customer’s line of sight. Survey data show that goods placed parallel to customers’ eyes can increase sales by 70%. This is also the best place for supermarket goods to be placed. The second place is waist-high and the third place is parallel to the knee. The goods placed in these places are more profitable.

In addition, he jiguo, head of the department of nutrition and food safety at the school of food of China agricultural university, suggested not to buy food on sale. ” This kind of selling is also called naked selling. Supermarkets have poor air circulation and many people. Food exposed to the air for a long time is not hygienic. You should try to buy bagged or packaged food.” When shopping in a freezer, remember the principle of ” good goods sink to the bottom.” For daily necessities, if you want to buy things with high cost performance, you should look at the upper and lower parts of the shelf. At the same time, pay attention to the entrance of the supermarket, where merchants like to place bargains and find some economical and practical articles for daily use.

Secret 2: The supermarket is the least crowded between 8: 00 a.m. and 9: 00 a.m. The survey showed that at this time, the flow of people in supermarkets was the smallest, but vegetables, fresh meat and seafood products were the freshest. Supermarkets have the largest number of people after 8: 00 p.m., but many foods, such as vegetables, seafood, bean products, etc., are not fresh, so discounts and promotions are started.

Experts declassified: He Jiguo told the reporter that fresh meat in bulk is put on shelves in the morning, and vegetables are the freshest. At this time, buying these two kinds of food has the highest cost performance. However, fruit cannot be guaranteed, because many fruits need to be stored for two or three days. If you pour some water on the surface of the fruit every day, it will still look fresh. Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the School of Food of China Agricultural University, said that there will be no pie falling from the sky. For food, as long as the discount promotion is definitely not fresh, especially cooked meat and bean products, it must be carefully purchased.

Han Liang believes that vegetables and fruits are best bought at farmers’ markets. The things there are fresher, and the prices in many places will be cheaper like those in supermarkets. If you go to the supermarket, try to go in the morning.

Secret 3: Use lights to make food ” fresher”. When we go to the supermarket, we will find that all kinds of meat placed there are red, tender and fresh, and all kinds of vegetables are extremely green. When you buy it and look at it at home, it won’t be the case.

Experts declassified: Originally, the supermarket specially chooses pink light to illuminate the meat, which will be very tender and tender. Choosing green light to illuminate vegetables will make them look greener. In addition, Fan Zhihong reminded that many cooked foods look like they have just come out of the pot under the warm color light, but in fact they are not.

Secret 4: Buying one and getting one free is tricky. Consumers don’t pay attention to the price of goods they don’t need when shopping. Merchants increase the price according to this consumption habit and then give them as gifts. For example, a bottle of shampoo was supposed to be in 20 yuan, and now a bottle of shampoo is given away as a soap with a price of 2 yuan dollars. However, supermarkets have actually quietly raised the price of shampoo to 22 yuan. Customers who buy shampoo will definitely find it cost-effective to get a piece of soap for free.

Experts declassify: In order to avoid being attracted by bundling promotions, it is suggested that consumers should pay attention to the things you want to buy when shopping, instead of the goods bundled or donated with it.

Secret 5: The bulk meat that was not sold out on that day returned to the factory for reprocessing and resale.

Experts declassified: He Jiguo warned that the more layers of cooked food packaging, the less fresh it is. In general, many cooked foods, such as meat and intestines, are packed with plastic wrap, one layer of which indicates that the food is still fresh. The more layers, the more it can cover up the stale side. Moreover, many of them are due to the loss of water in the food, which causes the package to slip off, so only a few more layers can be packed. In addition, it is best not to buy cooked food and bean products with reduced prices and promotions.