Mother teaches children’s life lessons

  When the son graduate is about to graduate, he is determined to read Bo. At this moment, the mother had an ultimatum – not to read any more. In fact, it was not a short-sighted mother, but a son who stayed at school to escape society and learn to be old. And the economy is no longer able to bear, she is determined to rebuild her high-scoring sons…

  Liu Wei, who lives in the outer suburbs of Dalian, Liaoning Province, is a poor single mother. In the summer of 1989, his son Fang Tao was 6 years old. His husband died of lung cancer. Half acre of thin fields in front of the house and more than 20 apple trees behind the house became the source of all the mother and son.

  My son has shown great learning ability since the first grade of elementary school. However, in addition to studying, Fang Tao seems to have no other hobbies, and he also holds books on weekends.

  Gradually, Liu Wei was troubled by his son’s good studies. One night in March 1997, Liu Wei suddenly suffered from abdominal pain. She called Fang Tao several times. Fang Tao, who was reading in a room, did not hear it. When I finally heard my mother call him, he did not raise his head and asked: “What?” “Help Mom get a painkiller.” Liu Yuqiang said with pain. Fang Tao responded with a painkiller, but after handing it to her mother, she turned to return to the desk and continued to study. Liu Wei had painkillers and almost fainted. He had to ask his son for help again: “Tao Tao, you go to the health office to find a doctor, and the mother can’t stand it.” Fang Tao still does not lift his head, said One sentence: “Mom, you just didn’t take medicine. If you wait a little longer, you won’t hurt.” “Fang Tao, is your mother dead, can’t you remove your eyes from the books?” I was angry with my son once. Fang Tao stood up and noticed that his mother had already sweated. If it was not timely to send the hospital that day,

  Liu Wei’s acute appendicitis may be life-threatening.

  At this time, Fang Tao is 14 years old, with a 1.70-meter big man, looks like a boy. However, there is no other person in his heart who can walk into his heart, except books and books.

  In August 2001, Fang Tao was admitted to Nankai University. Although the villagers got nearly 2,000 yuan in a patchwork, but still lacked more than 3,000 yuan, Liu Wei, who was grazing in the soil, did not know how to raise it. Finally, Liu Wei took his son and rented more than 20 apple trees to his family. He signed a five-year agreement and exchanged 4,000 yuan. Liu Wei’s hanging heart was lost.

  Then there is something more to her heart: the son went to college like a missing, neither called his mother, nor even wrote. Liu Wei was relieved. He asked the neighbor to help write a letter and sent it to the school. Only then did he receive a reply from Fang Tao. The content of the letter was very short: “Mom, everything is fine, but I have to learn too much, time. It’s not enough. I won’t go home this winter.”

  Liu Wei was optimistic waiting for the day when his son graduated from college. In the past four years, although she did not have a day of leisure, she still owed more than 20,000 yuan in debt. Although Fang Tao has received scholarships from schools and departments many times, he is used to buy books, buy computers and purchase various school supplies.

  In July 2005, Liu Wei, who was eager to graduate from his son, was waiting for the news that his son was sent to the graduate school. Liu Wei’s mood is very complicated. She has a faint worry: Will this be a nerd if he learns?

  In order to try his son’s level, Liu Wei gave him a task when Fang Tao was on holiday—helping his cousin to take a junior high school course. The result was not taught for an hour, and the two were not happy. Fang Tao said to Liu Wei: “This idiot still taught me to teach him, this is not to make me happy.” And his cousin complained to his aunt: “The cousin said that I have not told me at the same table. It!”

  There are still many small things that are all exacerbating Liu Wei’s concerns. For example, let Fang Tao go to the beach to put geese and ducks, and lost 3 on the same day; let him go to the market to buy meat, obviously tell him to buy 3 pounds, he bought it back is not 2 pounds or 4 pounds; although Liu Wei reminded several times, but Fang Tao never sees people greet him. His reason is “Do you say hello? It’s all nonsense.”…

  These details made Liu Wei very worried. She worried that her son could not find a job in the future. Even if he found a job, would the leaders and colleagues like to deal with such people who are not eating fireworks? Liu Wei is even worried that there will be girls who like this kind of man who knows nothing about human accidents?

  At the beginning of 2008, Fang Tao graduated from graduate school. Liu Wei learned on the phone that Fang Tao had already applied for the doctoral student of the school. Liu Wei couldn’t sit still anymore. She decided to go to school to persuade her son.

  When she went to Fang Tao’s dormitory, Fang Tao was in class, and Ge Jun, who was in the dormitory, received her. When I heard that Liu Wei was coming to stop Fang Tao from reading Bo, Ge Jun said very honestly to Liu Wei: “Auntie, you should know Fang Tao better than us. He is really stupid, and learning to be good for him.” None of them. Even his mentor said that learning has almost become a tool for him to escape from society. A while ago, we went out to find a job together, and a graduate student tried to teach the first-year history course, and actually gave half of the students a run. He didn’t shine on the textbooks, but he was still fragmented.” Ge Junyue said that the more excited, “As for the usual time to get along with the classmates, not to mention. I have been with him for two and a half years, never seen him. I have cleaned up the hygiene once. Auntie, look at his bed, like a kennel. You said that if you have no ability to survive and stand on your own, what is the use of high education?”

  Liu Wei listened to restlessness. In the evening, Fang Tao was finally returned. Liu Wei tried to calm down all kinds of dissatisfaction in his heart. He said softly: “Fang Tao, Mom didn’t eat anything, please go out for dinner!”

  That meal is the most extravagant meal of the mother and child for many years, and it is also the most difficult conversation between a mother and her son. Liu Wei asked Fang Tao: “Son, although my mother is a rural woman, I don’t have many books to read, but Mom knows that reading is for the sake of long-term work. You tell the mother where is your skill? It will take the test and get high. Is it possible? But can you test it for a lifetime? When the doctor finishes reading, what else do you take? A man can’t be self-reliant in this life, can’t support his family, don’t you feel alive? Mom has been tired for reading these years. There is an old bone left, don’t you really feel bad?”

  Fang Tao cried and cried for a long time. He said to Liu Wei: “Mom, I tried to find a job, but there is no place for me. I am very hurt. I found that in addition to being a student, I can’t do anything in my life…”

  Liu Wei said to him while wiping his tears: “If you have culture and knowledge, you will be able to find a suitable job. The doctor will not read it. He will start to be a good person today and make a good job.” ,OK?”

  In April 2008, Fang Tao returned to his hometown and entered his alma mater, becoming a secondary school trainee teacher who did not pay. When Fang Tao went to work, Liu Wei would send him to go all the way. He took the initiative to clean the office. When he saw his colleagues, he would take the initiative to say hello. As long as he had time, he would go to the teachers of various subjects… In the evening, Liu Wei let Fang Tao Prepare for the class and then talk to her.

  In this way, the mother gave the son a “student”, night and night. After listening to the 191-day class, Liu Wei said: “Son, dare you dare to apply for the class with your teaching director tomorrow?” Fang Tao hesitated for a long time before whispering: “Dare.” “Why are you so whispered, you think it’ Dare’ is a very shameful thing?” “Mom, I dare!” Fang Tao said loudly.

  The next day, Fang Tao really went to the podium. Liu Wei hid outside the classroom and eavesdropped. He was very nervous. When the bell rings, Liu Wei sat down on the floor and his body was wet with sweat. When the son came out of the classroom to see her, Liu Yan said to his son with tears in his eyes: “Mom wants to applaud you, but Mom is gone.”

  On that day, Fang Tao took his mother back home and said: “Mom, since today, I will not let you suffer any bitterness. My son is a mother, and it is natural.”

  What makes Liu Wei proud is that his son’s full-fledged economy has finally been revealed in the reality of teaching. Soon, he not only set up half of the history teaching and research group, but also became a professor of other disciplines and teaching.

  Just when the author interviewed this extraordinary mother, we received a call from the president of Fang Tao School to Liu Wei: “Fang Tao has been rated as the outstanding teacher of the school in 2009.” Hearing this news, Liu Xiaoxiao It is. This suffering and tormented mother finally cultivated her son into talent with her own wisdom. At that moment, the mother let us awe.