Modern life risk

  Life is full of risks. As a small people, the risks you endure often come from traffic accidents, typhoons, water-infused watermelons, and mobile phones.

  Yes, there are mobile phones. In 2006, there was an illustrated post popular on various websites, saying that the Russians had done a sad experiment, placing raw eggs in a ceramic cup, placing a mobile phone on each side, and letting them talk for 65 minutes. As a result, this poor egg is irreversibly cooked.

  As an egg, it is usually eaten, steamed, steamed, or cooked by a mobile phone. I believe there is not much difference. However, it is natural that the readers feel pity and feel the same dangers as the eggs. Even though our heads don’t seem to be able to pick up the chickens, they may not be as easy to cook as eggs.

  Fortunately, it is a false alarm. Soon after, the report said that this is just a high-tech joke, an expert speech, and an experimental spirited reporter personally researched – of course, using eggs. Experts sneered that the brains of the officials are not bad to cook, and they will believe in this trick.

  However, if experts come out to swear, you are not good at judging who is in the wrong state. Recently, some media quoted an article in the British Medical Journal published on June 24, saying that thunderstorms must not use mobile phones outdoors, or they may be struck by lightning. This is really another bad news for mobile phone manufacturers.

  Three doctors from Northwick Park Hospital in northwest London reported an appalling story. A 15-year-old British girl was struck by lightning. Although she was lucky enough to return to her life, she left a lot of sequelae. One year later, she was only able to rely on wheelchair activities, and she found problems with her body, her cognition and emotions. The left ear tympanic membrane was perforated, causing hearing loss on the side. The reason is only that she used the phone in thunderstorm days.

  This is really an accident worth learning. But it is not easy to say that it is just a matter of getting rid of the phone just right in the thunder and lightning. British doctors continue to explain that this incident is not because the radiation of the mobile phone is too high. Under normal circumstances, when subjected to lightning strikes, the high resistance of human skin will cause lightning to cross the human body, and the mortality rate is very low. However, when a highly conductive material such as a metal mobile phone happens to be in direct contact with the human body, it provides a shortcut for lightning to directly pass through the human body, causing internal injuries.

  Sounds like this is a good warning. Unfortunately, it does not explain why it is just a mobile phone. Is there no one suffering from misfortune while listening to MP3? If I wear nakedness on a thunderstorm, ride a bicycle, take a metal necklace, and go to the park to gamble on coins, what will happen? In any case, this story makes me realize the danger of life. You can’t marry in thunderstorm days. Even if you ask for it, you have to be careful not to send a ring. It is not suitable for walking with metal frame glasses during lightning. Summer is really not suitable for all kinds of sports.

  The scientific rumors about mobile phones continue, but the credibility is still not high. In a message on the 26th, Italian researchers found that cell phone radiation stimulated the adjacent cerebral cortex and excites it. The study was published in a so-called annual report. The researchers found 15 healthy men who were allowed to play for 45 minutes (not knowing if they were cooked) and monitored their brain activity with a magnetic stimulator. Twelve of them were excited near the cortical sports area of ​​the phone. This serious scientific report sounds more like a farce – I don’t know if the volunteers are arranged to play with someone for 45 minutes. If it is a lover or an enemy, I am afraid that the brain area that has been activated will be more. Zenon Sienkiewicz, a radiation research expert at the British government, commented: “The results of scientific research can be repeated to count, but research on the cognitive function of mobile phones is often not repeated.”

  Research is backed by research, and experts are still enjoying it. So we are very pleased to see that a major feature of modern life is that experts and the media often come out to bitterly swear, for fear that you don’t understand how hard it is to live safely.