Rumors about microwave ovens

  Is microwave heating causing cancer?

  Because microwaves are a type of radiation, many people naturally think that it can cause cancer. In fact, microwaves are electromagnetic waves that are essentially the same as radio waves, infrared rays, and visible light. The only difference is the difference in frequency. Microwaves have a higher frequency than electric waves and are lower than infrared and visible light. Radio waves and visible light do not cause cancer, and naturally it is not difficult to understand that microwaves with frequencies between them will not cause cancer. In fact, the term “radiation” as used herein means that the energy of the microwave can be emitted, which is different from the radiation produced by X-rays and radioisotopes. Although X-rays are also electromagnetic waves, their frequencies are much higher than those of microwaves, and thus the energy is also high. Radioactive isotopes emit particles during the decay process, so they can cause cancer in the organism.

  Microwave does not cause cancer, nor does it cause food to produce carcinogens. Even it helps to avoid the production of carcinogens. For fish, meat and other foods, traditional heating methods, especially burning, roasting, frying, etc., tend to cause the meat to zoom, resulting in some carcinogens. A scientific review published in 2004 introduced the carcinogen production and its carcinogenicity. Finally, it was pointed out that heating in a microwave oven can effectively reduce the production of such carcinogens.

  Is the microwave safe?

  The safety of microwaves is the same as that of sunlight, and it depends on how much energy the human body depends on. The sleek sunshine makes people feel refreshed, and sun exposure can cause skin burns. The same is true for microwaves – since it can heat food, it naturally heats the body. The key to the problem is how much energy is there in the microwave that reaches the human body.

  Scientists have conducted a lot of research and obtained the minimum microwave power that harms the human body. For a good microwave oven, the leaked microwave power is far from the strength of the human body. The rule in the United States is that the power per square centimeter is no more than 5 milliwatts at a distance of about 5 cm from the microwave oven; and the standard in our country is more stringent, 1 milliwatt. Moreover, the energy of the microwave is weakened by distance. At 5 cm, it is 1 mW, and at 50 cm, it is reduced to 0.01 mW. It is “human and animal harmless”.

  Another safety concern in the use of microwave ovens is the release of harmful substances from plastic containers. Indeed, some plastics release some harmful components when heated. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) measures the amount of harmful substances that may be released into food when heated in a normal microwave oven, which is required to be less than 1% or even 0.1% of the harmful dose determined by animal experiments. Can be labeled as “microwave heating”. Therefore, qualified “microwave-heatable” plastic containers are quite safe.

  Where does the microwave safety incident come from?

  The FDA said they received many reports of injuries caused by the use of microwave ovens. However, these accidents are not related to the microwave oven itself, but are caused by improper use. The following are the two most common types of accidents:

  The liquid is overheated. When the water is boiled by the traditional method, the water will flow, and the boiling water will be opened. When the microwave is heated, the water does not flow, but the temperature rises, and it is possible to exceed the boiling point and still “not open”. But at this time the temperature of the water is already very high, and as long as there is a little disturbance, it will violently boil. If this disturbance occurs when you take the water, then you will be burnt more hot than boiling water. The cleaner the container, the cleaner the water, the more likely it is to have such an accident. Other liquids, such as milk, soup, etc., do not easily overheat because of other ingredients, but if heated for a long time, the liquid can easily overflow the container due to “bumping.” It’s not that you can’t use a microwave to heat these foods, but rather to calculate the heating time.

  Eggs exploded. Microwave ovens can’t be used to heat eggs, which is probably a common sense. The cause of the egg explosion is somewhat similar to the bumping of water: the inside of the egg is overheated and the pressure is high. Once the outside is disturbed, the pressure is released and the egg explodes.