People are on the road

Every day when driving on the congested roads in Beijing, some strange ideas often flash through my mind. As time goes by, it is sometimes interesting to find out these ideas. If life is compared to a long road, these thoughts have a little taste of life enlightenment.

An interesting phenomenon is often seen: in congested roads, clearly no one can go at the required speed, but there are always good men with excellent driving skills, driving luxury or non-luxury cars and passing by. Suddenly merging lines, suddenly overtaking by force, turning east and west, one can always find the feeling of running fast in sections that cannot run fast, and one can always find a ” smooth road” from places where there is no way to go. In the process of his ” driving skills” performance all the way, like me and others who have not been driving for a long time and are not short, they can only be envied by their hearts or perform eye – gazing. There are a few times this kind of hero passed by. If I hadn’t been a goalkeeper, I would have reacted quickly. Maybe there would have been a tragedy of car wrecking and people forgetting. Just when I was furious, I heard heavy metal percussion music and a wild and triumphant laugh floating out of the car. I thought I didn’t live as well as others and couldn’t compete with them in driving skills, so I had to admit defeat and continue walking in my driveway.

Interestingly, when I went to the red light ahead, I unexpectedly found that the very smart ” flying car” was also waiting obediently on the horizontal line. running all the way went through all kinds of difficulties and hardships, but it did not seem to lead it far, leaving us ” rookies” far behind. After working hard for half a day, it turns out that everyone is still on the same starting line. In this case, what is the purpose of all this movement? This is the case at a red light. Is it difficult for everyone to get to the finish line in sequence? It seems that driving with good manners is not much different from racking one’s brains, racing to the top and using all kinds of martial arts on the road.

In fact, the road of life is similar. Everyone has a modest goal, and it is a long way to reach it. According to the established ” traffic rules” to move forward easily and smoothly, or to struggle with each other, to stagger forward, barely walk hard, or even fall black and blue, bleeding head, in the midst of people’s reviling. Of course, everyone has his own choice and need not worry about others. In my opinion, the ” road conditions” of life are relatively fixed and independent of individual will. It is no use complaining about the narrow road, uneven road surface and the speed of road development not keeping up with the speed of car development. Accusations of too many red lights, unruly cyclists, and jaywalking are of little use. This is the case. It is not impossible to change the external environment, but it will take a long time. Instead of accusing and complaining, we should turn to ourselves instead and choose a relatively peaceful and self-saving way to put ourselves in a safer and more effective state of life that others do not seem to worry about.

However, the natural and unrestrained gentleman on the road to life may not take this view seriously. They are pursuing a ” positive” attitude towards life, striving to be stronger everywhere and striving to be the first in everything. Ten thousand years is too long and they seize every moment. They struggle with the sky and have great fun. Struggle with the earth is fun. Struggle with people is still fun. Enjoy it, enjoy it, forget your worries, enjoy it, enjoy it.

Relatively speaking, the former may live relatively simple, relatively simple and relatively colorless, and the ” richness of the process” is far from comparable to that of a natural and unrestrained gentleman. You see how rich and full the handsome gentlemen are! As long as there is a car in front of you, you must try to overtake it, even if you risk being caught by the police. As long as there is a car blocking my way, I will honk my horn and flash my headlights so that people will not know he is coming. He has worked hard for the ” richness of the process” that ordinary people cannot bear, and has taken risks and costs that ordinary people simply do not want to take. He did get pleasure from it, and also got the supercilious look and contempt from passers – by. Perhaps he is really an outstanding person who ” asks for hard work but does not ask for harvest” and ” focuses only on the process but does not look at the results”. But in common sense, he is somewhat ridiculous. Because in the process of ” surpassing all the way”, he was either calculating others or being calculated. Either offend others or be offended; Either harm others or harm others. He paid more wisdom and strength than the average person, and also suffered more danger and panic than the average person. There is no doubt that the cost of his life is very large, but his actual harvest may be very poor. As for the ” enrichment of the process”, it is only his comfort, others may not think so. Think of those ” smart people” around us who do not hesitate to do their utmost for a small profit. Think of those who rush to run and offside on the road of life that we are familiar with. Compared with people’s ruthless denial and thorough disdain, what is the pitiful ” benefits” they have gained?