Late farewell

  In the early morning of March 1918, the Lyon train station ushered in a prisoner of war from Germany. A man named Rick came out of the carriage with a beard. Among those who reunited and cried, Rick appeared sluggish and silent. Although his limbs existed well, his name was on the list of severe disabilities.

  The doctors who have checked him are very heavy. This seemingly sound man can never be a father. Not only that, he seems to have suffered from amnesia, not knowing where his family is, and can not tell the names of any relatives.

  The hospital published a large photo of Rick in the newspaper and wanted to help the poor man find his loved one through the media. Soon, many people from all over the country came in—the mother who lost her son, the brother who lost her brother, and the wife who was separated from her husband.

  Many people came and went, leaving behind two women. One of the looks was good, with long yellow curly hair and a white mopping dress. She claimed to be Rick’s fiancee and brought a picture of Rick’s photo. The doctor looked at the handsome and happy man in the photo, and then looked at Rick, who was in front of him, and could not judge for a while. Another woman was a few years older. She dragged a three-four-year-old dirty boy in her left hand and a girl of two years old in her right hand. She stood in front of her bed with tears and told her husband. How did the fact that the front line has not been returned two years ago?

  The doctor led the two sad women out. They saw hope from Rick’s sudden tears. One of the two women must be his lover.

  They repeatedly flipped through the photos brought by the young woman, and when they almost immediately confirmed, the nurse suddenly ran out and attached two words to the doctor’s ear. When the doctor glanced, he slowly returned the photo to the pretty clean lady and embraced the mother of the two children: “Rick said, you are his wife.” The woman hugged her child I cried.

  The young woman walked with tears and sadness. A few days later, the silent Rick and two children, as well as his wife, went to another city in France, Paris. There, not only did the country allocate new houses to them, but Rick also had a very generous disabled military pension every month, enough for the family of four to live comfortably.

  Not long after the “World War I”, the French economy quickly recovered. Ten years later, a polling agency was preparing to investigate the current living conditions of the disabled soldiers in World War I. They found Rick in a small rural town in Paris.

  To the surprise of people, unlike the description of the data, this disabled man did not live with his wife and children, but lived alone in a clean house to make flowers and make a living. When they knew that Rick had divorced his wife very early and gave 80% of the disability pension to his wife and children, they angered the ruthless woman.

  Kreck smiled and stopped everyone. The facts he told me next made everyone wrong. It turned out that he was not the husband of the woman. This fact, at the moment he followed the woman back home, they understood each other. The other young woman who was crying away was really his fiancee.

  Rick quietly looked at the blooming flower buds: “In fact, I didn’t have any amnesia. The silence was just because I couldn’t accept the physical disability.”

  ”Then why would you choose that strange woman?” The investigators looked at him incredulously.

  Rick sighed softly: “After the war, the people did not live. In this case, when I saw that the husband had died on the front line and lived without a woman, she immediately sympathized with her and her children. In fact, I am already a desperate person. At that moment, I suddenly felt that I could become a useful person. I used my disability pension to help the imposter woman and the two children tide over the difficulties. As for my fiancée, it can be seen from her clothes that her life is still decent. The most important thing is that this innocent woman should have a new life. Therefore, I would rather let her believe that the fiancé is dead and not Be her baggage.”

  Everything is as expected by Rick, and the women and children who lost their husbands no longer have to travel and worry about food and clothing. At this time, Rick opened his heart to the woman, persuaded her to accept the fact of divorce, and gave her 80% of the disability pension to the unfortunate family in the name of support. Then Rick left Paris and came to the town to be a flower farmer.

  Rick’s deeds deeply touched the people in the polling agencies, who were prepared to promote this silent heroic deed, but were stopped by Rick. “But a farewell farewell, I don’t want to disturb their lives any more.” Speaking, Rick walked deep into the flowers and eventually disappeared into a rich fragrance.