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  Children, this is a morning in early August. The sun in the southern United States is soothed and transparent, overflowing with a kind of old and quiet happiness that makes people who are suffering from sorrow. The assistants sent me the list of long-awaited list, one hundred and twenty moving names, I read one by one, could not help but put your hands on your name and pray for you.

  In your long seven-year medical education, I only teach you eight credits of Chinese, but I am eager to teach you how to be a person — and how to be a Chinese.

  I would like to say it again. I love your name. The name is the nick of the parents in the world. In the thousands of Chinese characters, they find one or two of the most beautiful and mellow words. Every name in the world. It is a short, simple prayer!

  ”Lin Yiwen”, “Tang Gaojun”, “Zhou Jiansheng”, “Chen Zhenhao”, how much your parents expect you to be a outstanding child. “Huang Ziqiang”, “Lin Jingde”, “Cai Yiyi”, how many great hopes are on you. “Zhang Hongren”, “Huang Renhui”, “Gao Zeren”, “Chen Zongren”, “Ye Hongren”, “Hong Renzheng” illustrate the longing for the Confucian tradition. “Shao Guoning”, “Wang Weibang”, “Li Jianzhong”, “Chen Zehao”, “Jiang Jianzhong”, obviously your parents have dedicated you to the suffering China. “Chen Yi Cang”, “Cai Zongzhe”, “Wang Shizhen”, “Wu Jingnong” and “Lu Yu” contain an ancient ideal of harmony. I am often surprised, why can’t the world piously taste another person’s name? Why don’t we know how to respect our name? Every name, no matter the elegance, has its own philosophy and love. If we can use the delicate insight to call someone else’s name, we can learn more mutual respect and love, and the world can be better.

  These days, perhaps your name has become a lucky symbol in the nostalgia neighborhood. Many expectations of fame and wealth have been vaguely associated with your name. Many people look at you with admiration, one is invisible. You are already hanging in your eyebrows. One day, the doctor will be your second name, but, children, what is a doctor? A whiter dress than ordinary people? A monthly increase that is more abundant than civilians? A loud and glorious name? Children, in the joy of not having to swear, look up at your future path.

  What is a doctor? Children, when a life is quietly formed in a warm and humid uterus, you are the first to declare this sacred fact. When the arrogant little thing is trying to turn, you are the first person to glimpse his heartbeat in another world. When he suddenly rushed into the world, it was your double palm that caught the gorgeous beginning. It is you, with many vaccination needles to give the baby the right to be normal. It is you, hard to pull a newborn ship’s fiber, let him start his own initial flight. When a child has a fever in the middle of the night, you are the one who is confident that the mother is calling. A surgeon, like Zhou Gongdan, is a simple lunch who puts food three times into the emergency room. Sometimes, you may only need to rub a little red syrup for the patient and open a few aspirin, but sometimes you have to cut the skin for the patient, pull the ribs open, lift the lungs, and extend the scalpel into a deep chest. The bright red heart. You may even have to endure the bloody cancer that devours a child who is innocent and innocent! When a famous scholar comes to see you, it may be just a violent toothache patient; when a successful entrepreneur comes to see you, it may be just a gasping asthma patient; when a great politician comes to see you, Maybe nothing, he just has a sigh of relief, dragging a body after a stroke; a beautiful female star in the registration room, or just a patient with long-term insomnia, mental weakness, suicidal tendency–you accompany the patient through life In the most bleak moment, listen to the last breath of the dying person and explore his last heartbeat. You open the birth certificate, you sign the death certificate, your face is written in the baby’s first flash, and in the final gaze of the dying. You accompany the human race to live and die, what role do you play? How can a real doctor not be a saint?

  In fact, the process of being a healer is a process of asceticism. How many things you need to learn in order to be free from your own ignorance. What kind of honor you have to keep in order to be free from your own innocence, you have to hesitate to get rid of your heart. Pick up the scalpel and cut the first corpse. How do you introspect to be free from professional calmness and ruthlessness after thousands of patients. Before becoming a healer, the first thing that needs to be healed is ourselves. Let us be a “owner” before giving everything.

  Children, I am willing to repeat the myth of the ancient “Shen Nong’s Taste of Herbs”. “Huainanzi” said: “The ancient people are drinking grass, drinking trees, eating vegetables, eating more diseases. The injury is so harmful. So Shennong is the beginning of the people, planting the grain, the land, the dry and high-yield, taste the taste of the grass, the bitterness of the water spring, so that the people know what to do, when this happens, the day meets seven Ten poisons.”

  Myths are nonsense, but it is a spirit of input from a practitioner. And the kind of sympathy that people are hungry, people are guilty, and people are sick. As a modern doctor, of course, you don’t have to poison more than 70 times a day, but close to the pain of others, consider the sorrow of others, and look at another “person” who is sick with a simple “person”. Still valuable.

  Remember the story of “hanging the pot and helping the world”? “There are old people selling drugs in the city, hanging a pot in Shantou, and the city, jumping into the pot, the city people see.” – The old man’s medicine should actually be interpreted as himself. Children, there is no shortage of experts in the world, no lack of authority, what is lacking is a “person”, a person who is willing to give himself. When you help others, remember that medicine is sometimes poor, and that inexhaustible love can illuminate a suffering soul. What is indispensable in ancient medical practice is the “exploration of the pulse”. I am convinced that there are some mysterious symbolic meanings in such simple movements. Can you imagine a doctor’s sensitive fingertips to explore the sacred picture of another person’s pulse?

  Therefore, the children, let us be self-satisfied, let us soberly push the golden crown that others have given us, and choose long-term labor. As Jesus Christ said: “Non-employed people are serving men.” The hands of the true great men are not soaked in the sweet flower juice, they are often busy dealing with a stinky pus. The eyes of truly great men do not stare at the most beautiful peaks, they often bow down to see the ills of a humble poor. Children, let others enjoy the glory of “People’s Master”, I only pray that you will do your best to fulfill the vocation of “people.”

  I once met a young man. I met him in New York many years later. He drove a taxi, did a run, and used all kinds of means of survival – he is still studying sociology seriously, and he is still running magazines. For a few years, it’s like a world, but the most comforting thing is that when we walked through the city of Manhattan, he said innocently: “I still hold the heart of me that year, the curiosity of people, the people Perseverance.” In fact, no matter what we study, the price is still a little bit of sincerity to people. We can hug a thousand galactic rivers with admirable arms, but when the splendid light flows close to our front chest, the most touching music is still the heartbeat of a man who is seventy-two times a minute and solid like a drum. Children, even though human beings have created many evils, the human body is a miracle of innocence, respect, and mystery. Life is magnificent and powerful, and a doctor is not the creator of life–he is only a person who assists the miracle of life to maintain its natural order. Children, please remember that what you encounter every day is not only the “illness” of the person, but also the “person” of the disease, the tears of the person, the smile of the person, the story of the person, the children, what kind of right is this!

  The long window is soft grass, the children, your name floats in my heart, I float in the four-story book, the book floats in the dark red ancient library, the library floats in the endless purple flower waves, This is a beautiful campus. The years in the guest have seen the exotic scenes, and I still remember the Du Fu in Taipei in March. Children, we don’t have an old and beautiful campus, and our campus is waiting for your footprints to make it beautiful.

  Children, ask the Almighty to wrap you with the vastness of the heavens, so that you know how to support others with love. Ask the Creator to give you the inner richness, and let you know how to distribute it to others. Some doctors can only receive medical expenses forever. I hope that you will receive more – I hope that you will receive the feelings of others.

  Read your name, in the morning when the heart of the village is invisible. I know that one day someone will read your name. In a country road that is flying in the yellow sand, or between the wild mountains and mountains that are winding and winding, someone will meditate on your name with the lips of prayer.

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