Red Dust Love under the Bodhi Tree

  Such a woman seems to have nurtured her Mount Fuji, with a calm and hot beauty. Her people, gentle and courteous, heart-like like her name is immaculate, Xuezi, born in the 19th century Fusang woman, like all the daughters of the 28th, in the fascinating Jinxiu Nianhua, countless times, In the candlelight of Ying Yingying, make the most pure love dream.

  Perhaps, it is really God’s eyes, her pledge finally came true that year. The compassionate Buddha allowed her to meet the Chinese man named Li Shutong among the thousands of people. The four eyes were opposite each other. His wise eyes, which were accumulated from the rich experience of life, captured her heart. He is much older than her, and he has a wife and a son in the old country park. However, she still loves and is heartbroken.

  The man is a genius. Music, poetry, poetry, calligraphy, painting, and performance are almost all proficient. Like all the passionate young people who have a passionate but no country in the past, he follows his heart’s leader, Cai Yuanpei. I want to find a peaceful road to save the country. However, unfortunately, Cai Yuanpei was persecuted and was used by the authorities. As a party, he could not escape. Therefore, in desperation, Dongdu Japan, learning Western oil painting. With the creation of the script, the sorrowful anger and the talents of the whole body are given to the silent Danqing and the beating notes.

  At that time, he was the tenant of her family. She was his model. He met under the same roof day and night. Over time, she entered his painting and he entered her heart.

  Her burning love warmed a lonely heart floating in a foreign land. She loves him, for him, she does not hesitate to go through fire and water, but she does not want much, a true feeling, a simple and simple, happy, enough to comfort the students. However, the man she loves is not the lord Liu Lan who can not be reconciled. In his world, the pain of the family’s decline is like a year-old shackle. On every cloudy day, it will return to the tide, again and again. The sorrow of the bones is secreted into the patriotic heart of a wanderer.

  6 years of companionship, let them spend the most beautiful love time of their lives. She hopes that she will stay until she is old, but she does not know that his heart is not hanging from his motherland. The success of the Revolution of 1911 allowed him to devote himself to the greatness of youth in the gentleness of foreign countries. He returned. He filled in the poems of “Man Jianghong” and cheered for the Republic. He edited the “Pacific” and advocated With his sharp thoughts and new culture, his long-repressed life re-expands in this happy land of hearts.

  There is love and no end of the world, she followed him, came, and bid farewell to the cherry tree full of trees, came to this strange country. She does not blame him, she loves him and respects his choice. She stood behind the man and lowered her head into the dust. For him, she is willing to endure loneliness and loneliness in this different country, only for the heart of the heart of the hand and the son of the old love.

  However, his enthusiasm and her unrepentant effort did not get the approval of the current situation. The cruel reality of the warlord’s separatist law forced him to move to Jiangsu and Zhejiang after the newspaper was closed.

  Once again, she followed him and followed suit. He is her home, and when he is there, she is happy and happy.

  He taught and educated people in the school, and trained a famous painter Feng Zikai and a generation of musician Liu Jingping’s cultural celebrities. He admired the grandeur of the Dharma. Finally, on a certain day, he threw away the red dust. He went to the Tiger Run Temple and fasted for 17 days. He became physically and mentally, and broke into the empty door. The law was carried out by Hongyi, and since then, he has been dedicated to the Buddha.

  When the blue silk is full, he withdraws from the rich and the rich, and all the smashing of the world has turned into a plain, and his little love for her will be transformed into a big one. Love.

  She loves him to respect him, but her heart is still not strong enough to stop the love of the eyes. She burst into tears, but she couldn’t find the answer. She refused, she refused to take it, chasing him where he was shaved. So, on the morning of the West Lake, when the two boats were facing each other, there was such a dialogue.

  She called him: “Uncle -”

  He dismissed her: “Please call me Hongyi.”

  She resisted the tears full of tears, “Hong Yi Master, please tell me what is love?”

  He returned to her: “Love is compassion.”

  He didn’t dare to look at her, he wanted to come, he was also afraid, afraid of her tearful eyes, and evoked all kinds of yesterday, you yelled at me, and disturbed the net heart of his returning Buddha.

  She looked at his eyes stubbornly and desperately, the pain in her heart, like the autumn lake, soft and long, cool and infinite. She knew that it was just a turning distance. From then on, it was destined to be separated by red dust. Her love, her sorrow, her sorrow, her tears, have since become the last chapter of this love.

  A round of Ming Yue Yao Tianxin, helpless and still the west wind is still.

  Abandoning the love of earthly world, the life under the Bodhi tree is destined to be more grand and rich: the pioneer of new culture, the artist, the educator, the thinker, the eleventh generation of the ancestors… The life of the man has reached the limit of the world. The height, and I have clearly heard the sorrow of a hibiscus woman in the four words of “sorrowful and happy intersection” written before his death:

  Outside the pavilion, the ancient road side, the grass and the green sky, the evening wind, Liu Liu flute, the sunset mountain outside the mountain.

  The end of the sky, the sea of ​​the corner, knowing half-off. A turbid wine is full of joy, this is not a dream.