More insight than common sense

  From the moment we were born, we were educated in a variety of knowledge that helped us slowly form arrogance and prejudice against the world. However, there are always some rare or unexpectedly funny stories in life that challenge the common sense we have accumulated over the years, so we become more aware.

  In fact, with these new information that keeps pace with the times, we are constantly updating our knowledge base, vocabulary, lifestyle and even our outlook on life.

  The US Newsweek listed 22 “What you need to know now” in a joint issue in August, one of which is “Hedge funds are a good thing.” Before the financial crisis, few people who were working in the financial industry would care about what hedge funds are. But now, even if people don’t understand, they don’t completely ignore it. Some of the items listed in this topic are not intended to tell you what they are, nor do you want to memorize them in your mind. Rather, it’s a lot more insightful than having common sense. Pleasant things.

  1. Aliens are there.
  Hollywood directors always like to think about the aliens’ form, language, and order of existence, let them do things right with humans or do something else. Scientists have never stopped searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. The SETI project (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was once silent after 1960, but scientists later came up with SETI@home (search at home). Alien Wisdom), a distributed computing project that uses a personal computer to process astronomical data over the Internet. We can say with certainty that there is not only a human being in the universe, but also a planet with a similar environment to the Earth in the Milky Way.

  2. Drinking French red wine in New York is very environmentally friendly.
  Only people living in New York can fully enjoy this. If a New Yorker drinks a bottle of French Bordeaux wine from a merchant ship across the Atlantic, he is responsible for only 2.93 pounds (about 1.2 kilograms) of carbon. If you drink a bottle of Merlot from California, the carbon emissions will reach 7.05 pounds (about 3.1 kilograms). When considering carbon emissions, transportation and transportation distance are two factors, and the carbon emissions generated by shipping are lower than half of airplanes and trains. It seems that the selection of local products may not be more environmentally friendly. It is not easy to be a Lohas.

  3. We should like public transportation.
  Although there are various benefits to driving your own car, such as convenience, no weather restrictions, no need to endure crowds during peak hours, and avoid the phone or wallet in your pocket. Stealing, but for the purpose of reducing vehicle emissions, let your car work for a few days. Edward Glazer, a professor of economics at Harvard University, has long studied environmental benefits. He insists that the environmental benefits of a 400-kilometre high-speed rail line that can transport 1.5 million people a year are worthwhile, even though it costs nearly 1 billion. The US dollar line can only recover $4.2 million in funds a year.

  4. Hedge funds are a good thing
  Hedge funds always play a very negative role in the financial crisis, but in fact it plays a more benign role than we usually think. Indeed, many hedge funds have also been affected by the plunge. In 2008, 1,471 of the 6,845 hedge funds plummeted. But the US government has not rescued a hedge fund. Overall, hedge funds have a strong recovery, with revenues exceeding 12% in the first seven months of 2009. It’s not a hedge fund that’s causing big trouble, but a large investment bank and insurance company that wants to operate its own business like a hedge fund. They used other people’s money to get involved in proprietary trading and then failed.

  5. How long does it take to prepare a wedding, how much it
  costs, how to spend money , how to save money , and how to save money. In the UK, the average wedding cost is 23,000 pounds (about 256,000 yuan) – even if due to the financial crisis, 6% choose to reduce spending on wedding photos; 10% choose to be at the wedding scene Less flowers are placed; 48% said they would reconsider the honeymoon plan. In contrast, one or two years ago, the China Marriage Expo Organizing Committee released the “China Marriage Industry Development Survey Report”, saying that the average cost of ordinary Chinese men and women married was 125,000 yuan.

  6. It is too late to stop global warming
  . This conclusion sounds rather pessimistic. In terms of improving the climate, it is not our actions to reduce long-term accumulated greenhouse gas emissions. We plant more plants in the hope that they absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, but at the same time there is a possibility of change in such a cycle. Plants may grow rapidly because of the absorption of carbon dioxide; on the other hand, as the temperature rises, some permafrosts with a large number of decaying plants will face thawing, and then the decaying plants will spit out a lot of carbon dioxide, which is likely 2 Times or even three times the emissions generated by previous human industrialization.

  7. The toilet should be eliminated
  . The toilet paper consumed by humans for one year is enough to wrap the earth into a tight mummy. In fact, the use of toilet paper is not so comfortable, but at the same time we did not intend to accept the smart toilet that can spray water. The toilet paper we use every day, the trees that need to be cut for these papers, and the energy used in the production of these papers… By contrast, if you use a smart toilet, the problem is much smaller. Therefore, the smart toilet products in the Japanese sanitary ware brand have become more and more popular.

  8. Paying is the new free
author Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail Theory, wrote a new book called Free: The Future of Business. However, when Google provides free services and information to people, the challenges of the economic environment and the technological revolution are driving companies to charge customers for some of the original free products and services. Murdoch once opened the online version of The Wall Street Journal to the public free of charge, but due to the decline in advertising revenue, he finally had to return to the original route. The same is true for the aviation industry. For example, Spring Airlines, while enjoying its low fares, passengers can choose to pay for overweight baggage and solve lunch problems in the cabin, or spend less than a penny.

  9. In fact, the previous environment is not better than today.
  Of course, there are still many environmental problems. There is still a lot of sewage discharged into the river. The reduction of carbon emissions is not easy to do, but even if it is still in action. There are many flaws, such as “carrying chopsticks with you” and “not enough environmentally friendly with bamboo salt toothpaste”, these words will still appear frequently in our daily conversations. Although the river flowing in the middle of the city could not be restored to the age in which it could swim and fish, the river was much clearer than it was 10 years ago.

  10. You may live with your parents
  . We already know about the aging. The so-called “421” pattern is also known. When most of us get married and have children, we will suddenly discover that parents have changed from those who depend on you to those who need to rely on you. Nowadays, the common situation in China is that a couple and a child form a family of three, living separately from the elderly and visiting the elderly regularly. Interestingly, in the United States, more and more generations of families have appeared again. They feel that this saves both the cost of living and the mutual care. By 2010, the elderly population in China will account for 12.8% of the total population. By the time the ratio has increased to 17.2% in the next 10 years, perhaps three generations will live under one roof.

  11. The energy of the household registration is not as powerful as
  we thought . We used to think that leaving home and living in another city without a local hukou is a very serious matter. Whether it is the welfare treatment at work, or the child’s enrollment problem after getting married and having children, you will be bothered by the household registration system to make you feel resentful. Now, at least if you have a stable career and have an ordinary income, you can enjoy the benefits you don’t have to link to your account. Although the role of the hukou still exists, you don’t have to look at it too horrible, let alone the importance of this thing.

  12. Sign language also has a foreign language.
  We have to take the English course from the beginning of elementary school. In the long process of studying and examing for more than ten years, sometimes I can’t help thinking. It is a simple and quiet way to communicate in sign language. As long as you learn to use sign language, the world will be unimpeded. The frustrating thing is that this idea is wrong. Sign language is also developed from generation to generation. Like all natural languages, sign language varies according to its geographical location. Fortunately, the International Deaf-Mute Association has made 1,500 sign language-type international hoars and is one of the working languages ​​of international conferences.

  13. The book is not dead.
  When the Internet can almost be said to have the power of omnipotence, at least for amateur leisure life that we do not require, watch a movie, play a game, sing a song (more can People can do it on the Internet. However, paper books are not as difficult or as good as they are simply estimated. At this point, the situation in the United States and China is similar. In general, the number of books published in the United States in 2008 has increased by 38% compared with 2007. In China, the number is 11.03%, the number of new books has increased by 10.1%, and the number of reprinted and reprinted books has increased by 12.16. %, the total amount of pricing increased by 16.95%.

  14. A coin falling from a height can cause death – wrong!
  In explaining this situation, a cent cent coin was used as a model. Considering the shape of the coin and the air friction generated when it falls, even if you throw a penny from the New York Empire State Building about 375 meters high, the impact it brings is that the one is passing by here. Those who are unfortunately in the middle of the lottery feel a sting.

  15. Older people are more innovative Older people who
  retire at home give people a feeling of sunrise and other sunsets. In fact, not only is the temperament character, their thinking will become as arrogant as returning to childhood. It’s just that the idea is that they don’t quite like a child. Even if you carefully express it, you will be more and more like a child when your father says it in good faith. Old people who are cautious are generally thinking about counting, but some old people with strong hands-on ability will easily put their ideas into practice.