Science is proving that science is not scientific

Where is the biggest crisis in the world now?

I believe that there will be many dimensions of answers to this question. For example, unlimited access to resources, such as the invention of nuclear weapons, such as the acceleration of the Earth’s magnetic poles.

But my answer is that science has progressed.

It is true that science has indeed liberated the productive forces tremendously, making the material life of mankind more and more abundant, and even reaching the edge of the cosmic era. But as science and technology are breaking through the critical point, this incident will also bring unimaginable blows to our human society, even enough to destroy the civilized social structure we have built up for centuries.

Because science is proving that science is not scientific. You said that if one day, you find that the theories of Newton, Einstein, and Darwin that you have exhausted all your life are overthrown and wrong, how much will you collapse? The science halls built on this basis have all collapsed, which is the foundation for destroying our modern civilization.

Speaking of this, we have to talk about quantum physics, which is an important branch of the microphysical world. This is a branch founded in 1900 by the famous German physicist Max Planck. In microphysics, you will find that it is completely different from our macro-physical world.

( 1) Double-slit interference experiment

The most horrific subversion of quantum physics is the non-double-slit interference experiment.

The origin of this matter was that, in 1905, the German scientist Einstein proposed a quantum interpretation of the photoelectric effect. On this basis, people have proved through continuous experiments that all matter has wave-particle duality. If you want to understand it simply, all matter is both matter and wave.

In the process of proving the wave-particle duality, Klaus Joenson of the University of Tübingen did not know which nerve was wrong in 1961, and the whimsy used electrons to perform a double-slit interference experiment.

He first used the electron flow to collide with the parallel double seams. During this process, he saw that there were not two bright lines on the screen, but multiple interference stripes between light and dark. Then, in order to eliminate the interference of electrons colliding with each other in the electron flow, he changed the experiment from the electron emission stream to the single electrons one by one, but on the screen behind the double slits, there were many light and dark lines as before. Interference fringes. At first, the scientists did not take this experiment too seriously, and thought that it only provided another proof for the electrons and the wave-particle duality.

However, after the improvement of this experiment by Professor Meri of the University of Milan, the entire physics community entered the large rollover site. In order to realize his idea of ​​how electrons formed interference fringes through double slits, he repeated the experiment in 1974.

However, in contrast, he installed a high-precision camera in order to clearly see the electronic access. He studied Joenson’s, and sent a single piece of electrons one by one, but this time a magical scene appeared, and the screens could not see the multiple light and dark interference fringes mentioned in the Joenson double-slit interference experiment. Two bright lines. And his high-precision camera clearly records the process, and electrons, like particles, are separated by left or right stitches to form two bright lines on the screen.

Professor Meri felt very strange. He repeated his entire experiment. He and Jonson had nothing more than the high-precision camera. So he turned off the camera. That is to say, this is another magical phenomenon, that is, there are many light and dark interference fringes mentioned in the Joenson double-slit interference experiment immediately on the screen. After repeatedly turning off and turning on the camera, those interference stripes continue to emerge and disappear.

Where is the horror of this experiment? That is, when you turn on a high-precision camera and want to observe how the electrons move, the electrons appear in the form of particles. When you turn off the high-precision camera and don’t observe the electrons, the electrons appear in the form of waves. Electronics is like having consciousness, playing with people to hide and seek.

This involves a concept of “consciousness” that has been abandoned in the scientific development of thousands of years . In the traditional scientific concept, it is believed that matter determines consciousness, and consciousness does not affect matter. But this experiment proves that the observation behavior determines the outcome and determines the way the material is presented. This is actually an indirect proof that consciousness determines matter. That is to say, the famous “objective law does not shift from human consciousness” is wrong.

However, the double-slit interference experiment is still more fascinating. In 1979, a seminar to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s birth was held in Princeton. At this seminar, Einstein’s colleague John Wheeler proposed the idea of ​​”delayed selection experiment” based on the double-slit interference experiment. As I said before, when people observe, electrons appear in the form of particles. When people do not observe, the electrons appear in the form of waves. Then, if we are based on the speed of the electrons, when it is determined that the electrons have passed the double slit, and the camera is quickly turned on for observation, what happens?

After listening to this statement, the top physicists all over the world began to experiment with the wind. After five years, the team of professors at the University of Mali took the lead in success. Through experiments, they found that after determining that the electrons have been double-stitched, the high-precision camera is quickly turned on, leaving two bright lines on the screen. After observing that the electrons have been double-stitched, the high-precision camera is quickly turned off, leaving a number of light and dark interference fringes on the screen.

This is an experimental result that is sufficient to subvert the causal theory. Because according to this experiment, when there is no high-precision camera for observation in the future, the electrons appear in the form of waves. In the future when high-precision cameras are used for observation, electrons appear in the form of particles. That is to say, what will happen in the future can change what happened in the past. Although it is only a few tenths of a second, it does exist! This completely goes beyond the understanding of time and space in macrophysics.

At the same time, in order to prove that this is not because of the changes brought by high-precision cameras, quantum physicists have also done a quantum erasing experiment based on the double-slit interference experiment. This specific process is very complicated. The general principle is that the first time the high-precision camera is turned on for observation. Of course, because of the observation, there will be no light and dark interference fringes, but two bright lights. Pattern. But the purpose of this observation is to observe which position of the gap the electron will pass through, and then mark the position where the electron passes through based on the result of this observation. In the second experiment, the high-precision camera was turned off all the way, and then the electrons were emitted. It was found that if the “mark” was erased before the electrons reached the screen , there would be multiple light and dark interference fringes on the screen. If you choose not to erase the “mark”, two bright lines will appear. This also successfully ruled out the impact of high-precision cameras.

( 2) Schrödinger’s cat

If the above reason about consciousness determines the material, I don’t understand it, it doesn’t matter, I immediately said the second quantum experiment that is widely known, that is, Schrödinger’s cat.

The experiment is like this: there is a cat in a box with a small amount of radioactive material. These radioactive materials have a 50% chance of decaying and releasing poison gas to kill the cat, while there is a 50% chance that the radioactive material will not decay and the cat will survive. If you follow the macrophysical knowledge, one of these two results will happen in this box, and the external observer can only know the result if he opens the box. But in the quantum world, when the box is closed, you don’t know if the cat inside is alive or dead. There will be an intermediate state at this time, and the cat will neither die nor live.

This uncertainty is like the proven wave-particle duality principle, and all matter has wave-particle duality. Everything is both matter and wave.

Of course, some people may stand up and say why we can’t observe the volatility of objects in our daily life. We can only observe the particle nature of objects, that is, we can only observe the stable molecules formed by particles. This is because their mass is too large, causing the De Broglie wavelength to be much smaller than the observable limit size, so small that it cannot be measured by ordinary instruments invented by our current science and technology. This is why the previous worldview of macrophysics can seem to explain the most “natural phenomena” satisfactorily . This is in line with the corresponding principle proposed by the Danish physicist Bohr, that is to say, when a large number of microscopic particles are gathered together, the wave-particle duality principle existing in the microscopic quantum physics world will continue to weaken. This is why classic macrophysics can explain the daily phenomena in our lives.

At the same time, this is precisely why this Schrodinger’s cat experiment is so famous, because through the experiment of Schrödinger’s cat, it has evolved the microscopic world’s uncertainty principle into the macro world’s uncertainty principle. This leads to the knowledge of microphysics that can explain macrophysics, but the knowledge of macrophysics cannot explain microphysics, which indirectly proves that microscopic physical laws are the masters of material laws.

( 3) Psychotherapy and multiple personality

At this time, everyone will think about it again, the placebo effect. The tablets on the doctor’s hand are obviously starch tablets without any curative effect, but the doctor has told the patients that they are real medicines. Finally, many patients who have taken fake medicines feel that their illness has improved.

Of course, there is a placebo effect, which has an anti-placebo effect. That is to say, the doctor gave the patient a real medicine, but after the fact, he told the patient that it was a fake medicine that would make the disease worse. In the end, many of the patients who had received the real medicine had a serious deterioration.

This is actually a clear example of a mental consciousness that can control physical health. Because as long as you believe that the drugs you eat will work, your body will be better. This is the typical consciousness that determines the material world.

This time I have to say a mental illness called multiple personality. To put it simply, it is like living in a person’s body with several souls. There are several personalities in a person’s body, and there are different names, identities, personalities, and areas of goodness between them.

At the same time, it is not just like this. According to Western medical research, 37% of people with multiple personality have changed their dominant hands, and they suddenly become left-handed or right-handed. There are people who have had problems with strabismus before, and this problem has magically disappeared after becoming another personality. There have also been cases in which a person has a fatal disease under a certain personality, but the lesion disappears after switching to another personality. According to studies on the brains of patients with multiple personality disorders, even though they are the same person (the same body and brain), the results of brain photography of different personalities are different.

If medically speaking, multiple personality is imagined by people after they are created, does this mean that as long as you can really change your subconscious mind, you can cure your own disease. This may be the reason why some people are inexplicably ill.

This is to say that consciousness can change the objective existence. It’s just that this change is difficult, just as wave-particle duality is basically impossible to discover in the macro world, but it does not mean that the wave-particle duality does not exist in the macro world, just because the quality is increased, resulting in It is basically impossible to observe in the macro world, which leads to the conclusion that the material determines consciousness.

( 4) Quantum entanglement

At the same time, there is a well-known quantum entanglement in the field of quantum physics, but this is no longer just a proven theory, it has entered the practical field. In August 2016, Chinese scientists will launch the world’s first “quantum satellite”, whose core technology is the application of the magical characteristics of “quantum entanglement.”

The so-called “quantum entanglement” is when two quantum or more than two quantum pairs appear, if we separate the two quantum, no matter how far apart, even at the two ends of the universe, a quantum behavior will always affect Another quantum that is separated. One of the quantum is 1 mm to the left, and the other quantum will be 1 mm to the left, no matter how far apart. And this movement is simultaneous, measured by the world’s most accurate atomic clock that measures the speed of light. It’s like two identical twins, even if they are far apart, they have telepathy. Because of this feature, quantum communication is called communication that cannot be intercepted and deciphered.

In addition, this may explain some mysterious phenomena. For example, the astronomical observatory in Canada, which has recently been raging, received a rapid radio burst signal from the Earth’s 1.5 billion light-year location in August 2018. It may not be that this signal has really gone 1.5 billion light years, but it has utilized some kind of quantum communication technology that we have not yet mastered. After all, it has been proved that the communication between the moon and the earth, using the world’s most accurate atomic clock that can measure the speed of light, can not measure the reaction time difference between two paired quantum. Then it shows that quantum communication is a communication method that is far from knowing how many times faster than the speed of light. A signal has to go 1.5 billion years at the speed of light, but it is not necessarily quantum technology.

And if we can communicate information through quantum transmission, then we will be able to transmit energy and materials over long distances, even directly to people? That is to say, if the principle of quantum entanglement is clarified, the immortal means of teleporting and moving an object from one place to another in our myth will become a reality.

Don’t think that it is impossible. At present, Chinese scientists Pan Jianwei and others have successfully realized the free-space quantum teleportation and entanglement distribution of the hundred-kilometer level for the first time in the world, and successfully transmitted more than 100 kilometers on the high-loss ground . It is a technique that uses a quantum entanglement and the transformation of some physical information to transmit the position of a quantum state to an arbitrary distance. To put it bluntly, it is the fairy means that I mentioned above in mysteriously disappearing in one place, without the carrying of any carrier, and mysteriously appearing in another place.

And if our research in the field of quantum is able to transmit large items and people in the future, then it is equivalent to the realization of space navigation technology. One place in the universe is one billion light-years away from another place. It is no longer necessary to sail for a billion years. It may be enough for a few years.

According to the record of the Australian astronomical telescope, in this same direction of the Canadian Astronomical Telescope, a set of repeated rapid radio bursts was also discovered in 2016, and the signal source distance was determined to be approximately 2.5 billion light in January 2017. year. If the other party is sailing and can walk one billion light years in two years, then the time to go to the earth is five years.

( 5) Quantum Hall effect and high frequency resonant wave characteristics

Another area that has to be said about quantum mechanics is the Hall effect.

What current clamps, speed sensors, flip switches for mobile phones, etc. are all applications. Popular point is just like a road. Originally, the electronic is a messy branch moving around on the road. When a magnetic field is generated, you may be pushed to a uniform direction to walk neatly. To put it bluntly, this is a bit like the principle of a battery.

I remember that it was almost the same time that Meng Xiazhou was detained in Canada, that is , the Chinese scientist Zhang Shouyi who jumped off the building on December 1, 2018? He is the master of this field. In 2006, he predicted the theory of “quantum spin Hall effect”; in 2008, the theory predicted “quantum anomalous Hall effect”; at the same time he also proved the chiral Majorana fermion in 2017, which is a kind smaller than quantum. unit. For basic physics, his move is tantamount to creating an era that is more advanced than quantum.

However, just 17 days after his death , that is, December 18, 2018, the Department of Physics of Fudan University released the latest research result “Quantum Hall Effect Based on the Orbit of Cadmium in Cadmium”, which is the first time for Chinese scientists. The quantum Hall effect is found in three dimensions. According to the public information, Zhang Shouyi began to cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2013 to jointly conduct experimental verification studies in the quantum field of Hall effect.

This Hall effect and the quantum high-frequency resonance wave characteristic of quantum are also the reason why wine is more and more alcoholic, because the longer it takes, the more ubiquitous resonance in life. The more, the more resonances, the more Hall effect will occur, and the individual molecules in the wine will gradually become more and more uniform. This will make the alcohol molecules and water molecules in the wine more fully integrated, which will cause the water of the micro-molecular group to wrap the alcohol molecules. When the wine is imported, the first thing we touch the taste is water, plus the resonance. The micro-molecular group is easily absorbed, and will not stay on the taste for a long time, showing the characteristics of alcohol.

At the same time, let us explain what is the high frequency resonant wave characteristic of quantum. In the macrophysical world, there is a similar phenomenon called resonance. For example, our occurrence is to vibrate our eardrum by self-controlling our own vocal cords and then using air as a medium. This is actually the application of quantum entanglement in the field of microphysics to the macroscopic physical world. Isn’t this a bit like quantum entanglement? The vocal cord is the sender of the quantum entanglement information, and the ear is the receiver of the quantum entanglement information.

( 6) Quantum tunneling

Another great finding in the quantum field is quantum tunneling.

What is this? I believe that everyone has seen wall-piercing in some mythological stories in China. You can understand tunneling through quantum tunneling.

In the field of macrophysics, this is impossible. An actual macromolecular substance cannot be worn on the other side of the wall, or it bounces back when it comes into contact with the wall, or it dies with the wall. But in the field of quantum mechanics in the field of microphysics, this is ok. Because quantum has wave-particle duality, the form of quantum wave can pass through the material that exhibits particle morphology. At the same time, according to De Broglie wave in wave-particle duality, the relationship between size and wavelength determines his crossing. thickness of.

This is a conclusion that has been experimentally concluded. In the April 5, 2012 issue of Science, scientists at the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University in the UK used light for the first time to pass electrons through classical mechanics. Through the “walls” (barriers) that have passed through, quantum tunneling has been achieved, and scientists are expected to develop new condensed states.

In addition, the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory ( ORNL) official website, the laboratory scientists through neutron scattering and computer simulation, reveals the new behavior of water molecules under extreme constraints – quantum tunneling.

Before this, two German scientists also proved it with simple experiments. They let the microwave light particles pass through two prisms and observe them. When the two prisms are separated, most of the particles are reflected by the first prism and then detected by the detector. However, they found that some of the particles “tunneled” through the gap between the two prisms and were reflected back to the detector by the second prism. Although this part of the particle travels longer than most of the particles, the two parts of the particle are simultaneously detected by the detector. That is to say, the velocity of the photon particles that cause “tunneling” exceeds the speed of light. There is a current unmeasurable velocity between this and the quantum found in quantum entanglement found in quantum entanglement, and this velocity is consistent with the speed of light.

At the same time, this is a realization phenomenon discovered in 1927. At the time, Friedrich Hund discovered that in the case of double well potential, even symmetric quantum states and odd symmetric quantum states are formed by quantum superposition. Unsteady wave packets, which will traverse one of the wells through the intermediate barrier to another well, and then traverse back, which tends to return to the shock.

Many people may not know what this thing does, such as electron cold emission, semiconductor physics, superconductor physics, and so on. The principle of operation of flash memory involves quantum tunneling theory. At the same time, Eisaki Yukii invented the tunnel diode in 1957.

( 7) What is the use of quantum mechanics?

Having said that, there may still be people asking, what is the use of quantum mechanics for real life? What I want to say is that at present, humans are not so deep in researching quantum mechanics, but they have been applied on a large scale. We have no major breakthroughs in human civilization for thousands of years, but in the recent 100 years of rapid advancement, the major reason is because of the major breakthrough in quantum mechanics. For example, the computers and mobile phones we use every day are widely used in quantum physics.

In 1945, the US military developed the world’s first computer, weighing more than 30 tons, and was close to a small home because of the vacuum tube used at the time. But at the time, the scientists at Bell Labs were already making transistors based on knowledge of quantum physics. Transistors can simultaneously act as electronic signal amplifiers and converters, which is the most basic functional requirement of all modern electronic devices. On Intel and AMD’s cutting-edge chips, billions of microprocessors have been placed. And all of this must be attributed to quantum mechanics. In other words, if there is no quantum mechanics, we can’t do anything. In other words, the application of quantum mechanics is the source of our electronic revolution and the foundation of our modern scientific and technological civilization.

( 8) God particles

At this time, I will tell you something that everyone has heard, but what may be, God particles.

Do you think that one thing is very strange? That is the two words of quality and weight, and in physics it is two completely different concepts. We have learned in physics that the weight weigh on Earth is not the same as the weight weigh on the moon. This is determined by the gravity of the Earth and the Moon, but the quality of this person is the same.

What is the quality? What determines quality? The one that determines the mass of the object is the God particle, also known as the Higgs boson, which has a Higgs field that can be coupled to the elementary particle, and this coupling is why the elementary particle has mass. Someone asks if there is something that does not have quality but exists? Yes, photon, because it does not couple with God particles.

And when the material has quality, it has gravitation. With gravitation, there is a planet. With the planet, there is a possibility of life. This is why it is called the God particle.

( 9) Parallel world

Of course, those things about quantum mechanics mentioned above have been proven to be many times. But everyone knows that there is a law in the physics community, that is, there are prophecies and inferences first, and then some related calculations, and then experimentally proved. Let me talk about some predictions in the quantum field.

Regarding the experiment of Schrödinger’s cat, American quantum physicist Hugh Everett proposed another explanation and prophecy, that is, the parallel universe said. Because scientists found that the quantum state of each observation is different. Since all matter in space is composed of quantum, these scientists speculate that since each quantum has a different state, then the universe may not be just one, but consist of multiple similar universes.

In the view of the parallel universe, Schrödinger’s cat experiment results will be two cats, one live cat and one dead cat, but they are located in two different worlds. The atom decays, the cat dies; the atom does not decay, the cat is alive; the two worlds will evolve independently of each other, just like two parallel worlds.

The other thing that was discovered in the experiment with the discovery of “God Particles” was the right one. They found that there are very small particles that will disappear and reappear. When it disappears, it really disappears, and no advanced instrument on the earth can perceive existence. Each time the particles reappear, their energy is reduced. This is in line with the physicist’s most basic material about three-dimensional space is a five-dimensional entity that flickers in different spaces, the inference and prophecy that matter can travel through different three-dimensional spaces.

Different parallel worlds are actually two different three-dimensional spaces. And this also subverts the theory of the expansion of the universe, because under this theory, the three-dimensional space we are in is due to the collapse of the four-dimensional space. This also overturns the previous theory of cosmic expansion, because under this theory, the reason why our three-dimensional universe is expanding is that the instability of three-dimensional universe will lead to the continuous generation of three-dimensional parallel universe. Just like the mechanism of cells, it is constantly split from one into two, and two split into four.

( 9) Mandela effect

If this is possible, then time travel is possible. Because according to Einstein’s theory, as long as it can create a machine that exceeds the speed of light, then it can return to the past. Going back to the past will change history.

But there is another thing involved in it, that is, under the theory of quantum physics, the parallel three-dimensional space under a time axis is infinite, and you may not be able to find the parallel universe you are in. This can also explain, for example, Wang Shuo in the history of our country, and some other people, why is it like a person who will pass through in the future.

At the same time, the above thing can explain another phenomenon in reality, that is, the Mandela effect, which is a phenomenon in which groups collectively have memory confusion.

After the news release of Mandela’s death in 2013, people around the world found that their memories of Mandela were chaotic. There were different memories from the time of death to the cause of death. Many people who did not know each other recalled that they looked at it. The film commemorating Mandela’s film, including the name and content of the film, is generally the same, but the film has never been released, and has never even been filmed. Because this thing is too well-known around the world, too many people around the world are very determined to have this paragraph in their memory, and it is called the Mandela effect.

Of course there are still many things like this. For example, US President Kennedy was killed in 1963, and his car was a Lincoln convertible. At the moment we found the Kennedy murder picture on the Internet, it shows a 6-door Lincoln convertible. The car was seated by the Kennedy, the driver, the agent, and the John Connery of Texas.

But in the memory of quite a few people , on the day of Kennedy’s murder, there were only four people in the car , and the convertible was only four doors, not six. But the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, United States, is also a four-door reprinted version of the Lincoln car. Shortly after Kennedy was killed, the US police re-enacted on the case. The simulated vehicle used is also four-door.

If you think that these two examples are foreign, let me give a domestic one. Do you still remember the lyrics of the song “Love My China”? Everyone hurry, think about the lyrics with memory. “Fifty-six nationalities, fifty-six flowers” right?

Everyone can open Baidu to check it out. The current lyrics are “fifty-six constellations fifty-six flowers.” It’s so weird, this is the song we have heard since childhood. Most people are collectively mistaken.

In quantum physics, there are two explanations. One is because someone has crossed back into the past, changed the death of Mandela, and made the whole world change, but some people have not changed their memories in the brain because of a scientific reason that we don’t know yet.

Another explanation is that another universe parallel to us happens like this. Because this parallel universe is too close to us, or has a short coincidence, changing the memory of a certain part of our parallel world. Because the original parallel world is caused by the constant division of a world.

In this case, we can explain why we have never been to some places, why do we feel very familiar with certain scenes in life. So what is our dream, is it really a dream? Is it really not from the memory of another parallel world ?

Because this has another thing, it is the role of self-confidence.

If we are in the three-dimensional universe, we can really split the infinite parallel universe according to the direction of development. Then in countless parallel universes, there will be countless you, and they may live a completely different life. Maybe you are the richest man in the world, maybe one is you. In other words, if you want to live a good life, you have to choose the right parallel universe.

At the same time, these parallel universes are constantly splitting due to your choice. For example, walking to the left will encounter your life’s love, and walking to the right will encounter a nightmare of life. At this time, quantum physics says that consciousness determines the basic principle of matter and it will work. That is, you have to believe that your consciousness is strong enough to be able to change your life. OK, you will live in your most powerful parallel universe.

That is, your destiny is determined by your confidence.

( 10) Superposition of quantum

Whether this is difficult to understand, I will tell you a more difficult to understand. That is to discover a more incredible thing based on the scientific experiments of scientists. That is, a particle can appear in two different places at the same time.

This is called the quantum superposition state of quantum. This superimposed state is the one that Schrödinger’s cat said, and the cat is both alive and dead. At the same time, this superposition state also applies to objects. According to Stanford University researchers published in the world’s top scientific journal “Nature” on December 24, 2015, they have expanded the maximum scale record of the quantum state superposition effect of matter from 1 cm to 54 cm.

At the same time, European quantum scientists are also preparing an experiment, which is to make a glass ball can exist in two places in space at the same time. If this experiment is successful, it will truly achieve subversion of the macro world. Because this experiment will no longer be based on particles of the size of the particle, but with a visible glass sphere containing at least millions of atoms. Before this experiment, it only succeeded in the microphysics world, and it has not succeeded in the macrophysical world.

The above is the principle of the quantum computer that is soaring in the news. The quantum computer uses the superposition of quantum. The specific theory is dry, and it may be difficult for everyone to understand. Let me give you an analogy. That is, the previous computer was going to test a 3-digit password, and its essence was to test 1000 times (000 to 999). But after the quantum computer uses the technique of quantum superposition, if the quantum computer can hold the quantum in two superposition states, then it is only necessary to test two passwords each time, only 500 times. If you can maintain 1000 superpositions, then you only need 1 time to be able to test the password.

At the same time, because quantum is a smaller unit, the same size can store more data. For example, only 45 qubits can store 4TB of data. In this case, the quantum computer with the same size and processing core, the speed of the operation is several thousand / tens of thousands / hundreds of thousands / several million times will be just the beginning, because this is not a level of technology.

In addition to quantum computers, it is really possible to achieve true artificial intelligence. In the current computer, one thing is not right or wrong. But this is not the case in the quantum field. It exists in a state of being alive and dead. This is the basis for thinking about philosophical issues. And a quantum can appear in more than two different places, which is the same as our brain works. Coupled with the foundation of quantum mechanics is consciousness-determining matter, after the application of quantum technology computers, it is highly probable that a conscious artificial intelligence will be cultivated. Really speaking, we are not quantum computers like the brains of our human beings. But our human brain is like a quantum computer.

At the same time, this is no longer a conjecture, but a fact that has been scientifically proven. Scientists have been looking for a long time and found that microtubules in nerve cells can form quantum entanglements, but the time scale of microtubules is 10^(-20) seconds to 10^(-13) seconds. But Matthew Fisher, a well-known theoretical and experimental physicist at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), puts phosphorus and calcium together, which is calcium phosphate. When calcium phosphate is in the form of a cluster of Posner molecules, Its quantum entanglement time can be as long as 105 seconds! With the deepening of quantum physics, human memory can exist for hundreds of years, it is only a matter of time.

In addition, Chinese scientist Pan Jianwei has realized the free-space quantum teleportation and entanglement distribution of the order of 100 kilometers. Since quantum can transmit energy, if our brain is also a device like a quantum computer. Then what the myth says, the brain has unlimited potential, and the heart can pray that God can hear it, and it may all be true.

And if consciousness is a quantum energy that can be transmitted remotely, then even the so-called gods, why do you want to let everyone believe in him, have found it. To put it bluntly, he just wants to earn energy.

( 10) Sumerian civilization

At this time, I noticed a very fun thing. That is the Sumerian civilization, a civilization that originated in the plains of Mesopotamia and the two rivers, which is almost the size of Iraq /Syria/Israel/Iran. At the same time, this is one of the oldest civilizations of human archaeological discoveries.

At the same time, this civilization was discovered in 1900 by German ancient writing expert Hermann Hill Precht. Do you still remember the time when quantum physics was founded? Founded in 1900 by the famous German physicist Max Planck. Yes, it was the same in 1900, the same as Germany.

According to the records of this Sumerian civilization, they are a civilization built by the Anunaki people living in the planet Nybiru. They came to Earth to solve the gold on the earth to solve. Their civilization was brought about by the rapid development. The problem of the gravitational pull of the planet is waning. In order to speed up the progress of mining, they were based on a Homo sapiens in Africa more than 200,000 years ago, and they were made by humans who merged some of the Anunaki people’s own genes. At the same time, they also reconstructed most of the creatures on the earth at that time. .

This view has been scientifically supported. According to a joint study by Rockefeller University in the United States and the University of Basel in Switzerland. 90% of all existing animal species on our planet today suddenly appeared on Earth about 200,000 years ago. And almost at that time, most of the species on the planet had genocide. This is the judgment they made after analyzing the DNA of the 100,000 different organisms that existed and the DNA of the 5 million animals and plants collected in the US gene bank.

This research is equivalent to the description of the Sumerian civilization. At the same time, this group of more than 100 geneticists in the world has discovered another horrific fact, that is, all species including humans that suddenly appeared on Earth 200,000 years ago. They were 200,000 years ago. Each species has only the same pair of parents.

Some people may say, isn’t humanity not produced according to Darwin’s theory of evolution? In fact, if human beings are the least in conformity with evolution, 97% of the brains of ordinary people are not used. According to the theory of evolution, things that are not used will be eliminated, but the human brain is not eliminated. Not only does the brain not shrink, but the brain capacity of people is getting bigger and bigger. In this case, evolutionary researchers have proposed a sudden change in genes. What kind of power is it that causes most of the creatures on Earth to collectively undergo genetic changes more than 200,000 years ago?

At the same time, there are more than these in the Sumerian civilization. According to the few pieces of information published in Europe and the United States, the descriptions are all-encompassing, a large number of cosmic maps, a large number of biological gene fragments, and a large number of science and technology. How to build a variety of civilizations and religions on the earth, everything. Through the description of the Sumerian civilization, in fact, most of the unsolved mysteries in the world have been solved. Especially with regard to the cosmic star map and the part of science and technology, each time we think that there is a mistake in the Sumerian civilization, because of the advancement of scientific and technological means, it suddenly discovers that the Sumerian civilization is correct.

The Sumerian civilization will not be launched here, leaving us to write next time. But it is coincidence that quantum mechanics was discovered in the year when Sumerian civilization was discovered.

The racism advocated by Hitler in Germany is actually described in the Sumerian civilization. Because according to the Sumerian civilization, the black people are the workers created by the Anunaki people to dig gold mines. The white people are the descendants of the head of the miner team, Anunaki, the chief engineer of the miners team. The descendants of the two Anunakis are still brothers.

Perhaps you only have to match such a historical background, you will really understand why Hitler is so crazy. Why did Hitler have various legends after going to the moon, why German scientists were so powerful in that era. Why is Western technology so developed, and still believe in God. Aren’t we surprised at the great scientific achievements that broke out during World War II and World War II? If the simple explanation is that war has led to everyone not spending money, the world has not fought wars, dozens of years of war, or long-term tragic wars between Europe and Arabs. Why haven’t such achievements been made?

( 11) European Particle Collision Laboratory

What I have to say at this time is that there is a place in the world’s highest physical level, the European Nuclear Research Organization. The laboratory that we have said many times about the particle acceleration collider is organized by this research organization. The organization has hired about 3,000 full-time employees. There are about 6,500 scientists and engineers from 80 nationalities representing more than 500 university institutions to conduct experiments here. This accounts for about half of the world’s particle physics circle.

By the way, studying quantum microphysics, here is the first website of the World Wide Web, the first browser, the first web page. In addition, the World Wide Web became the Internet center of the world, and because the CERN announced in 1994 that the World Wide Web is free to anyone. That is to say, the institution that studies quantum physics is also the source of the human Internet information revolution.

But what most people around the world are talking about is that its center is a statue of Shiva Natalagat. According to the Sumerian civilization, she is a descendant of the head of the miner’s team, Anunach.

By the way, the dance she danced is a dance of destruction. Everyone thought it was accidental, maybe you think so, I don’t think so. This research center, the highest level in the world of physics, unveiled a publicity film in 2015. The following is a video. The group of scientists jumped, the dance of the destruction of the Indian god of destruction, Shiva.

At the same time, in 2016, a famous urban legend was circulated here, which was related to a physicist named Dr Edward Mantill who committed suicide in 2016. According to official announcements, the physicist shot himself in his office on July 13, 2016. He also found that he burned all his research in his trash can, except for a text file, all traces of his computer had been erased.

But one thing that came out at the same time was that the physicist sent an email to his friend before committing suicide. He told his friend in the email that they had conducted a secret experiment and the result was opened. The door of time and space is connected with another time and space. Then he also said the detailed process, he said that they did a proton collision experiment that day. At the beginning, the acceleration was quite good. Suddenly, when it was added to a limit speed, the power of the entire organization was broken at this time. At the beginning, they were still scared. After waiting for the call, they found that the chief scientist of the project was gone. But the man is gone, but her clothes are left there, but the body is gone. Then the next day, this email was found to have committed suicide.

In addition, just about a month after this incident happened, on August 11th, a film about the “mysterious live sacrifice ceremony” of the headquarters of the European Nuclear Research Center was transmitted online. The official said that this was a farce and then did not announce it. After the text.

In this case, is it really a farce? Let’s take a look at the image of a particle collision experiment taken at the European Nuclear Research Center.

( 12) What is the truth?

Perhaps at this time, everyone will understand why great scientists like Newton, Einstein, Darwin, etc., went to study theology in their later years.

Because science has opened a huge door, everyone found it in this door, and the scientific laws that were discovered before are actually not scientific. Instead, the set of conscious things that used to be unscientific has become the most scientific thing. In this case, the same set of traditional Chinese medicine meridians that have been passed down for so many years as theology does not exist? The oriental Feng Shui metaphysical set does not really exist?

At this time, everyone went to see Lu Xun’s Chinese medicine, which was mentioned in “Father’s Disease”, when he was treating his father’s illness, he asked for a pair, and next to the small word, the original match. Really must be wrong? Quantum entanglement theory tells us that only quantum pairs can achieve quantum entanglement.

As Shi Yigong, vice president of Tsinghua University , said at the annual forum of the future forum in 2016, the world that we have seen today is only 5% of the world. This is not the same as that of humans 1000 years ago. People don’t know that there is air, magnetic field, and no understanding of elements. Compared with the place of heaven and earth, our unknown world is much more, and it is hard to imagine. In the remaining 95% of the unknown, why can’t there be a soul? Why can’t there be a special function?

At the same time, the consciousness is placed in the quantum state for analysis. The change of consciousness is actually the quantum change inside the human brain. Is consciousness also a substance? And if consciousness is a substance, is material also a kind of consciousness? If every quantum that makes up everything can be a conscious substance, in this case, God must not exist?