Planting yourself in spring

  At the age of 3, the father who worked in a small coal mold was buried in the soil because of the landslide. On the day the father was buried, others cried and screamed. He was black and didn’t cry. The grown-up told him that your dad passed away and could never return.

  He didn’t talk, just shook his head like a grass in the wind.
  He didn’t believe that the father who always used a large palm to stroke him, and his father with a thick beard, would disappear forever, like a non-germinated species. He planted pumpkins with his mother in the open space in front of the house. One seed went down and poured some water. After a while, the young leaves grew, and then the vines covered the shelves, and finally many large melons were produced.

  He asked his mother: When I put my father into it, when will it grow again?

  The mother looked at his bright eyes and couldn’t bear to hurt a child’s heart. He even said: Fast, fast, next spring.
  So, he often sat in front of the house, looking at the back of the mountain, hoping to see his father in the shadow of the mother-in-law, who was striding back into the hustle and bustle. During the second year of the Ching Ming Festival, he went to the grave with his mother. The tree in the grave was as tall as him, but his father did not grow out of the ground.
  He asked his mother: Why didn’t Dad grow up, did we not water it? The
  mother’s tears suddenly flowed down. He understood it a little, and cried, tears wet the entire clothes.
  When he was 13 years old, his misfortunes were not alone. The mother who was dependent on him was swallowed up by a car accident. He became an orphan. On the day of the burial of the mother, the world was pouring rain, but he did not cry. I no longer believe that when the mother grows into the soil, she will grow up again.
  The 13-year-old child did not have the ability to earn a living. The neighbors made a handful of rice, and the west gave a bundle of shackles. The clothes were broken and some people rushed to take home and mend them. He had a fight with the children in the village, and some of the children went back to be sure to beat their parents. Whoever cooks the back of the house must send the child to call him, so that some children suspect that he is the brother of the parents to others. The father turned his face to the child and said: “Yes, that is, you will treat him as a brother in the future.”
  When he was 13 years old, he had many brothers and sisters in the village. Although his life in the village was very poor, his life was very happy.
  When he was 23 years old, he graduated from college. He asked to be assigned to the primary school in the village as a teacher. His reason is very simple. He has to repay the villagers’ kindness. His tuition is exchanged for the villagers with rice and eggs. In addition to his living expenses, his salary is subsidized to those who cannot afford to pay tuition. In order to repay, he married a woman who didn’t know a big character in the village, just because the woman’s mother sold the last hen in the house and made up for his tuition.

  When he was 33 years old, he decided to leave his hometown. The idea was very simple. He left the villagers who gave him the kind of support. He didn’t want to shoulder this heavy burden. When he decided to leave, his wife yelled at him. He shook his head and gave a slap to the woman he had never loved, and then slaps himself. A touch of blood at the corner of his mouth, he left, never returned.
  When he was 43 years old, he became a boss in the city. He gave out a lot of income every year to the Rural Education Foundation and designated him to donate to the village primary school he had worked on. He did not leave a name and refused to interview reporters. It was a later thing that I became his friend. When he had a wine cellar, he talked about this experience. I was silent for a long time, then held his hand tightly and said, “You are now planting yourself into the country where you lived. There are many ways to repay. The best way is to grow yourself into a tree. More people will get a cooler.”