living his own life

Live your life. Not someone else’s life. You don’t have to live to please or cater to others. Sometimes, especially when other people’s expectations coincide with our own interests, pandering to others is beyond reproach. Of course, it is not inevitable. Live your own life, do things according to your conscience, be kind to yourself, and serve those for whom you are willing to take responsibility.

For example, I have a wife and children, so no matter how tempting the idea of spending a year in the grand canyon is, I will not give up my job. However, even at home, I must do things according to my conscience and be kind to myself. At home, I am duty-bound to take care of my family and support my children. At such times, the best thing for me is to fulfill my duty and keep my promise to my family, and I am exactly such a person. I will not pack up my backpack and walk away. I have never had such an idea.

No matter how I am persuaded by others, I will stick to my goal of life and my conscience no matter how I do business, work or give lectures.

I fully understand the meaning of this way of life, so I won’t tell others what to do and interfere in others’ lives. I will tell them what I think, that’s all, and then don’t expect anything. I believe they can do well, at least learn from their mistakes.

Live your life. You must know a sentence like this: neither the rehearsal before the party nor the opening ceremony party with many programs waiting to be performed, but the real existence, every minute of every day – this is your life. I am inspired by the idea that we are all given a magical gift – life, so we can enjoy life every day as long as we like.

Our life has been infused with useful, artistic, beneficial, loving and noble factors, and we all have a good chance to elaborate on our life. However, many people are tired of heavy work – endless things, endless people, deadlines and various contracts. We have forgotten, as long as we like, we can spend some time learning how to live and how to create a happy life with love, peace and hope.

Live your life. The attachment of lifeless life to living organisms is equivalent to death – what a terrible idea. If there is no vitality, no anger, the same day after day, what is the difference with dying? In the movie Harold and Maud, 79 – year – old old Maud is enjoying life to the fullest, while 18 – year – old Harold is determined to die. Maud said to Harold, ” Many people want to taste the happiness of death, but in fact they dare not die. These people have just lost the courage of life.”

Are you enjoying your life or just making a living? Do you sit down and write down your goals and strive to achieve them, or do you just sit around and wait for them to happen? When you return home, do you devote yourself to your hobbies and show off your talents, or do you turn on the TV and passively sit in front of it to ” kill” time, neither actively making progress nor adding color to your life? Are you obsessed with working 70 hours a week, not having time to read to your children, not having time to walk with your family, not having time to write to your lover, and not having time to pursue a hobby that you deeply love but have neglected for a long time?

What a wonderful idea it is to live one’s own life and its great potential is both awe-inspiring and encouraging.