Sad couple in rain lane

One day in May 1935, in Mu’s spacious living room, 18 – year – old Mu Lijuan first met Dai Wangshu. At that time, he was discussing new literature enthusiastically with his brother Mu Shiying. I have long heard my brother talk about him and his poems. He also knew his song Rain Alley by heart long ago. But when faced with the tall figure in front of her, she still bowed her head shyly.

It was the shy glance that moved Dai Wangshu, a gifted scholar, to the beautiful and elegant Mu Lijuan. Watching her disappear leisurely at the end of the living room, Dai Wangshu’s eyes were too slow to take back. Isn’t she the lilac woman in his dream looking for thousands of Baidu?

This scene was seen by Mu Shiying. In fact, he has long been interested in introducing Dai Wangshu to his sister. In order to appreciate his talent, and also because of that period of time, Dai Wangshu was deeply saddened by another woman named Shi Jiang Nian. Shi Jiang Nian is Dai Wangshu’s first girlfriend. They have been in love for eight years. Eight years later, she abandoned her old love and moved on. For this reason, Dai Wangshu was never happy. Mu Lijuan’s appearance has caused his heart to swell again. He is eager to tie the knot with the girl who bears the same sorrow and resentment as the lilac. Since then, Dai Wangshu has often appeared in Mu’s living room. In Dai Wangshu’s residence, petite Mu Lijuan is also common in copying manuscripts at the desk. In the long run, their love has come to fruition.

In the early summer of 1936, the wedding ceremony of Dai Wangshu and Mu Lijuan was held in Shanghai’s Sichuan Luxinya Hotel. Mu Lijuan, dressed in a white wedding dress, nestled beside Dai Wangshu, dressed in a suit and tie, and received the sound blessing from all her close friends. At that moment, I believe no sweet words can describe the happiness in their hearts. Although the age difference between the two is exactly 12 years old, and there is a big difference in educational background and experience, they cannot stop the pace of happiness.

The years after marriage are sweet. Every weekend, Dai Wangshu takes Mu Lijuan to the New Asia Tea House to talk with his friends. In those days, Mu Lijuan seldom spoke, but her eyes would always follow the man Kan Kan talked about. During that period of time, Dai Wangshu gradually entered the creative stage and created a large number of well-known works. He presided over the compilation of the ” New Poetry” Poetry Journal was also officially launched.

Such happy years were finally filled with smoke and fire. It was a eventful year for the survival of the nation. With the deepening of the full-scale Japanese invasion of China, once prosperous Shanghai became an isolated island. More and more cultural people chose to move their families southward to Hong Kong in order to preserve their fighting power. Dai Wangshu is also one of them. In 1940, he took refuge in Hong Kong with his family. There, he did everything possible to set up another home. Originally intended to return to the mainland after settling his family down and continue to publicize the war of resistance with words as weapons, but just when he decided to leave, a sincere invitation left him behind. He is the editor-in-chief of the supplement to Sing Tao Daily. Where Dai Wangshu can give full play to his talents and take the opportunity to expand his anti-japanese propaganda.

Mu Lijuan stayed with Dai Wangshu. In the beautiful two-story building by Bofulin Road, she spent the last period of fairly happy time with him. In their spare time, they opened a small vegetable garden in the courtyard and planted melons and beans. On weekends, friends are invited to have tea and chat at home for dinner. In the eyes of outsiders, they are still a happy pair of harps and lyres. However, under the calm lake surface, undercurrents are already surging. They are facing many problems: age gap, personality gap, experience gap … Dai Wangshu’s work is in full swing, and he has no time to consider these problems. In his eyes, Mu Lijuan is a child who hasn’t grown up. He loves her and keeps her enough.

Mu Lijuan, who hides at home every day, no longer thinks so. Her husband’s world seemed to have only jobs and books, and she began to doubt her original choice. One more thing that she cannot accept is that the woman named Shi Jiang Nian never seems to have left her husband’s life. In the song ” First Love Woman” written by her husband, he wrote: You lead me to one dream, but I forget you in another dream. She stubbornly believed that was his heart. Disputes arose from this, and mutual pique became a common occurrence. At that time, Dai Wangshu only thought that Mu Lijuan was playing a childish game and didn’t take those things to heart. After the quarrel, he still threw himself into the work busily. He did not know that the young Mu Lijuan had lost confidence in their feelings in the repeated quarrels and suspicions.

At the end of 1940. That year, two major events in their lives finally brought the once enviable relationship to an end. In June 1940, Mu Lijuan’s brother was assassinated in Shanghai. Due to different political views, Dai Wangshu hid the news from Mu Lijuan. In the winter of that year, Mu Lijuan’s mother died of illness, and Dai Wangshu once again withheld the telegram of mourning. Until Mu Lijuan learned the bad news from her good friend. In a fit of pique, Mu Lijuan packed up and returned to Shanghai. She never saw her mother for the last time. However, shortly after her mother died, she sent a final divorce letter to Dai Wangshu in Hong Kong. Only then did Dai Wangshu wake up. He is desperate to keep his marriage.

A letter of doom sent from Hong Kong also floated to Mu Lijuan’s desk: I will not choose divorce. My death is also a liberation for you. Dai Wangshu’s choice did not restore Mu Lijuan’s heart after all. She said she would not let go of her insistence. In desperation, Dai Wangshu, who was over middle age, swallowed a bottle of poison. Fortunately, he was finally rescued by his friends.

A happy marriage in the eyes of the world finally disintegrated after a short period of five years. In January 1943, they were divorcing. Since then, they have looked for their other half. Dai Wangshu died of illness in Hong Kong in 1950, while Mu Lijuan spent the rest of her life quietly in a quiet alley in Shanghai.

” Holding an oiled paper umbrella / wandering in a long, long / lonely rain lane / I hope to meet a girl like a clove / with sorrow and resentment …” The poet finally met the girl like a clove, but happiness was as ethereal and fleeting as described in his poem.

In the world, the most difficult thing to say is feelings.