Saudi king who eats by skill

  The Riyadh Military Academy is a place in Saudi Arabia dedicated to the military members of the royal family to prepare for their future entry into politics. These days of pride are ambitious and smug, with a unique sense of superiority. Among the more than 2,000 princes, one prince was silent all day long, but it was difficult to hide his unruly eyes. Unexpectedly, his unique and alternative identity is often ridiculed and ridiculed by other princes, and seems to be incompatible with all the princes.

   The prince was Al Walid. His father was open to thought. He insisted on deviating from the royal tradition and married the Lebanese princess and gave birth to him. Little Alvalid followed his mother to live in Lebanon for a long time. He was disciplined. He learned to skip school from an early age. He often didn’t go home. He was lying on the street like a sly, as long as he found a car with no lock on the street. Drilled up and slept in the back seat of the family. Later, when his father discovered that his life was too rebellious, he took him back to Riyadh and sent him to the military academy. But the social experience and ridiculous growth of “street wandering” made him understand that he was different from the princes who grew up in the palace. Since the mother is a foreign woman, Alvared has few opportunities to establish a foothold in the Saudi royal family; the impureness of the lineage has even ruined his possibility of going to politics. Alvalid is destined to fight the world. So during the military school, he began to have a strong interest in business, insisting on listening to the news of BBC Radio every day, paying attention to reading political magazines and newspapers, and learning business knowledge.

   At the age of 19, he dreamed of going to the United States to study business. Three years later, Alvalid returned to Saudi Arabia with a master’s degree in business administration and became a person who has mastered two world cultures. The experience of being alone in the United States has set him up to be confident, not only to be resolute and orderly, but his fast-paced, highly organized lifestyle, coupled with the dual character of the Middle East and the Western world, has made him stand out.

   At this time, the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war triggered a global oil crisis. Soaring oil prices caused Saudi Arabia’s oil revenue to soar, and the influx of wealth made the members of the royal family one by one. At a young age, the princes possessed the wealth of the rich and the enemy, and began to spend a lot of money to spend their days and spend their youth in the casino. And Alvared’s keen eye has already found a huge business opportunity and began to take the first step in his business career. He used his own relationship and little capital in his hands to start a trade agency and contracting business. In just a few years, his annual profit reached tens of millions of dollars, and his wealth grew by snowball.

   Twenty years of light bullets passed. Today, Al Walid has owned shares in many famous international companies, and his discerning investment behavior has earned him the reputation of “Buffett in the Middle East”. The wealth he possesses comes entirely from savvy business operations and has nothing to do with his princehood. It is quite ridiculous that some of the princes who had laughed at him in the past were often unable to make ends meet because of poor management and excessive spending, and now they can rely on Alvared’s support to survive.

   When the royal aristocrats who are arrogant and extravagant, face the taste of the mountains and the sea, the jade plate is not sweet, and when they are full of sorrow and drunken dreams, Alvalid has hosted a large buffet banquet in his luxurious private villa to entertain guests. His pleasing eyes patrol every rich dish and taste it one by one. He said profoundly that these are the fruits of the labor that I earned through hard work. I am eating on my own business. I am used to sleeping for only 5 hours a day, so that I can spend more time looking at the operations of investment projects across the Middle East and Europe and the United States. I can say that I am the hardest working person on the planet. Only by your own true ability can you eat the most delicious food in the world.