Ronner’s plan

  ”If it is the most beautiful, then grab it and let go.” Ronne stared at the other’s eyes, and kept thinking about this old world motto. Marina is nearly thirty years old and looks beautiful. It is the type he likes. And she has money. Why not live with her in a well-behaved life?

Ronner’s plan

  Marina’s country house is located on the outskirts of the small town, bordering the farmhouses, the picturesque Linyin Avenue and the forest. Ronne met her at a furniture auction just a week ago. When the expensive furniture was auctioned one by one, she sat beside him and talked naturally. Marina said she is a fashion designer, but she prefers to talk about his work. Ronne said he is engaged in art and antiques business. After the auction they drank a glass of wine and she invited him to visit her family’s valuables next week.

  Marina led him to visit every corner of the building. When they returned to the living room, it was already dark. She opened the big chandelier. Lonne was exhausted, and he used his profound knowledge to comment on the baby in the house.

  “This house is really beautiful,” he said. “It’s certainly too big for a person to live.”

  Marina looked smug. “I haven’t told you yet, I just inherited this house a few weeks ago and it was inherited from my uncle. I have many great plans. Maybe you can come up with ideas for me in the future.”

  That night, I was afraid to stay at the house of Marina and sleep in the room where the guests lived. He turned the light on for a long time and fully enjoyed the steepness of hiding in the silk pillow. A beautiful day,” he thought. The big lady did not know how rich she was. As long as he performed well, he would have no trouble in his life.

  The next morning, Ron got up at half past six. He shaved his beard and sprinkled it over the top of the men’s perfume column, tied his tie and buckled his collar. He decided to try to seduce Marina.

  Ronne walked down the stairs in an elegant manner from the British Marquis. Marina suddenly rushed over to him. Her pajamas were casually wrapped in a morning gown, and her hair was unkempt. It is like a wild grass after the autumn wind. “Good morning,” she said sullenly, hurriedly passing by him.

  Ronne went into the kitchen with a restless heart and poured a cup of freshly brewed coffee. He thought that Marina must have been awake.

  After a while, Marina walked into the kitchen in a black long coat. Marina didn’t look at Ronne. After sitting down, put a piece of paper in front of Ronne’s plate.

  Ron quickly read the words that were in the official language. “Is the Finance Bureau sending an inspector to verify the estate tax?”

  ”I already know the content,” Marina replied rudely. “Now I am afraid to hand over half of the estate to make the treasury rich!”

  ”This is too bad,” Ronne said, but his face still had no expression. He is not familiar with taxation because he never pays taxes.

  Marina suddenly stared at his eyes severely. “How do I sell some before the inspectors come? There are fewer assets and less tax. In addition, I also want to tease those lords.” Ronne nodded thoughtfully, his mind flew away. “You have to go to the black market to sell, you need cash.”

  “I think this idea is great:” Marina is happy. “Can you help me?”

  ”Okay. I know people and can do this business with them.”

  The next night, Ronne was loading a small truck in the backyard. He carefully placed Jin Lizhong, paintings, porcelain and small furniture. Early the next morning, he said goodbye to Marina and drove away. He thought that she trusted him blindly.

  After two weeks of tax verification, Ronne hopes that four cars will be sold until then. He knows several big businessmen and antique collectors. As long as the goods are good, they never ask, and they are generous. Ron’s first outing was extraordinary: he returned to Marina with 85,000 marks. She hid the money in an old closet in the attic and opened a bottle of champagne.

  ”I have nothing to say, you are a genius.” Ronne smiled slyly and toasted her.

  ”Can I kiss you?” asked Marina. She hugged his shoulders, touched his cheeks with his lips, and gently passed his mouth.

  The next two picks were nearly 200,000 marks.

  On the night before the tax check, Ronne was last loaded.

  ”If I can survive tomorrow, I will make three crosses,” said Marina. “Then I will travel. I hope that you will leave the last sale of this car to yourself. This commission is for you.” satisfied?”

  ”Of course I am satisfied. This is really generous.” Lonne whispered.

  He hurriedly waved goodbye and flew away. His anger increased with each kilometer. Ronne never felt that he was so stupid. Marina’s innocence made him lose his reason. In her eyes he is only a useful tool, and this last car may be able to sell 50,000 marks. Compared with the property in the closet, it is just a pocket money!

  Lenne slammed the brakes and drove the car to the opposite lane.

  When he parked the car outside the door of the house, there was no light in the window. He opened the door with the spare key, walked in, and climbed up the attic from the long stairs. He opened the closet and the money was gone. The blood of Ronne poured into his head. He rushed to the second floor and opened Marina’s bedroom door. He hysterically rummaged through the drawers and cupboards, searched the bed and threw the sheets on the floor. The noise from the hall made him recover his reason. The voice is noisy, and the family is coming to the guest! Ronne decided to lock the bedroom door and wait patiently.

  The whole house suddenly picked up and people ran on the corridor and opened a door. Two police officers rushed into the room. They subdued Ronne and handcuffed him.

  When he was taken through the living room, his eyes fell on Marina. She was dressed in a maid’s costume and was surrounded by many people.

  After sitting in the police car, a detective turned to Ronne: “Friends, unfortunately your stealing is not safe enough. The owner returned today on vacation. They soon found the maid tied in the room. We are Only a small part of the stolen goods was found in the small truck. Where is the rest? Who is your partner?”

  ”I don’t have an accomplice,” Lonne replied in a low voice.