Mortal little things

  On the morning of November 29, 2009, when Yang Xiuzhen, a milkman from Shenyang, sent a milk call, she suddenly received a phone call from her hometown. She learned that her father died of illness and was filled with grief, but she still gave all the milk to the subscriber’s home. . She then rushed to the train station, and when she waited for the bus, she wrote this notice after the milk leaflet. The note reads: “Sorry, my dad is dead, stop milk from November 30th – December 6th, send milk on December 7th. Send milkman!” A total of 165 photos, because time is too late, arrange The son went to the house to post a notice. This piece of strange little note reflects small things, but reflects the quality of the milkman’s honesty and trustworthiness.

  Bus driver Xie Erxi

  At 14:30 on November 19, 2009, Xie Erxi, an external driver of the 46th Bus No. 46, drove the Su A73675 bus, and when he was driving along the Zhonghua Road to the Sanshan Street Station, he had a sudden brain infarction and stiff hands and feet. In the moment of rapid loss of consciousness, Xie Erxi clasped the steering wheel with both hands, slammed the brakes with the residual consciousness, stopped the car, pulled the vehicle to the side, opened the door and emergency lights, and ensured the safety of the passengers of a car. Subsequently, Xie Erxi fell to the driver’s cab, and when he passed out, his feet were still stepping on the foot brakes. This series of incredible moves from a medical point of view is admirable to Master Xie.

  Country female teacher Li Ling

  Born in 1982, Li Ling, a Henan girl who graduated from Huaiyang Normal School, saw that a large number of left-behind children in rural areas dropped out of school, and they had the idea of ​​running a school in their hometown. With the support of parents and relatives, she started the Hope Primary School in Xuwan Township, Huaiyang, Zhoukou. At school, she is the principal and ideology teacher. In her first hand, the school has seven classes, one in each of grades 1 to 4, three preschool classes, and more than 300 students. Since all students are free, the school is unable to purchase supplementary books and extracurricular books for students. In the past 7 years, Li Ling has owed 80,000 yuan in foreign debts.

  ”Every time I see children from other schools sitting in the spacious reading room reading books, I really feel bad. I also want to build a reading room for my students, even the easiest.” Li Ling said, this It is her long-standing dream. In order to let his students have a book to read, during the summer vacation, Li Ling asked his father for 200 yuan to come to Zhengzhou, bought a dilapidated tricycle, and began to buy old teaching aids and children’s books. With her hard work, she collected books for the students one by one.