People who fell into the well

  When I passed a well by the road, it was in the evening. I leaned over and glanced at it, but I was surprised to find that there was someone inside! Because the light below is too dark, I can’t see his face, but by feeling he should be a young boy. In order to keep himself from sinking, the man lay on his face almost on his face, and his hands were opened like fins to keep his body balanced.

  ”How could this be? Is there still someone in such a desolate place, and still staying in the well?” I thought so.

  Relative to my surprise, the young man in the well seemed quite calm. This can be seen from the beginning of the water in a calm state, almost no fluctuations can be seen. As if he had expected someone to find him, and expected our surprise.

  ”How do you stay in the well?” I asked. “I fell inside,” he said.
  ”Don’t fall inside? How did it fall?” I asked.
  ”Like you look inside, you fall off accidentally,” he said.
  This made me unable to walk back a small step before I asked: “Why do you want to look inside? Want to see if there is water?”
  ”No,” he said, “you thought people would Is the water in the well or something else interesting? No, if anyone sees a well, he will want to look inside—this is the reason.”
  “Why don’t you call for help?” I asked.
  ”That’s useless. The well’s wellhead is too small, and the sound is difficult to spread. Even if it spreads, it is very weak. Besides, this place is too desolate, few people come to this place, maybe there is no one.” Hear,” he said.
  ”Then you can climb up on your own. I don’t think this is completely impossible. – Hey, you are not too high from the wellhead here. I believe you can do it. Come on, brother!” After I put one hand to him, hope can help him.
  ”No, I won’t come up,” he said.
  ”Why?” I asked.
  ”Do you want to know why?” he asked me. “Yes, I want to know.” I moved my body a little to show my sincerity. But I accidentally bumped into a small gravel at the wellhead. The gravel fell and fell on the face of the person in the well. So his face undulated with ripples and began to spread around. Until the ripples spread all over the body, his whole person trembled like people usually laughed…
  ”I understand, you are my reflection! You have been glaring at me, why are you glaring at me? You… …”
  Before I finished, my reflection stretched out a hand from the water and pulled me into the well…

  When I was drowning in his broken figure, when I was in such a narrow place, my heart felt calm before.
  At this time, just one bird flew over the narrow wellhead. I hope that it can give a message to my loved ones and friends. I will sleep here beautifully until there is something to wake me up tomorrow.

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