Japanese people look at foreigners like this

  Americans are lazy and overbearing

  Is Japan a colony of the United States? This is not what the author said. The left-wing Japanese Communist Party said that the right-wing Shintaro Ishihara said that the former Liberal Democratic Party leader, Nobuhiro Nobuhiro, also said this.

  In the past few years, a US destroyer was going to enter Osaka Port. Osaka’s anti-war civic group objected and asked the Osaka City Government to refuse. The lawsuit reached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Osaka City Government: According to the Japan-US Security Treaty, the Japanese port did not deny the right of US warships to enter Hong Kong. Moreover, the US military has extraterritorial jurisdiction in Japan, and the Japanese police have no right to arrest and detain US soldiers.

  Japan’s black trade with the United States has also been bought into US 30-year bonds. do you know? In other words, the Japanese are lending money to Americans to buy Japanese products. On one occasion, Ye Zhongguang, who was mentioned earlier, was rushed by the Americans. He said, “That is the case, we sold the bonds.” The result was a slap in the face of the boss, and the Japanese did not even dare to think about it. Think about it.

  In the past few years, the information technology industry has been very upset, and related products in the United States can still be sold. In the past, Americans only sold planes to Japan in addition to movies, music, vegetables, and meat. The impression that the United States gave to the Japanese was an agricultural country. After talking for a long time, everyone can know what the Japanese think about Americans.

  The first is laziness, the Americans don’t work, and they know how to eat, drink, and play. In addition to peasants planting land, people in the city will eat and die, nothing will happen, things are bad, but movies, music is really good, people are born to play life. In fact, it is overbearing and powerful. Can’t say anything, he can really start playing, you can’t beat him, can’t afford it.

  To put it bluntly, hate to hate, but also can not afford to offend, but also can not be separated from his protection.

  Very convinced to the Germans

  If there is a nation in the world that is convinced by the Yamato nation, it is the Germanic nation.
  why? The Japanese think that they have the temperament of a craftsman and will do things. The things you do yourself are the best, others are not as good as others. The family is not worse than him, or is better than him, that is the German. And what the Japanese will do and what the Germans will do.

  Nikon in Japan, Lycra in Germany, Toshiba in Japan, Siemens in Germany, Toyota in Japan, Audi, Opel, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche in Germany! Not convinced. Therefore, Japan is close to Germany, except for admire. The experience of the two brothers is almost the same, they are stealing chickens and not ruining a meter. Therefore, the Japanese want to pull the Germans together. However, the Germans generally ignore the Japanese shackles. It is not a sense of justice for the Germans. It is just that the arrogant Teutonic Knights look down on the yellow-skinned Japanese, and racial discrimination is at work.

  Look at the British jokes

  The Japanese look at the British and can say that they are watching jokes all day long. No, more than 100 years ago, Britain was the world’s boss, and Japan was a small East Asian country. But now, the Japanese are laughing.

  Before the Second World War, the Japanese saw that the “robbery cooperatives” of the United Kingdom and other countries did not allow themselves to buy shares, and they went it alone, trying to redistribute the sphere of influence of European powers in Asia. Doing a dry job, almost all the colonies of the British Empire in Asia have been killed. Although it was miserable later, the British Empire did not fall well. The colonies in Asia were all over, and it was really a slogan.

  Since then, the Japanese have seen the British, and the whole is the young girl who has seen the mentality of the communicative flower . I don’t forget the wrinkles on the faces of people all day long.

  There are many scandals in the British royal family. The Japanese always talk about it: “We don’t have it here.” At the funeral of Princess Diana, the NHK TV station in Japan was broadcast live. In the past, the word “British disease” was very popular in Japan. The condition was that the population was not much, the economy did not grow, and the welfare could not come. In a blink of an eye, the Japanese are also stupid. How do they suffer from “British disease”?