Keep things simple

The two happiest things in his life: making movies and eating. He said: My bankbook usually only has two or three dollars on it. I don’t save money and eat most of it. If you don’t eat well for a day, you will feel uncomfortable. Old awkwardness is not good for health.

At the age of 68, he developed diabetes. The doctor stipulated that diabetic patients should eat a certain amount of food, but he was not worried about his illness at all. He was worried that he could not eat. In order to eat, he threatened the doctor to refuse treatment. The doctor authorized him to eat a little sweet potato, corn and even cake without affecting blood sugar too much. However, he has his own idea: I would rather live a few years less if I always eat radish and green vegetables. I eat delicious food, and when I eat well, I feel good and comfortable, and I can live a long life. He did not follow the doctor’s instructions and always did what he wanted to eat. No matter how busy, the old man will set aside four hours a week to stew his elbow. He thinks it’s not delicious but elbows, and when he eats elbows, he is extremely happy and in a good mood. Incredibly, the old man has been living happily and healthily for more than 20 years after his illness, and he has been awarded the national health of the elderly for several years.

He was born in Changshu, Jiangsu Province in 1917 and directed by Bayi Film Studio. He has directed many classic films such as Heroes and Tigers, Wildfire and Spring Fighting against the Ancient City, and Brothers and Friends. He is Yan Jizhou. When he was in his 80s, he also made more than 100 TV plays, and when he was 91, he still wrote movie scripts.

The 93-year-old man, with white hair, is as lively and happy as a child and full of vigor. He does not let people help him up the stairs. Although he is leaning on a crutch, the crutch is only his decoration and is not needed at all. The furnishings in the home are very simple, and his happiness is as simple and clear as these furnishings. He said, I am better than the emperor. he has 9999 houses. he sleeps in the same bed as mine at night. before sleeping, I can have a cup of strong tea and watch TV. does the emperor watch TV? I am better than the emperor.

He likes to talk with his friends. Almost every day, he will get together and talk with his old friends. For him, life is changing, but happiness seems to remain the same. Once a reporter interviewed him. For nearly three hours, the old man talked all the time in Kan Kan, without any weariness. Asked about the reason, the old man said that this is also a way to preserve one’s health, and is a daily compulsory ” speech therapy”.

The old man has gone through a lot of hardships in his life, but just as he never saves money, he never takes illness and suffering to heart, and he will have a kind of peace through difficulties. He said, I have two words in my heart. The first one is a smile on my face, not a fake smile. I really feel quite good. I have a good life. My wife and children are all together. My life is good, my salary is enough, and my house is good. The second sentence is called mental youth. I am very young. I have nothing on me. Eat well, sleep well, pull out, don’t care.

The calm old man in Yan Jizhou is happy with his contentment. When he goes out, he touches the head of a child, talks with his old friends and enjoys them. He makes his life very simple and pure, and gets happiness and health from it.

Yes, life was originally very simple, thinking too much and worrying too much, often making oneself too burdened and living too heavy. In life, happiness and pain often go hand in hand. Look at everything simply. Discard the burden of pain at any time. Ease and happiness will naturally embrace the whole body and mind.